Wednesday, November 30, 2005


All the faster running I did over the last week, without proper stretching, has caused me some ankle distress. Its enough to 'feel' discomfort in normal activity and enough to appreciate my 15 mile run is in jeopardy this week. This is disappointing.

I had 3,300 yards to hit my monthly swim distance quota last night and I came up 900 yards short. My body was slowing down and my form started to deteriotate. In lieu of zero benefit from continuing, I felt that it was better to come up short than to continue degrading myself in the pool. I actually felt real bad because I had received such a nice 'almost there, hit it' comment from Bolder about making my number.

Its no excuse but I felt that had I not travelled on a swim day and if I was able to make up that time on an off day, I wouldn't have missed my swim goal by 4%. Also I am in jeopardy of not hitting my bike goal as I need to use a stationary bike to do that today, which I almost never use. If I had applied myself a bit better on the weekend or added one or two weekday rides during the month, I would not have missed this.

On top of all this searching I realize that the most motivating blogger to me, Oldman, practically doubles my training volume each month. I am going to try to figure out a better plan to work around this by either changing my training patterns, getting some indoor aid or something. Its Christmas so I have only half a month to get all my work done effectively, which limits work week training.

Through all this I remain postive that I will get in good productive training and that my injuries will remain minimal as I move into my biggest running month leading up to Rock n Roll mid January.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Thanks to The Wha, for his superb aid in helping me with all my html issues and so much more lately.

I would direct you to his site if you don't alredy have the link, but he is taking some time off. When he comes out of the shadows like the 'Wizard', (and some of us know how true that is) and begins blogging again I will give proper signifigance. Surfice to say if he drops you a personal e-mail about how to fix something, its a gift from the Angels.

In closing, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"
Things are kinda weird today. After yesterdays issues with Bloggers Upload Image section, I now miss my beloved Timex Ironman Countdown watch face which has somehow disappeared. After doing some research this does not appear to be my fault. Hmmm?

In Explorer my sidebar has been moved down. The font also looks bigger. I got some great feedback in Comments and will attempt to work on it today or tomorrow. Looks fine in Mozilla, which I would highly suggest everyone switch too. A more superior browser to Explorer.

I am on track to hit 100% of all my training goals in November, except I figured not on a calender month but a weekly training cycle. So I will do some moving around of training this week to get in my remaining two workouts I need to hit my numbers on the bike and swim. I only need a 3,100 meter swim and a 30 mile bike to be 15% up in training from last month. I already hit quota in running.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Tortilla Flat run

UPDATE 6:39 pm: Having some issues with the blog after today's picture upload. I have deleted the photos completely from the post in the hopes that the sidebar frame will position itself correctly instead of dropping down. Please follow the links to see the pictures.

UPDATE 10:00 am:
Zag was kind enough to note that the photos don't show up in Explorer, I run Mozilla, so thank you. At the end of each photo description I have hyperlinked the photo so you can go straight to it if you can't see it.

This is actually a view of where we start our swim. Where you see the bluish/green 'car?' on the road is where we park and then the rock outcropping just below that is where we change into our wetsuits. The rock outcropping, bottom left, is 75 yards from the start and where we swim for a warm up before tackling the buoy's. In my sidebar, I have a picture from the bridge showing the inlet buoy which is outside frame on the lower left corner. We swim to the inlet buoy and then underneath the bridge into the canyon to the rock buoy and back for two full laps or 1.1 miles. I usually count this as 1.25 miles total, because I usually swim off the short line to the buoys and have to make corrections. For those that might remember my almost drowning episode in September, it was at just about the very tip of the bottom left as I headed back to the outcropping. Photo here

Its a nice hill going down into Tortilla Flats. Its about .80 miles. Going up was actually not as bad as I thought it would be. Photo here.

Yup, this is the whole town of Tortilla Flats.
Really what I want to illustrate is the beauty of our training area, the mountains and the water and such. Photo Here.

A piggy back

In the past when I have attempted serial posting, I think it has been little overwhelming, especially when I was going over the marketing of supplements and how supplement companies lie to us.

However, today I feel compel to at least buffer my CMS commentary from Saturday. There was some great comments left on that subject.

The overriding theme I took from what I wrote, and sometimes I don't know that until I am done, is that as we try to defeat CMS we are constantly beset by people who want to break us down. That don't want to see us succeed. That don't want us to break away from the social norm that we have been stuck in and accomplish something that is bigger than ourselves. When I was reading this morning I came across this verse in Jeremiah,
" 18Today I have made you as a strong city ready for war, as a pillar of iron and as walls of brass against the whole land... 19And they will fight against you. But they will not have power over you, for I am with you to take you out of trouble," says the Lord."
For those that would rather see this in a New Age Spirituality aspect, you can go HERE.

What I am trying to bolster in myself is a shield against negativity. Sometimes I have been accused of not living in reality, that I am going forward with my eyes closed. I say sometimes you have to lift your eyes off the ground, or close them against the foreboding circumstances and doubts of others before you. With my eyes fixed on present circumstances, like weak swimming or peer pressure, I will miss my vision of completing Ironman.

I dream big because dreams keep me younger, healthier and more alive than anything else.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Weekend Update

Well it was a good as it could get. Had the great triathlon race on Thursday. Woke up at 11pm Thursday night and did not go back to sleep until 9 pm Friday night, so I ditched the run that day, Saturday was a great bike ride, with special guest apperance by IronBenny, who is a great cyclist.

Today? Today was a swim in the lake, one of our last for the year...maybe. 56 degrees was what my pool thermometer read as I pulled it from the water. Instead of our usuall buoy to buoy route we decided to keep it shorter and closer to shore incase someone got into trouble. In fact we were all having a hard time breathing. I actually felt quite comfortable in the water but breathing was labored.

After the swim we bricked a run. 7.5 miles along a very windy and hilly road into Tortilla Flats. I had a great run. Total time was 1:03: 00, which is 8:30 miles. Wait until I post up the graph tomorrow to see how hilly it was, then you will appreciate the time. I really felt great but my HR was very high, 162-169 mostly.

I did not get in everything I wanted but what I did I am very happy with. A great weekend of training.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

To the Conquering...

Thanksgiving is one of the those holidays seeped in traditions; grandmas old fashioned pie crust handed down through the years, aunt Sarah's stuffing, you get the point.

