Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Years Eve

Everyone wants to have some kind of resolution to commit to on New Years. To be honest I have only kept one in all my years, only one. "I will return my shopping cart to its proper place". I know its a little funny but its harder than you think and how many resolutions have YOU made that you didn't keep. At least I have kept that one for several years.

Instead of resolutions I tend to focus on making each year its own theme. That way instead of being pigeon holed on a specific task like losing weight or getting a new job, I create a theme and let the Lord work through me.

2005 is the Year of Connection. I can honestly say I had no clue that I would start a blog and interact with so many wonderful people through the internet and truly become a well rounded person because of it. I thought only sicko's did that. I would never have guessed that I would assist a bible study in my own company and bring people to the Lord.

2006 is the Year of Breakthrough. This year I know that I entered in half and full Ironmans. My destiny lies through those doors. But what other breakthroughs will I obtain?

How about you? Make 2006 your Year of Breakthrough. It may be in a stalled relationship, it might be with a vice or ceiling at work. The point is that breakthrough is what will propel us to the next level in our lives. Now I believe that I am going to be touching something special by completing an Ironman but it doesn't need to be so selfish. A breakthrough may be to finally save 10% of your paycheck. Or giving 10% to a charity. Or finishing your first 5k, 10k or 1/2 marathon, swimming a mile in open water.

I challenge you to make your 2006 a Year of Breakthrough.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Murphy's Law #865

If it moves, salute it;
if it doesn't move, pick it up;
if you can't pick it up, paint it

Murphy was in the military.

Good News

Results are back and life is good.

Mistress just has fibriods, not needing any type of procedure coupled with something they hope antibotics will clear up.

I feel like I have done all I can to fight the cold/flu in my body and think I can at least stay out of the doctors office. I should be ready to go on Monday. I mentally am ready to go today but physically all I see is the end of the tunnel, not daylight.

Today is our tenth anniversary. It was to be an exspensive dinner but I wouldn't enjoy it so we are postponing it to have a movie night with Mo and maybe some take out Chinese, though this is Phoenix, not highly recognized for Asian cusine.

A question to be answered: I am looking to pick up a PDA for business, mostly running excel, word and wifi for emails. Do any of you use a Palm or Pocket PC and if so what model and how satisfied are you? My choices are narrowed to a Ipaq 1950 or 2495 and a Dell Axim v51, though the Dell is much more exspensive. I am not opposed to Palm but concerned about using the excel programs between the PDA and my desktop PC.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Damaged Goods

The Valley of The Sun has been struck by three seperate strains of respiratory infections at once; a nasty cold, Influenza A and Laryngitis. ER's have had 4-10 hour wait periods 24 hours a day for the last two weeks. I think I am coming down with one of them. At least I think so, I am starting to get symptoms.

So its no training for the next few days, maybe until late this weekend or Monday unless somehow this thing is gone sooner. Between feeling run down and tired, plus still suffering from insomnia, (up until 0300 this morning, then awake at 0545) I am going to need all the rest I can manage to nip this thing.

For all you Mother Hen's here is the plan:
Cold-Eeze Lozenges
Orange Juice already taken daily in 8 0z serving, twice daily.
Additional Vitamin C tablets- (FYI- Vit. C is not like Advil or sudafed that works for 6-12 hours after ingestion. It takes 10-15 days for Vit. C intake to reach a level of saturation in the body that will ward off illness. So start taking it every day through OJ or pills.)
Rock n' Rye Boston Whiskey, honey & Lemon juice mixed to a gel consistancy- for sore throats taken by spoonful. Old family recipe.
Chicken Soup- scientifically proven to boost the immune system.
Going to switch from coffee to Tea for a few days.

Right now I feel okay, though a bit tired. Throat is dry and itchy, dry eyes, nasal passages are clear and breathing normally. Hoping this is just a passing thing.

In our other big health update, Mistress has informed me that the radiologists have misplaced her mammogram, it never made it to the doctor and she never got a consult letter from the office. She may need to do it all over again this week if they are truly lost.

Damn Murphy.
Whats a good Law for this foul up...
"Just when you see the light at the end of the tunnel, the roof caves in."
"The colder the x-ray table, the more of your body you are required to place on it."

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

It came, It went

Sitting at the desk today thinking more about running than catching up on work. It, vacation, was a necessary break and it was a good as a could have hoped for except for the training. I totally made up for missed time with my son but I think next spring or early summer I am going to go up to Flagstaff for three or four days by myself to get in a vacation boot camp of straight training.

Today I finish up my 2005 recap and 2006 vision statement. Depending on how this turns out I may post it as a pdf file. Its a non-conformist piece, unlike any 'book report on my vision" you will see. I do not recommend it for a personal vision statement but I have done these for years and wanted to stretch myself a bit. Maybe it will be seen as a goof off but I hope not.

If any of you would like to create a vision statement of your own for personal, professional or performance life of 2006 let me know and I will help you out.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Blessings

Today feels like an extra day from God. You know those weekends that go by way to fast and you just wish you could have one more day. Walking up this morning thats how I felt.

On Christmas Eve, Mistress and I eschew the traditional holiday dinner fare and have a luau. You may recall I am half Hawaiian. We have Kailua pig, which is wrapped in bananna leaves and cooked with 'traditional' Hawaiian seasonings, Lomi Salmon, coconut shrimp, coconut pudding, a tropical salad, pot stickers, rice and then some potato dishes. We add or subtract depending on the mood, some years we have lettuce wraps, others Humbows, Lumpia, whatever we feel like. Its a nice diversion from the proto-typical turkey and ham stuff.

A family tradition for 50 years is on Christmas morning a breakfast of Orange Julius drinks then cheese sauce over poached eggs over rice or toast for breakfast and then bacon or ham on the side.

This year Might Mo got it and had a great time with gifts. He helped open all of ours which just made it seem like he got that many more.

What did I get? Oh thanks for asking. To begin with I have the gift of being able to figure out what I am getting I open the box. So this year people got creative. Mistress put gifts in large bags, then only gave me the reciepts for the gifts so it weighed nothing- that was tricky on her part, but brilliant. Mom puts boxes in boxes and adds things that roll like marbles or a ball or something to throw me off.

This year I called two gifts outright, one even guessing the pattern on one and four or five that I gave, "It's this or this" and getting it right, (i.e. its a flashlight or a pen).

Mo got all kinds of educational toys, dinosaur toys and a 2 hp quad runner. I got him a cool Radio Flyer wagon. All parents should own one for their child. Mighty Mo got a bike helmet for his quad and when he put it on he said, "Bike." After riding the quad around the family room he jumped off and ran around the house with the helmet on. Asked why he was running he, pointed at me and said, "Daddy run". I think Flatman and TriDaddy are right, I got tri kid on my hands.

Today is some post Christmas shopping and relaxing and tomorrow starts the big base building again and definitely more consistancy.

Cheers all.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. Why the heck would you be surfing the web when you should be doing something Christmasy?

Today in the Valley of the Sun its a nice, cloudless 77 degrees heading on up to the high of 81 today. Carmen the Ice Cream Truck Guy just drove by playing that "It can only be music from an ice cream truck" tune.

Got in a hard 3,000 yards today with drill and thats my plan for the weekend. I am not ashamed but alittle p.o.'d to admit my vacation had more to do with hanging with Mo, the Mighty and watching movies and playing video games than training. A decent case of Common Man Syndrome.

I would like to tell you about some movie reviews, the job I would most love to make money in besides what I do now, except that as you can read by this blog I have zero writing experience.

War of the Worlds. (Tom Cruise, Directed by Speilberg) Boring. Once you get past the cgi its a slow movie, much like the book which I read last year. (I like to read a couple of classics each year-currently Heart of Darkness by Joesph Conrad).

The Machanic. (Christain Bale) Great. Bale just played Batman in Batman Begins but his first movie, Empire of the Sun (also directed by Speilberg) is his best work. His favorite movie of his IMHO is American Pyscho. If you have not seen it rent it, it is a disturbing social commentary on the 1980's. Except for the murdering, I had a friend that had the same OCD that Bale exhibits.

The Machanic right. Bale is a solid 180 pounds but lost 60 pounds for the movie. Thats right he weighs 120 pounds in this flick and its a big part of the plot. A very slow cooker in a Hitchcock sort of fashion, so if you enjoyed Hitchcock you'll like this. Bales character, Trevor Renzor, has not slept in a year. He is exhausted and filled with anxiety. He starts to believe that his co-workers at the plant he works at are conspiring against him after an accident that he caused and admitted to. Then he starts to think maybe he is going crazy from lack of sleep. I must admit I have a 3 setting fast forward on my DVD and played this at FF1 with the subtitles on. Lots of long shots and pans. The ending is very good.

Munich, one of my top movies of the year, no really. Again a Speilberg directed movie staring Eric Bana. Bana is brilliant, other than the Hulk which I blame on Ang Lee, he commands every movie he is in. This is more a movie of events than acting so I will tell you his best roll IMHO is in Chopper an Aulstralian flick and my favorite character he has portrayed is Hoot, the Delta Team Operator in Black Hawk Down.