So I applaud all of you that got out and particiapted in a race in the last few days. How many of you did a race for the first time over Thanksgiving? Make yourself known so you can be recognized for your defeat of Common Man Syndrome.

For those of you overloaded with family and travel there is still plenty of glory to go around. If you did the cooking were you more conscious of the ingrediants and tried healthly alternatives? I remember one unsuccessful year we tried to switch out the salt with no-salt since we had some people with dietary restrictions, and that recieved a resounding, "How dare you." When you ate, did you consciously ignore the CMS in your head saying, "Today I pig out and get stuffed", and actually left the table feeling good?

The glory is in the details. 70% of the American population does not exercise on a regular basis. 75% of the population has tried at least one diet in their lifetime. I think at one time or for a long time, all of us have been afflicted with Common Man Syndrome.

I call people afflicted with CMS (which is not just applicable to exercise) as 'Commoners'. The goal for someone looking to defeat CMS would then entail becoming known in their social group as 'Uncommon.' Its not derogatory at all to call someone a Commoner. Call it like you see it. Trust me they are not happy with how they are, being unhappy is one of the greatest causes of Common Man Syndrome.

I define CMS as an action (like planning on a workout but instead watching television) or a collection of thoughts and actions (like a sustained and unnneeded break from active pursuits of physical, mental or spiritual vitality) that lead to a lazy and uninspired life.

I challenge all of you, as I challenge myself, to everyday find a way to defeat the CMS inside of us. It is as simple as getting off the couch. Its as difficult as not putting another scoop of food on your plate. Its as puzzling as finding the spark in a plateaued relationship.

Commoners are people that are happy with their unchallenged lives. Happy being miserable. They want more money but don't look for a better paying job. They want to lose weight or change their physical appearance but continue to sabatage their results by hanging around people that don't want them too. They are comfortable and don't want to change themselves because they think it is too difficult. Well it is, but too those who succeed the rewards are 10 times 10 worth every bit of the sacrifice.

Another question: If you have been dedicated to an exercise program, indoor or outdoor, and have had some success measured by weight loss and inch loss, has someone tried to openly tempt you to break your routine? "Here eat a doughnut, have a beer, don't go for a run sit here and watch the game, sleep in you don't need to do that, what are you nuts?" Any and all of those statements create a defeatist mentality. The person speaking is jealous of your success and wants to see you fail, because when you do, its like they have achieved a victory. The same euphoria you get finishing a 5k or a sprint tri or marathon or greater, they get the same feeling by seeing you fail. And it legitimizes their own failings. Far be it that someone gets into shape, finds the Lord, reaches a deeper relationship with their spouse and becomes a happier person for it.

Even the nightly news would rather show you the negatives in your region rather than the successes. When was the last time you watched the first ten minutes of a news program and thought, "Yeah that was refreshing, what a great city I live in." Because people want to see the negative and talk about the negative because they relate with the negative. You know what I want to relate too? Success. You don't get rich hanging around loafers. You don't become a better swimmer by being around people who don't swim.

Ever see a couple that have been together a long time and yearn to have the same interactions with your own spouse? That is you suffering from CMS in part of your life. That can be you happy too.

So again, as I do every so often, commit yourselves to not being Common any longer. You were Common before and not happy. You have decided on a path of life that will deliver to you things that you never dreamed of. Defeat Common Man Syndrome, be the catalyst in someone elses life as you enrich your own.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Murphys Law #124

For those travelling this weekend.

Uncle Murphy's Airplane Law
When the plane you are on is late, the plane you want to transfer to is on time.

Stay on track

If the government on paper says every year its going to increase the budget for the study of low fat milks affect on cold cerel by 4.0% and does for several years, then one year only funds 3.5%, is that really a budget cut as some politicians say? I mean they did actually increase the budget.

I don't know why that comes to mind except that is the middle of the night and I am wide awake. I did not hydrate nearly enough during the day and after 4 mamosa's and a light turkey dinner, I had a raging headache. I popped two perocet and crashed by eight o'clock. I didn't even get to eat any pie. At eleven I am up and watching poker for two hours, ironing clothes, counting backwards, until finally I am drawn to the computer.

I rescheduled my Tuesday long run, 19 miles, for today, to get past the triathlon, but now think I will drop that to 10 miles. First, I am up in the middle of the night which means I will be beat all morning and mid day from lack of quality sleep. Second, I am still not hydrated enough from yesterday. Third, solid training advice says if you miss a key weekly run, don't stress over it, remain consistant with base builders and keep the schedule. Fourth, I read a text message after my tri that in the 1st Annual Employee Flag Football Turkey Bowl the Trainers beat the Consultants 51-0. I will be hearing a lot of bragging tomorrow that will crunch my time and make me feel rushed.

So ten today and six or so on Sunday after the swim will surfice and then next week is the beginning of my back to back 15-20-15-20 runs.

UPDATE: 8:05 am. Well I never made it back to sleep last night. I kept delaying the ultimate sleep legal sleep agent, Tylenol PM, until it was too late take it without sleeping till noon. I have that all to familiar wake but internally jittery from lack of sleep. Ten years ago this would have not slowed my training or recovery but today I am bagging my run to preserve my ride with IronBenny tomorrow and my Sunday swim/run.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Race Report- Scottsdale Thanksgiving Tri

Last night I inventoried my gear 3 times just to make sure. It was such a small amount of gear. No extra waters or gels or caps or anything, the distance was to short. I felt very loose this morning when I woke up, my pre-race jitters giving way to an almost training day mentality. Which is exactly what I wanted since this would calm any race day anxiety's.

In transition it was great to see so many familiar faces. I had a dozen people to talk to and moved between groups very well. So many races I have been too, I know no one and its just sort of a dazed walk around until its time to start.

The kids race started an hour before the adult tri. The Good Doctors daughter raced it and did very well. The lead boy ran his mile in just over 6 minutes, whew.

The race is a reverse tri, 5k run, 12 mile bike, 300 yard swim. Short. I must say that after each event I finished the leg thinking I had farther to go, which is good and bad because I still had some in the tank but...I still had some in the tank. Bolder asked me what my goals were the other day, aside from the obvious stuff and I remarked, a 8:30 run pace, a 20 mph bike pace and a 7 min swim. A great race will be to finish an hour fifteen.