Munich is about the hunting down of the 11 masterminds of the Black September raid on the Israeli Olympians in 1972. Its really a Speilberg piece and finally a good one. Avner, played by Bana is probably his most fully developed character since Indiana Jones. Watching this movie I was a little pissed off that he did not put as much effort in the characters of his last three Star Wars movies as he did in this.

This is not a movie of vengence as much a movie about consequence. The consequence of gunning down Olympians on the world stage, the consequence of doing nothing or killing Palestinians in return. I had read there was a fair balance of both sides. I didn't see it. I liked that the Palestinians are not all seen as the bad guys, not that any are shown to be good, but more a story of how the Israeli's may not be as rightous as they want to be.

Throughout this whole movie, as an American, it was hard to not extrapolate our current Global War On Terrorism from what Avner and his team go through. Do we have teams doing the same thing in our GWOT? I firmally believe so. And so I think does Speilberg who's two characters in a final verbal climatic scene shows the New York skyline circa 1973. The last lingering shot before the credit roll is the Two Towers in the distance reaching out of the downtown.

There is if I recall a similiar movie about this called the Sword of Gideon starring...damn I can't link to imdb...the guy from Scarface, Pacinos buddy...Steven Baur.

BTW I think my favorite movie of the year has got to be off the top of my head, A History Of Violence with Viggo Mortenson and Maria Bello. I will have to check my movie notes to be sure.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Down Time

I dropped the Mighty Mo off at my parents today so I could have at least one day to finish my shopping and be alone. It was a late night with the season finale of Nip/Tuck and stumbling on a ESPN reality show with Dick Butkis coaching a high school football team so I am pretty tired. BTW don't get me started on high school football, more specifically coaches...okay I will.

I think high school football is great but unless my son shows enough aptitude to make it to college, I am not in favor of him playing. On my side of the fitness fence, I have made a career out of helping men in their 20-30's loose the extra 30 pounds 'Coach' had them put on so they could win a couple of games. Most coaches now and especially then, don't know a thing about nutrition or exercise.

These young high school men, put on 20, 30, 50 pounds of unneeded fat so they can play eight games a year for three years and then think they can compete at the college level, which they can't and then they enter college big fat tubs o' lard. The sloppy, unhealthy eating that help them put on weight in high school coupled with being on their own for the first time in college and its blimpsville. Poor Bastards.

If I have any influence on my son as he grows into sport, if he does its up to him,is first to use one of my trainers, (its a nice perk) then try running (cross country or track), swimming and golf. Of all high school athletics these three have the most cross over into real life.

Running competitively involves tangible results in decreased time and increased speed. The side affects include lower bodyfat among adults. Running is also a timely sport that can be indulged in racing on almost any weekend of the year throughout a lifetime.

Swimming at a young age instills dedication and focus that translate later in life to hard work ethics. Early morning and afternoon swim practices instill time management. Most swimmers are hard studiers and accidents among swimmers are far fewer than among other team sports.

Golf is not the high school glamour sport. Most men do not appreciate golf until later in life. However the benefit of learning the proper strokes and forms early can lead to a lucrative side business winning hole money from friends until late in life. A good golfer among duffers is an immediate bump up in social status among that crowd. If a guy is good at golf, its almost like he's a blond driving a convertable, every man looks with appreciation.

All three sports translate into a lifetime of activity. When was the last time one of you high school footballers played even a pick up game? Or swung a bat or played hoops if you did those in high school? Not much or at all recently I would wager. Yet everyday I run into swimmers, golfers and runners who picked up the sport early and still perform often.

Okay so not what I had planned for todays post but I feel better and it's probably worth some comments from the peanut gallery. Am I right or am I full of crap?

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I don't take many vacation days. For instance the morning my son was born, fully developed and 4 weeks early, I was in a meeting 3 hours later. This is the first year I have made a concerted effort to take both full vacations I am allowed, its the first time in ten years. I know weird. So I generally take only one vacation period and it seems more and more that something unforseen occurs.

One year Mighty Mo and I both got pneumonia. Another started with Mistress going in for emergancy gall bladder surgery and staying in the hospital for the week. One weekend vacation I planned to go to a wedding out of state, Mighty Mo was admitted to the hospital for an infection and dehydration. Another year Mistress recieved some bad news about her job as the Accounts Payable person. All these things happening during the my only ten days off a year. This year seems no different.

Last night Mistress shocked me with, "I think I need you to go to the store and get a pregnancy test, I am....." Thrity extremely painful and numbing minutes later on my part and its absolutely negative. Remind myself to schedule a vasectomy, crap that scare wigged me out. So not ready to ever have another kid.

Today at a doctors appointment and they found something, things, in her breasts.....

They have scheduled a mammogram for Thursday. Which means no results till after Christmas, which makes the third Christmas in a row in which our lifes are tied to medical results. See for the last two years Mighty Mo has spent part of or all Christmas Day in the hospital. Now this.

Its way to soon to be dramatic or negative, but the mind does wonder. The doctor said it was nothing resembling what you might see as a story of the week on television, nothing so huge and dramatic as life or death.

In other less dramatic news I cut my run short today because my knee was acting up. I am thinking seriously of cutting my marathon to the half due to all the stress, precieved or actual, that I am going to be going through the next few weeks. I think if this was an 'A' race that would be different, but PF Changs just an event for me.

Tonight is the two hour finale of Nip/Tuck so I am planning on putting the trainer in front of the television and riding the whole time. I also swapped out my cable box for a cable with DVR (digital video recording) which will help me go to sleep earlier since I won't have to stay up to watch a program.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Short Training Day

My bike ride today was really hard. I only wish it was shorter than the 37 minutes I took to complete it.

I was very upset at myself for this poor showing but realized I have had a really busy and complicated week on an abnormal sleep schedule. Three late partys, in three nights didn't help.

Tomorrow the Mighty Mo and I are going to spend my first day of vacation taking my bike to Tribe to have Kevin look at my rims. Lately I have experienced a thumping when I ride, like I have a flat, but I don't. I have changed out the tubes due to flats so its not them. Maybe they are defective. Maybe I am defective.

After Tribe, we are going to see some people that have followed the exploits of the Mighty Mo but have not seen him in several months. Then pick the bike back up in the early afternoon. While he naps I will hope up on the trainer and pedal away to my first viewing of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It better be good.

If its a short nap we may brave the mall since I have not bought any gifts yet and still have no idea what to get people. Plus he has got to eat and it won't be by my cooking thats for sure. Not unless fruit roll ups and goldfish represent a healthy meal, which to me is a big N-O.

A Success

Last nights party just rocked. I was to have a different role than one I played but I am not complaining, nope not one bit.

Mistress and Mighty Mo did not go because the facts are he is just too susceptable to illness and the flu bug is crashing holiday plans throughout the Valley Of The Sun. All things considered I would not have seen them anyway.

I arrived early enough to work with the caterers, go over expectations with the Scottsdale Gun Club and solve any last minute problems. The range cadre and I hit it off immediately, them with their absolute professionalism and humility towards me and I looking comfortable and confident in an all black designer suit with my 'race belt' underneath; that being a holstered custom .45 on my right hip and seven extra mags on my left side. There really is nothing different between wearing a suit and wearing a concealed firearm. If your self conscious about wearing either one, everyone sees it. Being able to pull off both at the same time speaks volumes about your background to these guys.

About 20 minutes before the party I went out on the firing line to put some rounds downrange before I would be consumed with details of the night. I had not shot in many months and wanted to get reaquainted with my trusty and upgraded Kimber Compact. In 15 minutes I had confirmed my ability with the cadre and they allowed me to assist them on the line.

What was really the best about this employee party was that about half of the 200 people who showed up went on the line. With free handgun use and targets, a box of ammo can go a long way. I personally walked a few people to the line to show them how to first respect, then use a loaded firearm. The instructors, always polite, brought their considerable experience to them as well.

Soon enough the big toys came out, employees renting full auto rifles. The first, a manager using the venerable M-16 in A3 configuration (The M-16 is my favorite weapon of all time). Amongst the .22's and 9mm and .45 cal's. there is no comparison to noise. After a few spent magazines and supercharged hormones, I was challenged to a shoot out. After his magazine was slowly and methodically spent, it took me only 5 seconds to win my first case of beer for the night.

My shot of the night was a 25 yard dead center hit with a .50 cal Smith and Wesson. It is the first and only time I have evered fired it. Even the cadre behind me were duly impressed. I about crapped myself.

In order to generate some more full auto rentals, the staff brought out a full auto AK-47 and gave people a couple magazines to shoot for free. There was only a few takers, so when I could I would step in and empty a few. At the end of the night I asked if I could fire up 5 mags and I just tore it up, 10-20-30 rounds a trigger pull.

I won my second case of beer on a duel with a .357 magnum at only 15 feet. He knew I fired 3 shots but could only find two holes in the center of the head right next to each other, compared to his neck, ear and opposite forehead shots.

In all, except for getting more ammo out of my bag and raffling off two prizes, I spent the entire 3 hours on the firing line. I fired up 500 rounds of my own .45 ammo, 90 rounds of M-16, 300 rounds of AK-47, 60 rounds of 9mm out of a H&K MP5 (full auto and my 2nd favorite assualt weapon), and a couple hundred rounds of miscellanious .22, .357, .50, and 9mm. A bunch of guys had their dander up over shooting a semi-auto 12 gauge shotgun with solid slugs but too be honest that doesn't turn me on. Full auto turns me one. Beautiful ten ring shot groups and hot barrels turn me on.

After the party wound down, I knew it had because there was only two of us on the line, I realized I had not eaten, drank water or used the bathroom since the party started. I was suddenly very tired and drained. I helped clean up with the other guy who set up the event, who told me BTW that it went very well out where he was, and gave a bottle of left over unopened wine to each of the line cadre thanking them for their considerable effort to make the party fun. They were very suprised so many people fired. They were excited because there was lots of fit and beautiful young women firing in short cocktail dress and 3 inch heels. They said it looked like Charlies Angels out there.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Final Push

Next week I plan on taking my first Christmas vacation in eight years. A whole week off of work. I just need to get through tonight.

On Wednesday I put in a 15 hour day of non-stop advising, auditing and motivating.

Thursday the official monthly closeout day for the company and we had a huge party at every club in celebration of our members and the fact that eight clubs combined to generate over 206,000 non-pershiable food items for the needy in 45 days. It was a fast and furious day, but I got to spend the evening at one of the partys with Mistress and Mighty Mo. We thanked members and helped give away $10,000 in gifts to our members who attended the party.

Friday another flurry of work and then a dinner for the executives at my partners McMansion in trendy north Scottsdale (Beverly Hills of Arizona- I lived there for 5 years, I ain't impressed, north Scottsdale not BH). Was a good evening that thankfully was brief on speeches.

This morning is a swim team workout at my club pool since we have officially posted a "Closed" sign over Canyon Lake until February. Then an employee party tonight that I have had a big hand in preparing at the Scottsdale Gun Club. Nothing says "Thanks to all you employees like free handgun rentals and 1/2 off machine gun usage. " I probably won't get to shoot much if at all, unless its to win a case of beer, since I need to make sure things run smoothly. By brining Mighty Mo and Mistress I might be able to skate early.

Sunday is a group 45 mile multi loop ride in the hidden hills of south Phoenix, an old Peco's road route I have described in the past.

Friday, December 16, 2005


Feeling much better now thank you. I got a haircut and my barber told all barbers are trained massueses and gave me a hot towel facial and a face rub. Came home took at hot bath, some cold medicine, laid on the bed for an hour and feel pretty good.


Hold On I'm feeling a bit whoozy here.

Last night I pulled a Supersize Me moment. When Morgan Spurlock ate McD combo meal in his car and puked his guts up before he could finish. Yeah like that, only today add the headache you get when you go off caffeine.

I was running around yesterday getting to clubs for our Christmas partys for the members. I hadn't eaten much all day and thought I would relive a past life and get a Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Wendy's. About 3/4 of the way down I got nauseous and puked in the parking lot for ten minutes. Nice way to make an entrance.

I felt better after that, a rare Rally Puke, and had fun at the party. I woke up this morning feeling good.

Now my head is killing me, I am nauseas again. I'm dying. Thats it I.AM.DYING. Advil, calories, nothing. I have a big party tonight and another tomorrow night.

Sympathy is appreciated but really I am just complaining to myself. I got a lot of stuff that I am intricately involved in this weekend and need to suck this up.

Thanks for listening. It hasn't helped...maybe if Boulder had kept the Mariah video's running. That could have helped.

Murphy's Law #875

When co-workers absolutely guarantee they will take care of your duties while your on vacation...they won't.

The week your gone, is the "Week from Hell"

Thursday, December 15, 2005

My brother felt that he had to respond to my list. He tried to do so in the comment section but did not have the mental dexterity to open a blogger commenter account, so he sent them to me through e-mail to post for him. Its not too hard Sean...

Luckily I can respond to his smart ass responses. It's a lot easier to stand on my formerly ripped and wide body building shoulders sharp shooting me than create your own stuff little brother.

I am Commodores little brother and here are my responses to his post:

1. Apparently he still has some memory loss because he forgot to mention his little brother (me). I didn't forget, I'm embrassed.
2. My real name is Sean Louis and I am the 13th Louis (Althought my brother has called my LiNC for several years and I really don't know why). My son is the 14th Louis. I called him LiNC because he used to look like the Missing Link.
3. I had an open head wound from an artillery round blast (see #23). Actually a very humble statement compared to the injuries.
4. My big brother doesn’t consider beating the snot out of me a contact sport or see my response to #25
5. I am half Hawaiian as well. Of my 47 cousins less than 20% are fair skinned. I'm in that 20% too.
6. I live and train in a democratic State (CA) but prefer the rain too.
7. Didn’t Commodore only reach the 4th grade?
8. His vow of celibacy was an excuse to friends and family because he couldn’t meet anyone who would put up with him. I couldn't put up with myself.
9. Ziggy Cartoon knock offs do not count as a published author. Actually some people asked about this. I wrote and was paid for a series of articles (10 to 50 pages each) on historic battle of World War 2 in the south Pacific that were published through the National Park Service. I would be proud to present them if a single computer on this planet still ran MS Dos 3.0.
10. Stop watching movies and start training. See fellow bloggers, I brainwash myself so thoroughly by talking about Ironman all the time that my brother is as commited to me reaching my goals as I am. Nice.
11. I having for this one. I don't know either, he works for the govt., Sloppy is normal behavior.
12. I think the PC term for this is mentally challenged big brother. I used mentally retarded in my "list." I still have a problem with word relation from my head injury and he is correct. Its PC to use 'challenged'. Now Cock-Man-Oppessor-Pig, pack up your rape culture and go to a tax funded sensitivity class on living in harmony with endangered species.
13. I am a conscious over eater.
14. I recently took third in a hot dog eating contest.
15. I learned how to ride a bike at age 3.
16. You still can’t swim that good.
17. You can’t drive a car very well either so it's best you walk.
18. I have horrible anxiety about taking my clothes off at work.
19. I think I weigh 220 pounds and I do.
20. The person who called him super genius was his alternate personality. Thank you again for bring up this important point little brother because that was the second IQ test I took that validated my supreme intellegence. Did you or did you not personally witness me take the first IQ test at our parents house in Montana seven years ago, with mom in the family room, and I scored what? Thats right Super-Genius. Take that.
21. In six years, not one person has beaten me at Super Mario Brothers. No one plays SMB anymore, have you seen HALO?
22. I work in the criminal justice system. If I could only tell these people some of your stories...
23. I was in a foreign country where it didn't matter if I spoke the language or if I fit in.
24. I wrote this as #24 on my list-"I still lament over getting rid of my first pick up truck 15 year ago." His response-Is that the truck I smashed with my ’84 ford escort? Yes, that truck. you were wearing your Napolean Dynamite moon boots and mashed the wrong pedal on your manual drive car. Stick to having Pedro ride you around on the back of his bike.
25. I wrote as #25- "I spent a few days in a mental institution because of #1." His response- That was our house. I got to admit LiNC that was a damn insane asylum. Remember dad waking us to reveille every morning on the tape deck? Or when we had the fight downstairs with Japanese throwing stars and mom found dozens of them stuck in the walls mid fight. Even though we were trying to hit each other I am glad we were terrible aims. Let me take this moment to personally apoligize for giving you an atomic wedgy every day for a month. It was callous of me to deliver several of those by jumping off the fireplace and wrapping the stretched band around your neck and doing a victory dance while mom pride them out of your butt. I also apoligize for telling you that drinking dads cologne cures hiccups and for tying a bungy cord to your cat and throwing her off the balcony to see how far she would fly before slingshotting back. I also feel terrible about splitting your finger open with the samuri sword. That was inappropriate and completely out of line.
26. I have had a reoccurring dream of putting a metal prosthetic up your backside for #4.
You have every right. Mistress gets first kick though, then probably mom.
You failed to mention that you and I are both or have been Drill Sergeants in the U.S. Army. I'm modest. Obviously you're not.

Don’t forget that I love you big brother. Did you read #1, #3 and #25 on my list. God, who's the head case in this family.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I don't like tags or chain e-mails. I will be honest. I will never pass a tag. But I like Stronger so I will amuse her and out of respect for Wil who posted 50 things instead of 5 I will shoulder the burden this one time only and just free associate until I feel like stopping.

Things most bloggers don't know about me....