The run started with a tight mass grouping. I had meet up with IronBenny, Nytro and their friends in the transition, so when IronBenny spotted me at the run start we saddled up to each other to wish luck and break a leg and all that. The Good Doctors 12 year old son ran the adult race instead of the youth tri and blazed out of the gate for a good half mile, leading the whole thing, in his first tri ever. He finished 12th in the 15-19 age group. What a great job.

The first half of the run started really well. I went way to fast out of the gate but was able to maintain it through the first half mile so just kept going with it. By two-thirds of a mile I was able to start passing those that blew out the gate and were now gasping for air. In the last half mile Mistress and Mighty Mo had arrived, so I stopped for ten seconds to hug my boy, Mistress the whole time yelling at me to, "Go! Go! Go! What are you stopping for?!" As I took off, some of the guys around me were saying, "Now thats an understanding spouse." "Brother, you got no idea." I came across the line at 23:20, a pace of 7:27 per mile (taking my 10 sec out).

Change of shoes, add helmet and I am out of T1, in seconds. The 12 miles consisted of 4 loops of 3 miles. Essentially a box course, almost half was confined to a single bike lane. With 700 participants this kinda sucked. I was able to manage a 21 mph pace and it sure felt good to blow by people by 6-8 mph. I believe there was a lot of 1st timers, who just didn't quite get the whole stay right thing and slowed down way too much at the corners so I firmly believe that I could have sustained a 23.5-24 mph if there was more room to manuever. Its not the fault of the triathletes, there is just so many people you can put in a single bike lane and maintain a high speed. In fact there were a few recumbants on the course and polite people were stacking up behind them since there was no room to move past in those areas. As it was I (and many others) were riding outside the cones because we had a great pace going. I was able to pick up Mistress and Mighty Mo on each loop and it was so awesome to hear, "GoDaddyGo" from my boy.

The swim. Well lets just say that reverse tri's can do quite a number on your equilibrium. I put my face in the water and go a bit whoosy. I was not the only one to comment on this post race. It was a serpentine pool swim so I did not have to count anything, just go till there is no more walls to touch. I must say it was very crowded, perhaps more crowded than a open water swim and I was groped many times. One guy was trying to pass me on the inside between me and the right lane rope and we actually tousled, gouged and elbowed each other. A first for me to fight back in a swim but he was all over me. With all the people in the water, it was hard to get a decent stroke going, so I got past more more efficient swimmer. I thought I had more lap to go, then I realized to swim it I would be out of lanes, facing the wrong direction from the finish line, so I just jumped out of the water and ran to the mat. It was very weird, like I had cheated but sure enough that was what I was supposed to do. I finished in 8:27, almost 90 seconds behind my desired time. That wasn't very cool.

Overall I finished 1:08. That is seven minutes better than my wildest expectation and 25 minutes faster than when I did this same course in April (S-B-R format). So that is great. I feel great. I finished middle of my age group and top 30% for my bike split. I am really happy about that. I am really happy about a 7:27 5k pace, which is my fastest 5k in two years. Had I entered the race as a Clydesdale I would have placed top ten in that divisions overall. Damn me I guess. I got to meet Nytro, which was very cool, she is very cool. So a great day and a great race for me and all my friends.

The Good Doctor took 3rd in the Clydesdales and another friend won the whole thing overall. Another friend also did extremely well and if he ever does a race report I will link it.

Afterwards my tri team went to breakfast and reviewed pictures taken by spouses and listened to the kids tell their story's of the race. What a blessing.

I would just like to say what a blessing it is to know that my thoughts and feeling mean something to those that read them. I am thankful for all of you that read my blog and leave such thoughtful comments and motivations. It would be much harder to this without all of you to support me.

Happy Thanksgiving.

FOLLOW UP: NEXT DAY I forgot to mention two other things. I did win something. In the raffle after the race I won one of those huge bottles of Hammer Gel in the Apple-Cinnamon flavor and a flask courtesy of, whose owner came in 5th in the 30-34 AG

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Whats my motivation...

No not that motivation, come on, who am I trying to kid here. Actually I just don't have much to write about. Its that limbo before a big event where you got lots to do and think about but can't put to paper or speech.

I was able to get out of a four hour meeting Tuesday by setting up my partners new iPod nano on his office computer. Did you know you can download music from your iPod into iTunes? I loaded iTunes onto my partners system then transferred all his music from his mini into iTunes then downloaded it back into his new nano. That's good to know if you ever crash your computer or get a new one.

Even though this is just a sprint coming up, I got the jitters. Its hard to explain right now, but its that jazzed, excited, nervous feeling. Its not like its my first triathlon, but it feels like it, every one I enter feels like it. Running races do it too. I used to think I would get past it on my 50th or 60th 5k, but nope, I still get the jitters a few days before I toe that line. I guess its that feeling that lets you know that you still love doing something, that it never gets old.

I really wish I could have run my 19 yesterday as my body's training cycle is conditioned to do longer runs on Tuesday. I think right now I may actually enjoy the training more than the racing. Especially now when earlier in the year I raced so much that it was all just taper, race, recovery, fill in appropriate training block, taper, race, recovery, repeat. I have not had a race since July which just blew up in my face and I realized I was way over raced and physically extended.

that's why I cancelled everything for the rest of the year. I was having better success and getting more motivation from the simple act of going long for the purpose of my long term goal rather than cramming in training before a series of two or three races a month.

I would love to think that my base is big enough to blow the doors off a sprint. As much as I meditate to control that ego-dreamer side of me, competition feeds my Fever. I can take nothing for granted though. Nothing. I am a Grinder. I am not pretty. I am not gifted. I will usually be out there longer than everyone else grinding it out, because that's what Grinders do.

But...I still do it.

And that's the beauty of triathlon. I have seen better athletes finish behind me. I have seen people that I could not believe were there racing, blow my doors off. The tie that binds is that we all still do it. No matter the ability, the training, the physique or figure. We had the guts to spend the time in training, making the sacrifices, and toe that line.

This may be a first triathlon for me in some respects. I will know more triathletes at this race than any other. I will be wearing team colors. Mistress and Mighty Mo will show up to see me race, which he has never done before.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and be thankful that you have the ability to swim, bike, run and love.


Do as I say...

Well judging from some of the responses I got yesterday, most of you will be very busy over the Thanksgiving weekend with training. Thats wonderful news for me to hear.