1. I was in a car accident at 16. I lost all my memory from those 16 years and was paralyzed for one week. I still have no memory from that time in my life of myself, my parents or any of my friends. Complete amnesia.
2. My real name is Commodore and I am the 13th. My son is the 14th.
3. I have had one closed head injury, see #1, an open head injury from a fight where a guy split my skull open with a garden hoe, and a equal dozen concussions. One more hard hit to the head and the doctors worry I may be a vegetable. I am under doctors orders to report all bumps to the head to my wife to monitor changes to my behavior and presence.
4. Because of #3, I have not played a contact sport, not even pick up basketball or touch football since my car accident, see #1.
5. I am half Hawaiian. Of my 47 cousins less than 20% are fair skinned. I'm in that 20%.
6. I live and train in the desert but perfer the rain.
7. Doctors told my parents to be prepared for me to only reach a 4th grade level mentally because of my accident, see #1, and that I would need long term care for life.
8. I took a vow of celebacy for one year so seriously that I avoided women for eight months.
9. I am a published author.
10. I have a list of every movie I have watched for the last five years.
11. I suffered a heat stroke that put me in a coma for one day.
12. Mentally retarded people make me cry. It reminds me of who I could have so easily been.
13. I am an unconscious over eater.
14. I was recently voted one of the best dressed men in my company.
15. I learned how to ride a bike at age 30.
16. I thought myself how to swim at age 22.
17. I can't find my way through a city in a car with a gps on board computer but can hike 12 mile in a forest with a map, compass and pace beads and walk within 3 meters of the exact spot I need to be at.
18. I have horrible anxiety about taking my shirt off in front of people.
19. I think I weigh 250 pounds, even though I weigh 195.
20. A co-worker once tried to convince me to have my IQ tested since he had his tested and it was pretty good. I refused for three days. He said he would pay for it. I took the test and was 145. He was 135. He had to call me super genius for a year.
21. I have an outstanding bet of $50 with every new employee who goes through my companys new hire school to match my score of 100% on a national personal training certification that is part of the course. In six years, not one person has done it.
22. My dream job was to be an executioner of death row inmates for the criminal justice system.
23. I was recruited to work for a US government agency in a foriegn country where it didn't matter if I spoke the language or if I fit in, if you get my meaning.
24. I still lament over getting rid of my first pick up truck 15 year ago.
25. I spent a few days in a mental institution becuase of #1. But I feel much better now thank you.
26. I have had a reoccuring dream for as long as I can remember that I lose my left leg from below the knee and have to wear a metal prostetic.

Still interested in reading my blog?
Ugh that was personal.


I was listening to a radio program last week and they were talking about FCA and its impact on football programs in high schools around the country. FCA stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes. There are all kinds of Hall of Fame coaches and players along with up and comers and current stars in their roll call which made me curious since you don't often here about athletes who profess Christianity. They are more likely to profess about Ho's and drugs and out of wedlock kids and a gangster lifestyle. And thats just the NBA. But I went to their website and found that they have a 'division' for endurance athletes.

I swear I am not going to get preachy. I am going to be completely alturistic.

I have no problem letting my beliefs known and while I have had a personal issue with all the team in training and run for a cause stuff, I felt last night that I could get behind a group like this. Will I have anything substantive to do with them? I would like to think so, I agreed to wear their logo in a race next year. They probably don't have a big endurance community out here, but I open listed my name in their database so if their is a local rep who is on the ball, maybe I will get a call.

But if your interested in joining, here is the link.

I really did it more for the fact that its an affiliation with a group I can understand. I would be interested in learning more and membership doesn't cost anything, unless you want some inexpensive water bottles or actually they have a pretty nice tri-jersery.

I think all of us would like to have some cache behind our training. Whether that be raising a couple grand for a cause or just telling people you race for dear aunt Leslie who you haven't seen in ten years but died of some common medical condition that is cause-celeb. I do not mean to denegrate people who commit themself to an issue that has touched their life, rather organizations that capitalize on that sorrow. Anyway, much like an academic would list all his credentials on a business card or a doctor all his degrees and specialitys, or a soldier with all his Tabs, having FCA affliation to those that care, know where I stand and I don't mind that one bit.

It will look nice on my business card next to Partner, Apex, NASM, CBW and in the future...

PS: any guesses on what CBW stands for? Hint, maybe only the sarcastic or lazy have a chance; Its not really my job, or on my card, but what I tell people my position in the company is.

Monday, December 12, 2005

An (Un)Shiny Thing

A funny thing happened on the way to our 10th wedding anniversary this month. Mistress and I have this funny little dance when it comes to probing for gifts. She says, "What do you want?" and I don't really want anything because I just go out and buy stuff when I want it. With her, I tend to probe and remember her comments then get something and give it too her right away because I can't hold back gifts.

To make a long story shorter, yada yada yada she says we should get new rings for our 1oth anniversary. I know this sounds just stupid, but I was like, "Whatever, I'll just get a cheapy working band for $50." (I still wear my original ring, which I really like, but its huge and when its hot out or after a long workout my hand swells and its uncomfortable. She hasn't worn her original band for a few years but believe me she's been wearing a more expensive ring that I bought her right after Mighty Mo was born.) So she say's she'll go look around over a weekend.

I'm thinking I am going to get hosed for a $10,000 ring and she comes back with a $30 plain gold band, telling me she will get her antique engagement ring resized for a matching set. Is this a great woman or what? Crap, I've bribed, I mean *cough*cough* bought her a hundred times that in jewerly this year alone. She needs to buy more of her own stuff. She bought me a nice titanium band.

But I wasn't satisfied. The titanium band is nice but I couldn't figure if my unease was because I was used to the original band or something else, so I finally prayed long on it and asked for a sign to let me know one way or the other. I know, praying over a ring, not really a high priority thing but I wanted some type of closure. The next day I was forced to finally come up with a Christmas list and was online surfing for stuff...

Sidenote: Am I the only one who copy's pictures of what I want online and pastes them to an Office document, including the price, item number and web address?

...and I came across a ring made of Carbon Fiber. Carbon Fiber? How cool is that? I mean cyclist and triathletes are always trying to upgrade to Carbon Fiber gear. Carbon Fiber is super light. So I asked Mistress if she thought a Carbon Fiber ring on my wedding finger would be wierd, she says "No." Again, is this a great woman or what?

So here is my new wedding band, a new Shiny (Unshiny) Thing. I have got to get this thing weighed. I can't even feel it on my finger.

Keep them coming...

Come on guys and gals.

What are your tried and true remedies for acute insomnia, aside from chemically induced sleep like Tylenol PM or 'Sleepy Time Drops'. I have some great responses so far;

Nancy: a hard workout...melatonin in the evening?
Bunny Girl: Valerian root and a dull book.
Cliff: his comments mimic my own thoughts, don't rest the body the training will come.
William: Sensory depervation

All great ideas. To make this nut a bit harder to crack, it is normally very difficult for me to fall asleep and when I wake up its wide awake, no stirring or struggling (unless drugged), I am Mr. Good Morning. It is almost impossible for me to nap during the day. Even when extremely sick, unless drugged, I almost certainly will not nap. I fall asleep during the day maybe one time per year...maybe.

Lets here some more ideas on supplements or okay even medicine that has worked for you; alka-seltzer, Robotussin, L-triptophan, I can't do warm milk but a warm cookie would be great.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


I am going to toot my own horn here.

Way back when I was just a wee blogger with big dreams and high hopes, I wrote a commentary, Red is for Elites, on how runners unknowingly or knowingly arrange themselves based on their running ability by the colors they wear. There is also some great commentary, if I do say so myself, on how cyclists dress.

Well vindication, my much bigger blogging audience, has come my way. While reading the January 2006 issue of Runner's World, on page 44 a statement reads;
Race in Red: Two British anthropologists claim that athletes dressed in red are more likely to win events than athletes wearing other colors.
A small blurb follows fleshing out their small study.

I will be humble enough to admit that when you read the old blog post the only two comments represent 2/3 of my reading audience at the time, Rett aka White Salamander and ta-da Iron Wil when she was still running a black background, low key website before she became the Blogging Diva she is today with book deals, clothing merchandise, 1/2 ironmaiden finishing medals and her official real triathlon bike. The only other reader I had was Kahuna (did I really need to link that?) who seldom leaves comments, as is his Kahuna privillage.

I am glad that things have exploded like they have because when I toot my own horn, more people can hear it.

Be Careful What You Wish For...

I have been suffering from insomnia for the last two weeks. Between Mighty Mo waking me up in the middle of the night sick and my own whacked out clock waking me up I have been a walking zombie.

Generally speaking most nights I am falling asleep on the couch at 8:30 pm, go to bed at 9pm and then wide awake at 11:45 or midnight. Then I am up all night. Makes training damn near impossible. Not only are my energy levels having massive fluctuations but my body has started to act in kind; upset stomach, twitches, bloodshot eyes. I know those all sound just bizarre but they are fairly benign symptoms.

I had been postponing chemical sleep agents in the hopes that my system would reset normally. I really wanted to get in a run today, so last night I decided to get a good nights sleep by taking my perferred 'legal' sleeping pill, Tylenol PM. Many years ago, before it became illegal I used to take GHB, you know the 'date rape' drug because one capful and it was lights out and the body metabolised it so when you woke up there was no hangover.

But I digress, Tylenol PM. I really wanted a good nights sleep so I took 3, instead of the 2 directed. Twelve hours later I feel like a zombie and because I did not move at all last night my back was in a contorted position and it really hurts today. Really hurts.

I am going to try to figure this stuff out. In the meantime, I hope all of you forgive me for my lack of training posts, since training when done has been terrible efforts not worth the writing.

Do any of you suffer from insominia, when you are up for 20-22 hours a day, day in and day out? 10-15 years ago this was a boast, now its a definite problem.

Update Decmember 12th: Thanks to all who gave solid advise about how to kick this no sleep thing. I have tried to avoid the melatonin and such but will probably now go down that route. I have used it in the past along with many other natural remedies. I honestly think in sleep cases chemicals work just as well as supplements. This does happen quite a bit but usually only for a night or three then it takes me the rest of the week to catch up on sleep and energy levels. Since I upped the training in August, its been dormant. As long as I can sleep on Christmas Eve, Santa won't come to my house if I stay awake.

Friday, December 9, 2005



Or maybe, "Whoa, turn down the volume on the computer speaker."

I must first give all credit to Pat for his amazing work at putting all my thoughts together to get this just right. Its been a labor of love for several months now it seems.

Pat, brother, I couldn't have done this without you.
I really can't thank you enough for your patience, assistance and internet knowledge. What you did for me is above and beyond, and your a blessing in my life.

Let me discuss the changes, obvious and otherwise.

The color scheme; Red, White and Blue are based on USAT colors, which compliment Pat's and my love for Superman.

The obvious music, if you have speakers, is based on and will continue to be based on a thumping beat. I want people who come to this site to be invigorated. I want people reading my posts to notice their head is nodding to the beat. It won't change often but it will always motivate. Plus you can turn it off, but you won't want to.

The background has an Ironman logo, a distintive image on the page. Let me just say this now, so no one can jump on it in comments. I.AM.NOT.AN.IRONMAN....YET. Is that clear enough?

I do not beieve in superstitions, hexes, fortune cookies, jinxes or any other of that crap. My goal is Ironman and I will focus on that until I finish it. I will do that by putting the vision of M-Dot and Ironman everywhere I look. I pray on it daily, I meditate on it daily. I have an affirmation that says, "I am an Ironman." Affirmations are a form of brainwashing. Brainwashing works. I will never claim or state I am an actual Ironman until it is announced to the world by Mike Reilly. Until then, like I will, enjoy the image.

The page will scroll differently, as you may have already noticed. The Ironman logo will remain in the lower portion of the screen.

The header is different. In the future I may toy with photo headers but for now the miracle is that this whole template is up and running for you all to see.

Pat and I have tried to find all the bugs in this program. If you notice any, please let me know so I can make corrections.

My goal was to dream up a website that is motivating, exciting to look at, focused as much on my goals as I am. This is one of the top secret projects that I have been working on lately and taking up my time. I am proud to be a part of it. More secrets will be reveiled oh so soon.


Fricka Fracka Mozilla Grumble Grurmble

This was supposed to be a happy happy joy joy post but instead I find myself ready to throttle Mozilla, my browser. Even with all this one incident I still chose it over Microsoft explorer, hands down.

I lost all my setting. So no bookmarks, not saved passwords. Its like having to set up a whole new cell phone. Crap.

In much better news folks, make sure you COME BACK TOMORROW because one of my tri-oriented projects is completed enough to tell you about it.


The week went by way to fast. Next week is my last normal work week of the year and I need that time off starting next Friday to catch up on training for the month. I haven't taken a full week off at Christmas for eight or nine years. I wasn't planning on it for this year either but I really think I need it and deserve it.

"I'm smart enough, happy enough and gosh darn it people like me."
Stewart Smalley
Today should be a nice, and hopefully uneventful 10 miles. Its should reach 70 degrees, though to me it will still seem cold. Doesn't that just suck? I see see Snowbirds walking around in shorts and tee shirts and I have on a bomber jacket or polar fleece. Is there any irony in that?

I still haven't put up the trainer yet but for sure this weekend I will get some use from it.

Murphy's Law # 267

A man is only a man, but a good bicycle is a ride.

No really its one of his laws, trust me.

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

What the heck happened...

A confession. Its only 10:00 pm but I am posting this as a midnight log in so that it registers as a...what day is tomorrow...Thursday post.

I mentioned in my last post that I was being released from my office today.
So why is it past my bedtime and I am still in my office?
Why did I just get call #4 from Mistress, asking me when I was coming home, when thats where I should be firmlly ensconced in my bed?
Would you believe I have the huevos to tell her I am going to try to barge past the front desk of two clubs on the way home to see if they follow check in protocols for prospective members?

I am in the office still because I started work on my 2005 personal growth letter, which is an exercise all the partners go through and ask all our managers to do. We sort of change the parameter each year but its a soul searcher. If you have never had to be brutually honest with yourself like that its not easy. It's even harder knowing that this information will be shared with your partners and possibly, probabaly going to be read to a bunch of employees. Somehow though I have tied my Ironman training to it.

Maybe I will post it when I am done with the final report. I am beyond embarrasment or fear of losing any readers over my personal growth and brutal honesty. Blogging has made me much more creative this year, so I am writing my report like I am being interveiwed as Man Of The Year for a magazine and the interviewer is asking me the questions loosely dictated by the questionairre. Its in a column format with pictures and blown out quotes, the whole magazine vibe. I may use Matthew McConaughey's People cover becuase according to Logic 101 its pretty close to what I look like, (If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck-its a duck) . Well Mistress says he is hot, she wouldn't marry me if I wasn't hot, so I look like Matthew McConaughey. That's how it works right, I actually got a D+ in that class, but it satisfied a math credit. Okay, I won't do that.

Yeah its late.

I also did some more work on my special top secret, hush hush, triple sealed triahtlon projects today. A 30 minute meeting turned into a 90 minute lunch followed by a 60 minute Starbucks session. This was supposed to lead to a flurry of letter writings and research but I did actual work that keeps me employeed instead, which is also why I have basically worked from 8 am to midnight. I really do think that at least one project will be unveiled next week. Maybe two. One I am still tinkering with before I am comfortable moving forward with. So maybe not until end of this month or into next.

Mistress had only one admonishment, "Don't get that wired hair up your butt to start hitting all the clubs tonight and work until four in the morning, like you will want too." See, she understands me.

Thats the second admonishment for the day. The first was, "Will you please workout today, you get weird when you haven't worked out for four days and if you don't workout today your going to be a pain in the ass tomorrow."

Well we will just see about that honey.

Released From Captivity

I have finished my closeout from November and in just a few hours I will be released from this dreaded desk that hosts my ass for the first week of every month. With as minimal as my training has been lately, which is always lower the first week of the month, I sure have been getting my sleep in. I hate to see how deep my sleep will be once I start putting the multi hour training sessions back on the daily calender this week.

Mighty Mo is feeling much better. The kid sleeps longer than me right now. In the last two weeks his vocabulary has become so much better for a 2.5 year old. We have actual conversations and between that and sign language we understand each other perfectly. He loves the 'pretty' lights as he calls the Christmas stuff.

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Where'd the time go?

Jesus Marimba people, where'd the time go today?

Why is it that Monday nights have been so sleepless for me lately? Another 2 am awakening. Oh well. This morning has been a blur until I realized that I hadn't started my daily post. It used to be that triathlon only involved my workouts and my blogging. Now its taking time in other ways and I get so lost or involved that I forget to post about what I am actually doing.

Though my training has not proven it in the last week, my passion for triathlon grows daily. I really look forward to the day(s), coming soon enough, that I am able to fully disclose all the cool things going on in Phoenix.

Tuesday is for long runs, which today is supposed to be really long. Well its rescheduled till later this week and I will use my trainer at home tonight. I am having lunch with my Pastor today and well, I am not going to bail on that for a run no matter how important it is.

I don't know if its my system or blogger but I have been having a difficult time logging onto blogs. I have been able to read quite a few through bloglines, but unable to enter the site for commenting. I am here but not able to communicate. Hopefully soon enough I will be able to leave my own personal touches and enhance your lifes, until then you must unfortunately suffer only getting this close.

Monday, December 5, 2005

Oh where to begin...

Not the best weekend for the Intrepid Age-Grouper, which is me, sort of like O'Reilly reading Talking Points, he wrote them, he reads them, but credits Talking Points not himself for the news point.