With a little firming up of my own it looks like back to back 60 mile rides will be out this weekend.
Thursday Triathlon
Friday 19 mile run
Saturday 60 mile ride
Sunday 1.25 mile swim and run brick

Yesterday I had planned on a swim workout of 10x300 yds. Yes very basic but it would be good distance without over planning. Instead I went to the chiropractor and got adjusted since my QL-Quadratus Lumborum is tight, my right hip flexor is not firing properly and my left trap and neck are jacked up from all the left side swim breathing I do. Yes I am a neanderthal non-bilateral swimmer, flame away at me folks.

As someone who is intimate with the operations of a health club, a certified personal trainer and long time fitness advocate, I fall prey to the not "practicing what I preach" routine. I am around the inside of a gym so much, I train outside just so I don't feel like I am at work anymore. Its hard to pick up a weight when you stare at them all day, I would rather run, bike or swim.

I have about a dozen special exercises for my biomechanical weaknesses that I created or was prescribed and I don't do them daily like I should. And I know I should. Getting adjusted yesterday after a month without was a siren song leading me to get back on the program. So today along with whatever I can get in training wise, hopefully that swim workout from yesterday, I will pull out the sticks, rollers, swiss balls and therpy bands and start the routine again. I will also schedule two chiropractic adjustments a month and an afternoon at the Camelback Inn, my favorite spa in the world.

Because really folks, nothing beats the weekend of training I am planning like a shiatsu massage with a sea salt and almond oil full body rub with loofah mitt under a heat lamp, followed by a cucumber facial. Or maybe the Para-Joba Body Moisturizing treatment? Decisions, decisions.

Monday, November 21, 2005

My gosh... this how busy people feel? Its almost noon and I hadn't posted yet. I have been working on blogs and websites and surfing bloglines but not taking care of my own business.

Let's see....this week, I am signed up for a Triathlon for Thanksgiving Day Thursday.

I have a 19 mile run set up for Friday (which would normally be Tuesday but need fresh legs for the race, anyway I may cancel it in lieu of other training, maybe, maybe not).

A special engagement, one Saturday only, 60 mile ride with special guest appearence from IronBenny in town to race the same tri on Thanksgiving with his wife Nytro.

If I can't get my training group to jump on the long Saturday morning ride then I will meet them for scheduled practices which are a Saturday afternoon 1.25 mile open water lake swim and then a Sunday morning 45-60 mile ride.

See why I may cancel the 19 mile run on Friday? If I do drop it, I will then add a half marathon after my second Sunday ride.

I hope none of you were planning on taking a 4 day holiday with no training this weekend?

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Half a plan

Couldn't find anyone to go out to the lake and swim and I let the day slip away waiting to find that out. I did get to spend some time with the Mighty Mo and do some odd jobs around the Casa.

The bike ride today was great. 46 miles. There was a terrible wind, 15-20 mph going through the canyon area we ride through for the first 8 miles. Average speed was not to fall over from a gust and still move forward. Going up the hills didn't seem as hard this week which makes me think I am getting better at this stuff. Coming down, I rode the brakes because of the wind coming from seemingly every direction.

Going up the second mountain (Usery Pass) I kept the Good Doctor within a couple hundred yards the whole way. That felt good. Once at the top I was able to catch up and then we screamed down and around back to the cars. We averaged over 30 mph for about 6 miles of the remaining ten.

The rest of today is spent with the family. We are taking Mighty Mo to Chicken Little.

Friday, November 18, 2005

I promise...

Okay last post about my trip just to get it out of my system and I promise to end with my planned weekend training schedule. lake swim Saturday afternoon, bike ride Sunday morning. Now if your happy and don't want to read the rest of my post you can leave.

The rest of this post is going to deal with very uncomfortable topics like religion, addiction and recovery. I make no secret that I am Christian, but don't expect this to become a permanent religious blog, if you liked me last week, you will like me tomorrow. So you are now warned if your uncomfortable today.

My partners and I flew out to the Dream Center in Los Angeles, a 400,000 square foot, remodeled hospital, for the grand opening of their new exercise facility, The Lords Gym, sponsored by my company, Pure Fitness. The gym's been open for a week but was officially opening the next morning for 'business'. I must state first off that the staff that catered to us were the most humble, gracious people I have met, just good people. When we arrived for the ribbon cutting we were greated by hundreds of residents that were screaming and clapping and crying. The Pastors gave a short speech about how the new fitness center was created and how we are a Christian based fitness company, (which we are) and about our food drive and other outreach programs internally and externally.

I was very moved at this point, I did not expect such displays. I expected a private tour, then attend a service, dinner, then done. I had kids, young kids, thirteen, seventeen year old kids, telling me what a blessing I was in their life. One told me that before he came to the Dream Center he was living on the streets addicted to crystal meth, herion and crack all at the same time. That coming to the Dream Center saved his life and his soul and the equipment we donated gave him hope that he would rebuild the body drug addiction stole from him just as Christ was rebuilding his heart.

A young girl, told me she lived in a crack house with twenty people who she did not know, that these strangers did drugs with her parents and siblings. That she could not shower or sleep without strange men filled with drugs looking at her. She came to the Dream Center first only for a hot meal in a friendly environment then to clean up her life and get away from the perversion she was living in. The gym to her, meant a chance to prove to herself that she could do anything she set her mind too. She also said that since she bacame saved, she has saved her family and they are currently going through rehab at the Dream Center, living in different dorms but meeting when they can to rebuild the family she has always wanted.

I am told that others were glad for the gym because they needed to bulk up and build muscle before they went to jail, so they could defend themselves.

Someone gave me a hug and cried into my chest for our gift; telling me I was a Soul Winner for Christ and that it has changed their life. I had never been called that before.

Externally all I could do was praise and be joyful. Inside all I wanted to do was cry. Not out of pity but becuase I have tithed almost all my life and never really seen what an impact that has had on people. Listening to Pastors speak about feeding 2,000 people a day, every day, for free. How one year they staged the largerst volunteer program in LA by having 7,000 people hand out food and toys to every house in a 500 block radius of the Dream Center in 8 hours so that 210,000 people had a gift for Christmas and 46,000 homes had food for dinner. How they run their own childrens ministry by sending buses out into the community; that lay down a blue tarp in little parks to speak to children, while gang bangers drink 40's on the park benches and gun fire erupts from accross the street, the children so desensitized they don't even hear it.