Mighty Mo has the Flu. Influenza A or B, it doesn't matter. It was a long weekend of holding a sick kid, vomiting when awake and blowing out diapers when asleep, sleep patterns messed up. All parents have been here before so its just what we get to go through. As per the Training Contract, Mighty Mo's health issues takes precedent over any and all training so after the bad ankle incident at the beginning of the week and Moat the end, I haven't seen a training split in way to long.

When I wasn't dealing with him, I was dealing our 7 month old Fox Red Labador who decided that it was okay to start chewing up anything in the backyard that is buried and black. So much for the mainline to the sprinkler system and all the outdoor lighting I had around the pool. The water line is not such a big deal, $20-$30 for the yard guy to fix, but its going to cost me a Benny, (thats $100 not IronBenny) to replace the plastic low voltage system with a metal solar powered system.

It was supposed to be a good time to put all the Christmas stuff up and I still stick by that. I got the tree up but the lighting is all blown out. Its a fake tree (Mistress and Mo can't handle the scent from a real tree because of allergys and asthma) and the lights are pre-set. So it was a half hour here or and there going bulb to bulb to test if they worked. I went from 30% to 80% lit but now the damn thing blinks. I personally can't stand blinking Christmas lights. Plus I ran out of replacement bulbs so its a stop at Lowes on the way home. Home Depot is closer but they don't use Christmas in there advertising and Lowes does, its not a boycott its a shopping decision. Nothing done outside but now I may do nothing. I was good last year but my only neighbor went ga-ga and added about 3,000 more lights. If I go with the same set up as last year, it would look pretty pathetic in comparison, but I don't think I have the ladder, cash or energy to "Keep Up With The Joneses".

Mistress was very happy to have me home the whole weekend and used it to her advantage. She took off for about 4-5 hours each day to be on her own, shop and bum out.

Thanks for putting up with my non-training post today. Its a personal look into my weekend and hope I didn't lose any of you in its boringness.

Saturday, December 3, 2005

A New Shiny Thing

I try to have an open mind about my vision for Ironman training. I am honest about my strengths and weaknesses and work to sustain the first and improve the later.

I have reviewed my limitations in getting all my training completed for Ironman Florida. One of the benefits of reading all the blogs in the Triathlete Alliance is that I take so much from the postings. I dwelled a lot on Shelleys post from IronMuse on marathon training and bike completion.

One of the apects I have always dwelled upon was saddle time. The weather here is perfect for year round cycling, however I don't have carte blanche to ride every day outdoors, nor am I blessed with the genetic disposition to be a strong cyclist on minimal training. Primarily my problem is not my work hours but my time with my son, who is essentially a 'crew served' child.

(Inside information for all but probably Tridaddy; in the military there are different types of weapon systems, the M-16 for example is a individual weapon- meaning it takes only one soldier to operate. A crew served weapon like a mortar or heavy machine gun is defined as needing more than one soldier to operate- a gunner, ammo bearer, base plate carrier. Okay maybe to much oinformation but I love military terms)

So my son, being a 'crew served' boy based on his medical needs, sometimes takes two or three of us to get him ready for bed or care for him when his system depresses. Anyway, training is superceded based on the health of the Mighty Mo.

Your saying, "Okay already, get on with it!"

So I bought a new Shiny Thing. The RavX T3 trainer. Its nowhere near a high end item like are available but its a good item for the price and offers a bare bones neccesity for those days when indoor training is more preferable to no training.
I promise a product review on set up and use in the near future.

Friday, December 2, 2005


I have a positive vision for my life. I focus on what I have and not what is wrong with me or the world around me. I have an affirmation that says, "I bring my own weather with me, " which means I do not get sucked down into someone elses issues, I will do all I can to help my fellow man and have empathy for their situation but at some point that person has to help themselves.

When all you do is focus your attention on your problems all you see is lack and create a negative vision for yourself which is always self fullfilling. Do not focus on past failures or victimizations , focus instead on upcoming challenges and goals. One of the blessings of a vision is that if you can hold onto that vision for five years it will become a reality, the problem is most people can't hold onto a vision for 5 minutes.

The miracle is achieved the moment we shift our attention from what we don't have to what we do have. Shift your thinking from problems to possiblity.

Possiblity instead of impossiblity
Potential instead of impotence
Ability instead of inability
Hope instead of dispair
Addition instead of subtraction
Multiplication instead of division
increase instead of decrease
Harvest instead of famine
Substance instead of superficalality

Life and triathlon training is what you make of it. By shifting your thinking to the positive instead dwelling on the negative you will be successful. Affirmations, prayer, meditation, clipouts from magazines, pictures from races all create an environment of success. You can absolutely brainwash your mind based on your thoughts, make sure they are positive.

One of my many daily affirmations:
I am an Ironman. I have the ability to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and run a marathon. I train with 100% focus and dedication towards November 4, 2006.

Murphy's Law #367

Murphy's First Law of Documentation
If it should exist, it doesn't.

Murphy's Second Law of Documentation
If it does exist, it's out of date.

Murphy's Third Law of Documentation
Only useless documentation transcends the first two laws.

Thursday, December 1, 2005

A Look Back And A Look Ahead...

Here is the breakdown of last month, which went by way to fast.

Swim: 13,487 meters, goal was 14,082. 96% of goal.
Bike: 177 miles, goal was 207. 85% of goal.
Run: 60 miles, goal was 58. 103% of goal.

I saw two blogger, IronBenny again and his wife Nytro for the first time. Good luck with the ankle surgery Nytro.

I completed one sprint tri with better than expected results.

I lost 10 pounds of body weight (5% change) and dropped 3 percentage points of body fat (15% change).

I had some unexpected stuff come up like a trip to LA, a sprint tri that I hadn't expected, a dodgy ankle to end the month along with the usual excuse of sacrificing training till tomorrow to finish something important today and not getting it back on track. All things considered, I think overall I am happy with my progess which has my distances up in all catagory's from the previous month.

In December I will change my training up a bit. I have my final build to the Rock n Roll marathon, which will include alternating weekly long runs of 15-20-15-20-taper out (which doesn't include the mid week run or filler runs, and it looks like it may be 'Pool Closed' on the lake if the temps get lower than the 56 degrees right now. So its back to regular pool sets. I would like to get another one on one with my old swim coach. I would like to work on more drills which will drop my distance for the month since all I really have been doing is freestyle. I need to figure how to solve my lack of saddle time which I think I have accomplished and will report on that project this weekend.

I also worked on two or three big triathlon related projects this month, each nearing completion. I hope to be able to comment on each of them very soon.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


All the faster running I did over the last week, without proper stretching, has caused me some ankle distress. Its enough to 'feel' discomfort in normal activity and enough to appreciate my 15 mile run is in jeopardy this week. This is disappointing.

I had 3,300 yards to hit my monthly swim distance quota last night and I came up 900 yards short. My body was slowing down and my form started to deteriotate. In lieu of zero benefit from continuing, I felt that it was better to come up short than to continue degrading myself in the pool. I actually felt real bad because I had received such a nice 'almost there, hit it' comment from Bolder about making my number.

Its no excuse but I felt that had I not travelled on a swim day and if I was able to make up that time on an off day, I wouldn't have missed my swim goal by 4%. Also I am in jeopardy of not hitting my bike goal as I need to use a stationary bike to do that today, which I almost never use. If I had applied myself a bit better on the weekend or added one or two weekday rides during the month, I would not have missed this.

On top of all this searching I realize that the most motivating blogger to me, Oldman, practically doubles my training volume each month. I am going to try to figure out a better plan to work around this by either changing my training patterns, getting some indoor aid or something. Its Christmas so I have only half a month to get all my work done effectively, which limits work week training.

Through all this I remain postive that I will get in good productive training and that my injuries will remain minimal as I move into my biggest running month leading up to Rock n Roll mid January.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Thanks to The Wha, for his superb aid in helping me with all my html issues and so much more lately.

I would direct you to his site if you don't alredy have the link, but he is taking some time off. When he comes out of the shadows like the 'Wizard', (and some of us know how true that is) and begins blogging again I will give proper signifigance. Surfice to say if he drops you a personal e-mail about how to fix something, its a gift from the Angels.

In closing, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"
Things are kinda weird today. After yesterdays issues with Bloggers Upload Image section, I now miss my beloved Timex Ironman Countdown watch face which has somehow disappeared. After doing some research this does not appear to be my fault. Hmmm?

In Explorer my sidebar has been moved down. The font also looks bigger. I got some great feedback in Comments and will attempt to work on it today or tomorrow. Looks fine in Mozilla, which I would highly suggest everyone switch too. A more superior browser to Explorer.

I am on track to hit 100% of all my training goals in November, except I figured not on a calender month but a weekly training cycle. So I will do some moving around of training this week to get in my remaining two workouts I need to hit my numbers on the bike and swim. I only need a 3,100 meter swim and a 30 mile bike to be 15% up in training from last month. I already hit quota in running.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Tortilla Flat run

UPDATE 6:39 pm: Having some issues with the blog after today's picture upload. I have deleted the photos completely from the post in the hopes that the sidebar frame will position itself correctly instead of dropping down. Please follow the links to see the pictures.