The service is held at the Angelus Temple. The band is as loud and fast and energetic as a rock concert. A dance troupe came out and did hip hop, which I don't care for but it was fun to watch. Every week a different pastor comes out, on their own accord to preach a short sermon, a testimony to the power of the Dream Center and its senior Pastor. There was much to like and to be honest some parts I did not care for. Again I was floored when we were escorted around to private back rooms and given a standing ovation in the service. The community as well has been looking forward to using the new gym and appreicated the contribution.

As much as I felt the presence of God around me, it was hard to escape the reality of security guards at all the doors, double checking that doors where properly secured after entering. Even in all that goodness a level of security had to be taken because of gangs and drugs and evil.

When people heard I was a 'triathlete', they would get all quite and pensive and ask me how I trained for," that", like it was some sort of Jedi program. I would talk about my goals and training and how if it wasn't for God I don't think I could have dreamed big enough for Ironman or have the faith to Go Long and that I will finish it. I actually had a captive audience for a few minutes. Who'd a thought that?

In Summary, (in bold for those scrolling to the end), it was very humbling. I felt like I was a part of something that was bigger than myself, though my roll was very small in this matter. It will be nice to get back into a regular routine this weekend with training, even better to get back to my regular triathlon based posts. I have already been typing this for 90 minutes, writing, editing, deleting, trying to find the right words and still knowing I have not.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

One of the most powerful and blessed few hours of my life turni the dream center. What an out pouring of love for our gift. We saved lives today.

The outpouring of support for us has been amazing. The goal is too still get in an hour on the bike. But later tonight is dinner in hollywood.


Leading the way or screwed this up.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Outta Town

Like I mentioned earlier this week I am flying out of town for a dedication ceremony today and will be back on Friday.

I don't expect any internet connectivity except through text blogging off my cell phone. I will be able to read my site and a few others, so I won't be too outta the loop.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I gotta get me some more of that!

I had a great 18 mile run. Last week I ran 17.5 miles in 187 minutes (3hr 7min). Last night I ran 18 miles in 169 minutes (2hr 49min). Thats 20 minutes faster than last week at a longer distance.

I averaged 9:24 miles for the workout. Miles 17 & 18 were 8:58 and then 8:49. respectively. I had another high 8 minute time at mile 5 and mile 13. I never once had to walk, ate and intaked sodium on the fly with nary a slow down. My heart rate stayed right at 147-150 the whole time until I picked it up the last two miles.

I so needed this workout. I am travelling Thursday and Friday to LA to attend the grand opening of a gym we built at the LA Dream Center to help disadvantaged men and women who stay there develop a fitness routine. As we all know, a fitness routine helps improve self esteem and self confidence. Its a diversion from their often times, gritty and unpleasant life. The men and women and boys and girls who are addicted to drugs or put into prostitution or have no family, and live at the Dream Center, will hopefully be able to create for themselves a new life with the donation we provided them. Here is their mission statement.

Pastor Tommy Barnett the founder of the Dream Center. He is considered one of the most influencial pastors in the country and his church, Phoenix First Assembly, is one of the three largest churches in America. He is the Official Spiritual Leader of Pure Fitness, which is the company I started with some friends in 1998. I don't go to his church, I live to far away, so this is not chest thumping.

On a personal note our company each year collects food for the empoverished families that attend Phoenix First. Many of these familys that recieve food are just brothers and sisters who are supervised through a bus ministry because their parents stay at home. Last year our 8 clubs had a goal of 150,000 food items in 45 days, but collected 175,000 food items, feeding over 30,000 familys. This year our goal is 200,000 food items and we may double that if things go right.

So even though this post started out all about me, remember those that are not going to have any food or gifts for their families this Thanksgiving or Christmas and clean out your cupboards. Next time you do your weekly shopping, buy an extra $10 or a toy and put it in the donation box the store has up front. Its a good deed.

If Only...

...I could swim as fast in the open water as I can in a pool.

I designed my swim workout last night on the formula of meters. So in the middle of my planned 3,250 meter or 2.03 mile swim I realized I was .07% off of my equation. See thanks to Phil's nifty triathlon calculators, I know that a yard is .93 of a meter. So I only swam 1.889 miles, in a time of 75 minutes.

Because it is hard enough to remember which lap on I am, let alone which distance I am doing, I write out my plan and tape it to my water bottle. Here is the proof.

Today is the 18 mile run. I don't fear it, I have run it many times before, but its not something I can really count on being the best experience of the training week. The legs have recovered significantly today from my weekend adventures and the swelling in my knee is almost gone. Its as good as I could expect a long run to be after a long swim and long bike on race day conditions.

Stay away from the pumpkin pies.

Monday, November 14, 2005

ITU World Cups are over Long Live the King

Hunter Kemper remained perched atop the rankings as the #1 ITU triathlete in the world to finish the season.

Hunter started the year strong, taking many podium finishes in dramatic style. This year he also became the the first olympic triathlete to recieve the coveted Olympian of the Month award, a spotlight on past olympians who continue to excel in their sport.

My good friend Joe Umphenour finished the year ranked 28th in the world. He had a great year and except for missing a few races in Europe to focus on North American races, he would have finished much higher in the standing. Joe is 37 years old and been a professional triathlete for over ten years. The ability to compete at that level and do so well for so long is at testimony to his passion, perserverance and God given talent for triathlon.

I wish only the best for Joe in the off season, may he rest for a few months to enjoy his life and again congrates to Hunter, #1 American, #1 Triathlete in World Cup Standing.

The hills

Click on graph for larger view.

I haven't put up a S625X Polar Graph in a while. What a fun ride, though the legs 'Be Singin' '. The Good Doctor mentioned that we need to build up to two laps to get ready for our respective Ironmans; IMAZ in April for him and mine, if you don't remember, IMFL next November.

Make it Stop

My legs are on FIRE. They hurt so bad. No stop laughing. My ride yesterday crushed my quads. My little tipping incident, did put a nice knot on my knee which makes it hard to walk.

You know its a good weekend of fun, when on Monday you feel beat to hell. I mean I have paintball bruises all over my legs and stomach, arms and shoulders, even one in the neck. That little sucker did not break. At least its a green bruise color and can not be confused with a hickey. My legs are on fire from all the hills we took on yesterday. Did I already mention that?

I must apologize for the wacked out surfing picture that was posted on here Saturday. That was supposed to be a kick ass paintball photo. Damn Murphy.

Tomorrow come swelling or pain, I am planning on getting in my 18 mile run. Now if I could only get to a massage therapist and a chiropractor.

I think of all the sad sacks that sat on their fourth-point-of-contact watching Nascar and football last weekend eating bon bons and drinking Schlitz and I not only hill trained, but I felt really good about being a 35 year old man getting to shoot 10 year olds with paintballs. God I love this country.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

A great training week

I capped off a great training week with an amazingly hilly ride today. Total distance was 39 miles with almost 2,000 feet of vertical ascention.

The ole hip flexors were pretty fired up the morning after 5 hours of paintball Saturday so it took 4 miles to get the right rhythm going. Thankfully that is when the hills set in. Towards the top of our second climb I was out of the saddle, looking at my rear cog and praying to God I wouldn't have to shift into my Granny Gear, which was three shifts away. Up comes another rider on in my group just stroking along, sitting down, high cadence pedaling. So I say to him as he passes me, "What you got cranks on that thing?" "You bet your sweet ass I do!"


So I drop a gear and start hammering on the incline. I get to the top of the current hill and look down , I'll be damned if I wasn't using my big crank up that hill. I was a whole crankset away from my Granny Gear. How cool is that.

Uncle Murphy showed up at our last rally point before the last hill. As we took off, I pushed down on my left pedal to start moving and then clip in my right foot. I was in a way to hard of a gear on an incline to start pedaling, so my balancing act looked great for whole two seconds I was vertical and then BAM down on my left side.

Oh I was fine, my knee and elbow took the hit though I think ego got the most bruising. I got up and pedaled over to the guys and they you know, acted all concerned while holding back the laughter. So I stopped and checked out the bike then myself. The Good Doctor says, "Well you got your prioritys straight, checking out your bike before yourself."

After that was my best cycling in a long time. Crushed the last hill, then maintained 24 miles an hour on the last 8 miles back to the car. It was simply effortless to maintain that speed.

While I was gone, Mighty Mo and Mistress went to the zoo so he could see the elephants, which he back to 4 times. He thinks elepants are dinosaurs. They sat in on a raptor show and a hawk flew over Mighty Mo touching his claws to his head. He was very excited.

Have a great Sunday.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Paintball was awesome. At the park with mo. He is playing dinosaur tag chasing a bunch of kids he cant catch so their not touching him. A blast.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Complete and Unabridged

Each Friday I have been listing random laws from my Uncle Murphy. I think he is an optimist. I decided to list Uncle Murphy's original 8 Laws so that there was no confusion in the future as to just has smart he really was.

Murphy's Laws

  1. If anything can go wrong, it will.
  2. If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the first one to go wrong.
  3. If anything just cannot go wrong, it will anyway.
  4. If you perceive that there are four possible ways in which something can go wrong, and circumvent these, then a fifth way, unprepared for, will promptly develop.
  5. Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse.
  6. If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.
  7. Nature always sides with the hidden flaw.
  8. Mother nature is a bitch.

A Trick or Du?

One of those days Thursday where I felt harried and rushed and as a consequence left crucial peices of life at home. After much frustration I realized I left my phone at home, then after gathering my cycling gear for an impromptu ride with the Good Doctor before the real workout I realized I left my front wheel at home. Okay, go ahead and laugh.

So we went on a five mile run. Then we met up with two other guys and I swam 1.25 miles in a getting colder lake. Hardcore Mike, the accident victim from the Soma 1/2 IM, beat me by 2oo yards with three bruised ribs and his legs strapped together. Its not embarassing because to be honest I am just glad to be alive after a lake swim. Oh...his form sucks and his legs are all 'Jimmy Legs' in the water, he is trying to straighten them out.

I am not what you would call a fast swimmer, so John, decided to practice his drafting behind me after he finished his two laps and I was still 500 meters from finishing. It actually helped me too, since he occasionally tapped my foot or swam into me. Good drill. He also gave me some feedback on my form that was very helpful. Swimming technique can be so confusing sometimes.

Finished the swim and drove out of the canyons and pulled over to get in a 45 minute trail run. Great run, elevation climb of 660 feet over 1.84 miles, (that equals a hard hill and rocky scramble). Then we ran back down. It was past sunset so we got lost on the trail and it took us a bit longer to get back to the car.

I normally don't dig the desert scenery but starting that run was seeing God's good work. The setting sunlight; that burnt autumn gold sunset, setting the superstition mountains ablaze, the crisp desert air. We actually heard coyotes howling in the distance. Amazing.

So today I got in 9 miles of running on top of the 1.25 mile swim, in a total of 4 hours of training or driving to training locations. Not a half bad Thursday. That makes 26.5 mile of running in 48 hours when including the 17.5 from Tuesday night.

Friday is a day off of training, I can't fit it in, then Saturday its a bit of cross training. Paintball. It promises to be a fun event and I am wearing my HRM to put up a Monday graph showing a sprint workout with elevate heart rate.

A delicate balance

Yesterday I missed my bike ride but today I will more than compensate with a 1 mile lake swim followed by quick transition into a one hour trail run.

I could feel bad about missing my ride but I was actually busy doing triathlon related work so it really was just a refocus. No I was not reading blogs, well I peeked at a few.

Thursday through Tuesday is really my peak of the week though. Thursday are 1 mile swims, now were adding trail runs. Fridays are 25 mile hill rides and 5-6 mile run, Saturdays 1 mile swims and short run, Sunday 45-65 mile rides which are getting longer. Monday is or is not a pool swim based on work and Tuesday is long runs, 18 miles next week. As each week progress I will be adding distance.

Most training books have a training pattern of long runs Saturday and long bikes Sunday, even Going Long, though it breaks the days up. I decided to stick to a more race day program. Saturday swim, Sunday bike, Tuesday run. Just like a real race.

If your program has you running long one day and biking long the next, does that make race sense? Neuro-muscularly you should train your body to react to events like those in a race; swim, bike, run. When you brick do you run then bike? No. So why do that on a macro scale.

Just my two cents on training.

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

How did I miss this?

Long time readers know I appreciate ultra endurance events. How this milestone got by me is a mystery and as the resident ultra endurance geek of this website, figure that, I have some big news.

Dean Karnaze completed a 350 mile run non-stop on October 12, 2005.