UPDATE 10:00 am:
Zag was kind enough to note that the photos don't show up in Explorer, I run Mozilla, so thank you. At the end of each photo description I have hyperlinked the photo so you can go straight to it if you can't see it.

This is actually a view of where we start our swim. Where you see the bluish/green 'car?' on the road is where we park and then the rock outcropping just below that is where we change into our wetsuits. The rock outcropping, bottom left, is 75 yards from the start and where we swim for a warm up before tackling the buoy's. In my sidebar, I have a picture from the bridge showing the inlet buoy which is outside frame on the lower left corner. We swim to the inlet buoy and then underneath the bridge into the canyon to the rock buoy and back for two full laps or 1.1 miles. I usually count this as 1.25 miles total, because I usually swim off the short line to the buoys and have to make corrections. For those that might remember my almost drowning episode in September, it was at just about the very tip of the bottom left as I headed back to the outcropping. Photo here

Its a nice hill going down into Tortilla Flats. Its about .80 miles. Going up was actually not as bad as I thought it would be. Photo here.

Yup, this is the whole town of Tortilla Flats.
Really what I want to illustrate is the beauty of our training area, the mountains and the water and such. Photo Here.

A piggy back

In the past when I have attempted serial posting, I think it has been little overwhelming, especially when I was going over the marketing of supplements and how supplement companies lie to us.

However, today I feel compel to at least buffer my CMS commentary from Saturday. There was some great comments left on that subject.

The overriding theme I took from what I wrote, and sometimes I don't know that until I am done, is that as we try to defeat CMS we are constantly beset by people who want to break us down. That don't want to see us succeed. That don't want us to break away from the social norm that we have been stuck in and accomplish something that is bigger than ourselves. When I was reading this morning I came across this verse in Jeremiah,
" 18Today I have made you as a strong city ready for war, as a pillar of iron and as walls of brass against the whole land... 19And they will fight against you. But they will not have power over you, for I am with you to take you out of trouble," says the Lord."
For those that would rather see this in a New Age Spirituality aspect, you can go HERE.

What I am trying to bolster in myself is a shield against negativity. Sometimes I have been accused of not living in reality, that I am going forward with my eyes closed. I say sometimes you have to lift your eyes off the ground, or close them against the foreboding circumstances and doubts of others before you. With my eyes fixed on present circumstances, like weak swimming or peer pressure, I will miss my vision of completing Ironman.

I dream big because dreams keep me younger, healthier and more alive than anything else.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Weekend Update

Well it was a good as it could get. Had the great triathlon race on Thursday. Woke up at 11pm Thursday night and did not go back to sleep until 9 pm Friday night, so I ditched the run that day, Saturday was a great bike ride, with special guest apperance by IronBenny, who is a great cyclist.

Today? Today was a swim in the lake, one of our last for the year...maybe. 56 degrees was what my pool thermometer read as I pulled it from the water. Instead of our usuall buoy to buoy route we decided to keep it shorter and closer to shore incase someone got into trouble. In fact we were all having a hard time breathing. I actually felt quite comfortable in the water but breathing was labored.

After the swim we bricked a run. 7.5 miles along a very windy and hilly road into Tortilla Flats. I had a great run. Total time was 1:03: 00, which is 8:30 miles. Wait until I post up the graph tomorrow to see how hilly it was, then you will appreciate the time. I really felt great but my HR was very high, 162-169 mostly.

I did not get in everything I wanted but what I did I am very happy with. A great weekend of training.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

To the Conquering...

Thanksgiving is one of the those holidays seeped in traditions; grandmas old fashioned pie crust handed down through the years, aunt Sarah's stuffing, you get the point.

So I applaud all of you that got out and particiapted in a race in the last few days. How many of you did a race for the first time over Thanksgiving? Make yourself known so you can be recognized for your defeat of Common Man Syndrome.

For those of you overloaded with family and travel there is still plenty of glory to go around. If you did the cooking were you more conscious of the ingrediants and tried healthly alternatives? I remember one unsuccessful year we tried to switch out the salt with no-salt since we had some people with dietary restrictions, and that recieved a resounding, "How dare you." When you ate, did you consciously ignore the CMS in your head saying, "Today I pig out and get stuffed", and actually left the table feeling good?

The glory is in the details. 70% of the American population does not exercise on a regular basis. 75% of the population has tried at least one diet in their lifetime. I think at one time or for a long time, all of us have been afflicted with Common Man Syndrome.

I call people afflicted with CMS (which is not just applicable to exercise) as 'Commoners'. The goal for someone looking to defeat CMS would then entail becoming known in their social group as 'Uncommon.' Its not derogatory at all to call someone a Commoner. Call it like you see it. Trust me they are not happy with how they are, being unhappy is one of the greatest causes of Common Man Syndrome.

I define CMS as an action (like planning on a workout but instead watching television) or a collection of thoughts and actions (like a sustained and unnneeded break from active pursuits of physical, mental or spiritual vitality) that lead to a lazy and uninspired life.

I challenge all of you, as I challenge myself, to everyday find a way to defeat the CMS inside of us. It is as simple as getting off the couch. Its as difficult as not putting another scoop of food on your plate. Its as puzzling as finding the spark in a plateaued relationship.

Commoners are people that are happy with their unchallenged lives. Happy being miserable. They want more money but don't look for a better paying job. They want to lose weight or change their physical appearance but continue to sabatage their results by hanging around people that don't want them too. They are comfortable and don't want to change themselves because they think it is too difficult. Well it is, but too those who succeed the rewards are 10 times 10 worth every bit of the sacrifice.

Another question: If you have been dedicated to an exercise program, indoor or outdoor, and have had some success measured by weight loss and inch loss, has someone tried to openly tempt you to break your routine? "Here eat a doughnut, have a beer, don't go for a run sit here and watch the game, sleep in you don't need to do that, what are you nuts?" Any and all of those statements create a defeatist mentality. The person speaking is jealous of your success and wants to see you fail, because when you do, its like they have achieved a victory. The same euphoria you get finishing a 5k or a sprint tri or marathon or greater, they get the same feeling by seeing you fail. And it legitimizes their own failings. Far be it that someone gets into shape, finds the Lord, reaches a deeper relationship with their spouse and becomes a happier person for it.

Even the nightly news would rather show you the negatives in your region rather than the successes. When was the last time you watched the first ten minutes of a news program and thought, "Yeah that was refreshing, what a great city I live in." Because people want to see the negative and talk about the negative because they relate with the negative. You know what I want to relate too? Success. You don't get rich hanging around loafers. You don't become a better swimmer by being around people who don't swim.

Ever see a couple that have been together a long time and yearn to have the same interactions with your own spouse? That is you suffering from CMS in part of your life. That can be you happy too.

So again, as I do every so often, commit yourselves to not being Common any longer. You were Common before and not happy. You have decided on a path of life that will deliver to you things that you never dreamed of. Defeat Common Man Syndrome, be the catalyst in someone elses life as you enrich your own.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Murphys Law #124

For those travelling this weekend.

Uncle Murphy's Airplane Law
When the plane you are on is late, the plane you want to transfer to is on time.

Stay on track

If the government on paper says every year its going to increase the budget for the study of low fat milks affect on cold cerel by 4.0% and does for several years, then one year only funds 3.5%, is that really a budget cut as some politicians say? I mean they did actually increase the budget.

I don't know why that comes to mind except that is the middle of the night and I am wide awake. I did not hydrate nearly enough during the day and after 4 mamosa's and a light turkey dinner, I had a raging headache. I popped two perocet and crashed by eight o'clock. I didn't even get to eat any pie. At eleven I am up and watching poker for two hours, ironing clothes, counting backwards, until finally I am drawn to the computer.

I rescheduled my Tuesday long run, 19 miles, for today, to get past the triathlon, but now think I will drop that to 10 miles. First, I am up in the middle of the night which means I will be beat all morning and mid day from lack of quality sleep. Second, I am still not hydrated enough from yesterday. Third, solid training advice says if you miss a key weekly run, don't stress over it, remain consistant with base builders and keep the schedule. Fourth, I read a text message after my tri that in the 1st Annual Employee Flag Football Turkey Bowl the Trainers beat the Consultants 51-0. I will be hearing a lot of bragging tomorrow that will crunch my time and make me feel rushed.

So ten today and six or so on Sunday after the swim will surfice and then next week is the beginning of my back to back 15-20-15-20 runs.

UPDATE: 8:05 am. Well I never made it back to sleep last night. I kept delaying the ultimate sleep legal sleep agent, Tylenol PM, until it was too late take it without sleeping till noon. I have that all to familiar wake but internally jittery from lack of sleep. Ten years ago this would have not slowed my training or recovery but today I am bagging my run to preserve my ride with IronBenny tomorrow and my Sunday swim/run.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Race Report- Scottsdale Thanksgiving Tri

Last night I inventoried my gear 3 times just to make sure. It was such a small amount of gear. No extra waters or gels or caps or anything, the distance was to short. I felt very loose this morning when I woke up, my pre-race jitters giving way to an almost training day mentality. Which is exactly what I wanted since this would calm any race day anxiety's.