I read his book and decided that he is a OCD case study but lately he is coming across as a more humble runner. I guess Pam Reed hitting Deans goal of 300 miles first does that too you, and Scott Jurek winning the Western States 100, seven straight times doesn't help. BTW the WS 100 is the hardest foot race in the United States, even over Badwater's 135 miles in 130 degrees which Scott is also the reigning champion and course record holder. But neither Pam, nor Scott were voted best athletic body ever or some such award by GQ magazine like Dean did. He and I are built a lot a like.

If you don't read the above link for Deans achievement, I copied the best line for you here;
“I ate 40,000 calories and drank nine gallons of liquid during the run. That’s what a normal person eats in about three weeks,” he said.
If you haven't read the book, I highly recommend finding it in a bookstore and just reading the first few pages detailing his ordering a large pizza, full cheesecake and a thermos of coffee in the middle of the night and asking the delievery driver to meet him at a point on the highway he would be at in hour, then eating it all as he continued running. Hilarious.

Personally I drank almost two gallons of water today doing my daily activities and running a comparitively small 17.5 miles. As a severe heat casualty I need the aqua to keep the ole kidney's running well. Hate to lose one of those.

What was that? How was my run? The run was great the first 11 miles mantaining a 10:30 pace just like I wanted. Then I struggled 12-14 climbing up just over 11 range, the legs were starting to get lactic so I walked the last 2/10th of mile 14.

Please don't flog me. I would have walked longer but thats all I had until the next mile and my own personal OCD couldn't handle rolling over the distance and still walking. At 15 I managed a 9:47 the fastest of the day and then 16-17 were right around 10:30-10:45 range but I was done.

The important thing today was to get in the miles and be on my feet for 3 hours. Running a marathon, if trained properly is not so much a cardiovascular chore on race day, more a matter of keeping the body (legs and GI specificly) together. My HR never went over 160. So I met all my goals.

I got home okay and then puked in the shower. Nice. Then got the chill shakes for 15 minutes and put on full set of PJ's and a bathrobe. I tried to carry Mighty Mo to bed but I was shaking so hard, it looked like I was abusing him so Mistress took over.

Had a nice dinner of Chicken soup, gatorade and an apple. Not nearly enough calories but my system is a bit hammered.

Did I mention at any point that I love getting IV's and can't wait to make it to the tent in Florida next year to get my fix. Yeah I use that as motivation. IV's fix me up tiki tiki (thats some Hawaiian slang for fast fast)

Today you are Favored and highly blessed. Make the most of it.

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Winter is not for Common Man Syndrome

This is my quarterly PSA (that's Public Service Announcement for those in Phoenix).

Do not succumb to Common Man Syndrome between now and Spring! Remember CMS is "An action or collection of thoughts and actions that lead to living a lazy and uninspired life."

That means do not eat the whole pint of Ben and Jerrys in one night when it used to take all week, okay two nights.

Its okay to cut back on training but don't amputate it. For those of us going to IMMOO or IMFL or doing all kinds of 1/2 IM's in 2006 as an 'A' race, keep your base in the winter. So many of you, of us, spent hundreds of hours this year going from Square One to a modicum of self-esteem in our triathlon ability. Why let it go to waste over winter?

Take a week off, take two weeks off even. Call it a vacation or balance or whatever. But to create and follow a short term plan of two or three months where training is de-evolved to two or three short workouts a week and no cycling of any kind is to just give in to Common Man Syndrome.

This is an ugly disease people. I beseech you one and all. Winter is not the time to hibernate. Its the time to stoke the fire in your belly. Its the time to get better than all the other age-groupers who will hibernate. Every mile or meter you do over the competition will only get you more prepared for next year.

I promise you this. If you any of you loyal regular readers suffer from CMS and read my blog between now and March, you will also go into a deep depression. Because I am on fire. I have a pain in belly that is only taken away by LONG DISTANCE TRAINING. My goal is to increase my distance 15% a month until March. That equals a doubling of my training. Will you be able to hang with me then?

So if you pull it in until some arbitary B.S. date like New Years Day, I will be over 30% up in training from today. In January I will be swimming 5,000 meters a week, riding a 100 miles a week (and yeah it will be outside) and running 25 miles a week.

Will You? Or will you be comfortable complaining that your tri-shorts don't fit, that you can't find your pace again or that its harder to fit the training time in like you did last year?

No Alibi's. No Common Man Syndrome. This is a rallying cry for triathlete bloggers. Last season was hard for a lot of us, balance with family and work is critically important. Do the things that you deprived yourself of like going to sporting events that you aren't competing in, sleep in on Saturdays, eat that 'junk' food. But for God's sake, stoke the fire, build the motivation, keep the focus. Train like you mean it.

I'm running 17 miles this afternoon, any joiners?

A Prodigal Son Returns

Several months ago a fiery blogger came from the Great White North, landing in Boulder, Colorado to stake his claim against the Captains of Industry. He ranted and he raved about his passion for triathlon, cycling and business. His champion was Lance Armstrong and as the tour loomed closer low be the blogger that dared say Lance was not the greatest cyclist, nay athlete, in the world. Bolder regailed us with his new cycling routes and his tribulations with the local marmots.

Then he was gone.

For those that responded to his last sudden post, it was a sad day. Troubling news and an uncertain future awaited a man that had just moved thousands of miles from comfort and certainty. Bolder at the time was a bright star that blazed at the begining of the Alliance and was the first blogger to leave it.

We had e-mailed several time, each trying to figure out this blogspot html suff. I have never met this man, but I missed his presence on my blog.

Bolders back.

His website, I must say shocked me a bit. Haunted maybe. Maybe because I know why he left. Maybe because I don't know what to expect now. His picture is no longer that of crazy man in sunglasses glaring into the camera. Its a sharp dressed man, with wisdom on his face. A man who has much to tell, though may never share it.

Bolder welcome back.

Monday, November 7, 2005


A faithful blogger asked, "If a cluttered desk means a cluttered mind, an empty desk is a sign of what? "

Not empty...spotless.


I am quickly losing ground in closing out my audit of last month. So I am missing my long run today and rescheduling it for Tuesday or Wednesday. Tuesday is the normal long run day anyway. Here is my desk just to prove my point. Believe me I keep a clean desk under normal circumstances. Tridaddy would be correct in seeing that my screensaver is a moving tank battle with air support. And I have a hand grenade next to the left speaker, just in case.