In transition it was great to see so many familiar faces. I had a dozen people to talk to and moved between groups very well. So many races I have been too, I know no one and its just sort of a dazed walk around until its time to start.

The kids race started an hour before the adult tri. The Good Doctors daughter raced it and did very well. The lead boy ran his mile in just over 6 minutes, whew.

The race is a reverse tri, 5k run, 12 mile bike, 300 yard swim. Short. I must say that after each event I finished the leg thinking I had farther to go, which is good and bad because I still had some in the tank but...I still had some in the tank. Bolder asked me what my goals were the other day, aside from the obvious stuff and I remarked, a 8:30 run pace, a 20 mph bike pace and a 7 min swim. A great race will be to finish an hour fifteen.

The run started with a tight mass grouping. I had meet up with IronBenny, Nytro and their friends in the transition, so when IronBenny spotted me at the run start we saddled up to each other to wish luck and break a leg and all that. The Good Doctors 12 year old son ran the adult race instead of the youth tri and blazed out of the gate for a good half mile, leading the whole thing, in his first tri ever. He finished 12th in the 15-19 age group. What a great job.

The first half of the run started really well. I went way to fast out of the gate but was able to maintain it through the first half mile so just kept going with it. By two-thirds of a mile I was able to start passing those that blew out the gate and were now gasping for air. In the last half mile Mistress and Mighty Mo had arrived, so I stopped for ten seconds to hug my boy, Mistress the whole time yelling at me to, "Go! Go! Go! What are you stopping for?!" As I took off, some of the guys around me were saying, "Now thats an understanding spouse." "Brother, you got no idea." I came across the line at 23:20, a pace of 7:27 per mile (taking my 10 sec out).

Change of shoes, add helmet and I am out of T1, in seconds. The 12 miles consisted of 4 loops of 3 miles. Essentially a box course, almost half was confined to a single bike lane. With 700 participants this kinda sucked. I was able to manage a 21 mph pace and it sure felt good to blow by people by 6-8 mph. I believe there was a lot of 1st timers, who just didn't quite get the whole stay right thing and slowed down way too much at the corners so I firmly believe that I could have sustained a 23.5-24 mph if there was more room to manuever. Its not the fault of the triathletes, there is just so many people you can put in a single bike lane and maintain a high speed. In fact there were a few recumbants on the course and polite people were stacking up behind them since there was no room to move past in those areas. As it was I (and many others) were riding outside the cones because we had a great pace going. I was able to pick up Mistress and Mighty Mo on each loop and it was so awesome to hear, "GoDaddyGo" from my boy.

The swim. Well lets just say that reverse tri's can do quite a number on your equilibrium. I put my face in the water and go a bit whoosy. I was not the only one to comment on this post race. It was a serpentine pool swim so I did not have to count anything, just go till there is no more walls to touch. I must say it was very crowded, perhaps more crowded than a open water swim and I was groped many times. One guy was trying to pass me on the inside between me and the right lane rope and we actually tousled, gouged and elbowed each other. A first for me to fight back in a swim but he was all over me. With all the people in the water, it was hard to get a decent stroke going, so I got past more more efficient swimmer. I thought I had more lap to go, then I realized to swim it I would be out of lanes, facing the wrong direction from the finish line, so I just jumped out of the water and ran to the mat. It was very weird, like I had cheated but sure enough that was what I was supposed to do. I finished in 8:27, almost 90 seconds behind my desired time. That wasn't very cool.

Overall I finished 1:08. That is seven minutes better than my wildest expectation and 25 minutes faster than when I did this same course in April (S-B-R format). So that is great. I feel great. I finished middle of my age group and top 30% for my bike split. I am really happy about that. I am really happy about a 7:27 5k pace, which is my fastest 5k in two years. Had I entered the race as a Clydesdale I would have placed top ten in that divisions overall. Damn me I guess. I got to meet Nytro, which was very cool, she is very cool. So a great day and a great race for me and all my friends.

The Good Doctor took 3rd in the Clydesdales and another friend won the whole thing overall. Another friend also did extremely well and if he ever does a race report I will link it.

Afterwards my tri team went to breakfast and reviewed pictures taken by spouses and listened to the kids tell their story's of the race. What a blessing.

I would just like to say what a blessing it is to know that my thoughts and feeling mean something to those that read them. I am thankful for all of you that read my blog and leave such thoughtful comments and motivations. It would be much harder to this without all of you to support me.

Happy Thanksgiving.

FOLLOW UP: NEXT DAY I forgot to mention two other things. I did win something. In the raffle after the race I won one of those huge bottles of Hammer Gel in the Apple-Cinnamon flavor and a flask courtesy of, whose owner came in 5th in the 30-34 AG

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Whats my motivation...

No not that motivation, come on, who am I trying to kid here. Actually I just don't have much to write about. Its that limbo before a big event where you got lots to do and think about but can't put to paper or speech.

I was able to get out of a four hour meeting Tuesday by setting up my partners new iPod nano on his office computer. Did you know you can download music from your iPod into iTunes? I loaded iTunes onto my partners system then transferred all his music from his mini into iTunes then downloaded it back into his new nano. That's good to know if you ever crash your computer or get a new one.

Even though this is just a sprint coming up, I got the jitters. Its hard to explain right now, but its that jazzed, excited, nervous feeling. Its not like its my first triathlon, but it feels like it, every one I enter feels like it. Running races do it too. I used to think I would get past it on my 50th or 60th 5k, but nope, I still get the jitters a few days before I toe that line. I guess its that feeling that lets you know that you still love doing something, that it never gets old.

I really wish I could have run my 19 yesterday as my body's training cycle is conditioned to do longer runs on Tuesday. I think right now I may actually enjoy the training more than the racing. Especially now when earlier in the year I raced so much that it was all just taper, race, recovery, fill in appropriate training block, taper, race, recovery, repeat. I have not had a race since July which just blew up in my face and I realized I was way over raced and physically extended.

that's why I cancelled everything for the rest of the year. I was having better success and getting more motivation from the simple act of going long for the purpose of my long term goal rather than cramming in training before a series of two or three races a month.

I would love to think that my base is big enough to blow the doors off a sprint. As much as I meditate to control that ego-dreamer side of me, competition feeds my Fever. I can take nothing for granted though. Nothing. I am a Grinder. I am not pretty. I am not gifted. I will usually be out there longer than everyone else grinding it out, because that's what Grinders do.

But...I still do it.

And that's the beauty of triathlon. I have seen better athletes finish behind me. I have seen people that I could not believe were there racing, blow my doors off. The tie that binds is that we all still do it. No matter the ability, the training, the physique or figure. We had the guts to spend the time in training, making the sacrifices, and toe that line.

This may be a first triathlon for me in some respects. I will know more triathletes at this race than any other. I will be wearing team colors. Mistress and Mighty Mo will show up to see me race, which he has never done before.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and be thankful that you have the ability to swim, bike, run and love.


Do as I say...

Well judging from some of the responses I got yesterday, most of you will be very busy over the Thanksgiving weekend with training. Thats wonderful news for me to hear.

With a little firming up of my own it looks like back to back 60 mile rides will be out this weekend.
Thursday Triathlon
Friday 19 mile run
Saturday 60 mile ride
Sunday 1.25 mile swim and run brick

Yesterday I had planned on a swim workout of 10x300 yds. Yes very basic but it would be good distance without over planning. Instead I went to the chiropractor and got adjusted since my QL-Quadratus Lumborum is tight, my right hip flexor is not firing properly and my left trap and neck are jacked up from all the left side swim breathing I do. Yes I am a neanderthal non-bilateral swimmer, flame away at me folks.

As someone who is intimate with the operations of a health club, a certified personal trainer and long time fitness advocate, I fall prey to the not "practicing what I preach" routine. I am around the inside of a gym so much, I train outside just so I don't feel like I am at work anymore. Its hard to pick up a weight when you stare at them all day, I would rather run, bike or swim.

I have about a dozen special exercises for my biomechanical weaknesses that I created or was prescribed and I don't do them daily like I should. And I know I should. Getting adjusted yesterday after a month without was a siren song leading me to get back on the program. So today along with whatever I can get in training wise, hopefully that swim workout from yesterday, I will pull out the sticks, rollers, swiss balls and therpy bands and start the routine again. I will also schedule two chiropractic adjustments a month and an afternoon at the Camelback Inn, my favorite spa in the world.

Because really folks, nothing beats the weekend of training I am planning like a shiatsu massage with a sea salt and almond oil full body rub with loofah mitt under a heat lamp, followed by a cucumber facial. Or maybe the Para-Joba Body Moisturizing treatment? Decisions, decisions.