There is not much I can write today to eclipse yesterdays Favor...
"Today your servant knows that he has found favor in your eyes, my lord the king, because the king has granted his servant's request." 2 Samual 14:22
That being said, lets begin with the end in mind... Here is a great Ironman Florida 2005 race report from out good friend and Alliance member, Dan.

Sunday, November 6, 2005

I'm in...

2006 Ford Ironman Florida
Category Entry Fee
Registration ID 12137721
Registrant First Name Commodore

I was on and done in 6 minutes. Haazah! It took longer to print out the waiver and info than sign up.

The 8 miler yesterday went well. My average was about 9:20 per mile. This morning my QL, Quadratus Lumborum, a muscle from the ribs to the glute two inches off the spine, is really tight. This is a constant rehab issue for me so I am forgoing the bike ride today to rest and stretch for tomorrows 17 mile run.

I think since this is such a big jump from last weeks 12 miles (a recovery week) that I will try to keep my pace in 10:30 range, and keep my HR down in the 145 area. Its going to kill me to run that slow on purpose but its better to get in good miles than blow up out there.
Update 8:26 am
I entered two other races for next year as well. I figured I might as well do them all at once.

Chang's will be fun, if for nothing else than to see VM and Tri-mama. This is just a training event for me. The culmination of my run build platform that I will maintain through 2006.

Event P.F. Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Arizona, 1/15/06
Category Marathon Entry
Registration ID 12138936
Registrant First Name Commodore

The Mountain to Fountain is the final race before Florida. It a full month out so plenty of time to recover. Again the priority is finish Florida, so this is just a final tune up for nutrition and setting up tranistions and enjoying myself. The beauty of this race is that its on my long weekend bike route and trail running area, so I am pretty familiar with the area.

Event Mountain Fountain Triathlon, 10/1/06
Category Half Ironman Distance: USAT Member
Registration ID 12139119
Registrant First Name Commodore

Saturday, November 5, 2005

"One is the lonest number..."

On my own for training this weekend. Friday I had a nice little brick planned of 25 mile bike and 8 mile run. I had just got my new rims put on, my rear tire checked for punctures and drive train cleaned. Well two out of three, the guy didn't check my tire for punctures, so two miles out I have a rear flat. I figure, "He didn't check for punctures, its two miles home, use a CO2 cartridge and limp it in. "

I went for my run but the bike flat just stuck in me. So I turned around and went to fixing the bike. Sure enough I cut my thumb dragging it over a piece of metal threading sticking a mm. into the tube area. No wonder. So a very unsuccessful 10% of my workout accomplished I cleaned my garage back to its almost pristine condition.

This morning Mistress, Mighty Mo and I went to my gym to swim. I got in a mile and Mistress about 200 yards helping Mighty Mo swim up and down the pool to be just like his Daddy. I think it was really good he watched me, it motivated him to do better.

Later today I'll get in a 8 mile run.

Tomorrow is a sign up for Florida then a 60 mile ride and one hour run. I'll of course post my successful sign up before I head out.

Friday, November 4, 2005

Murphy's Law #66

Uncle Murphy on Love-
"One good turn gets most of the blankets."

Soma- My favorites

The Good Doctor looking strong on his last 10k lap.

I think he only wore this on the run, but was the only guy I saw dressed up. Too funny.

#1 Chris Leigh, who actually finished second by two minutes. He absolutely hauls ass on a bike. You could hear his disk a hundred yards away. I can only compare it to listening to a ball hit off the tee by Tiger Woods. It moves so fast it could only come from one guy on the course.

John after crossing the finish line with his two boys. Motivation right there for us dads. This is Johns second half this year and he is signed up for Ironman Arizona next spring.

You just knew I had to end this week of photo blogging with the one that mattered.

Thursday, November 3, 2005

Commitment versus Crazy

Here I am sitting at my desk watching Endurance Videos Open Water Swimming video on a 7 inch screen portable DVD player instead of going out to lunch with the rest of my executive peers and partners. I am sure they will have a great meal at some fancy sushi place or fusion resturant.

Me, I will enjoy my PB&J and stare at this little screen.

I suppose my goals are bigger than stomach.

Whats in a year?

1 year = 525, 948 minutes = 31, 556, 926 seconds.

In 365 days, myself and a dozen plus of my favorite internet bloggers will be treading the buoys in the Gulf of Mexico awaiting the infamous cannon shot that begins every Ironman race.

I think of my tri-athletic conditioning just nine months ago and where I am today. What a difference. I can only imagine the conditioning that will occur over the next year and how it will shape and change my body internally and externally. The mindset and character building attributes that will change me from being a 'Common Man' into an 'IronMan'.

My mind already this far away is inextricably drawn to that future date of destiny. I already have affirmations of, "I am an Ironman." I pray to God every day to give me the wisdom and patience and strength and especially courage to not only accomplish this goal but have fun doing it. I want my first Ironman race to surprise me with its effortlessness. I want all the obsticles that will be there to come in their time and be easily manuevered around.

I do not fear Ironman. More than anything I look forward to the test I will put my body through. More than anything I want to know what is inside me. Regardless over the next year how bad my body aches or chaffs, I know that on that course in Florida, I will find something inside me I have not yet met.

365 days is only a moment in time. An aribitary point of reference when training for Ironman. Bring It.

Soma- The Swim

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Oop almost forgot

I have been in a meeting all day and almost forgot to post Soma photos before I left for the day.
The Good Doctor rolling out of T1. Still a lot of people back there.

John rolling out of T1, ready to beat the bike leg into submission.

Tai is a fast mover on the bike and had a great ride. Just crushed the hills.

Hardcore Mike, rushing to his future on the bike leg. If only he knew that it will be another bike he will be pushing back into transition...

Tomorrow will be some wide shots from the swim starts and Friday some of my favorites taken from the course. A montage if you will.

Random musings

This isn't really a random post just eclectic items to discuss.

Last night I got in my 12 mile run. I averaged 9:40 per mile. Not bad considering my last three miles were at 10:30 thanks to a leg cramp. I put in a couple of high 8's for good measure. Since then I have been really hot and legs very sore. I have drank almost a gallon of water in five hours. It's not dehydration, believe me I know that feeling. Its like my body needs water to repair the physical damage. Its also keeping me awake.

I took in 3 endurolytes before and then 3 every five miles and when I was done I had a nice crust of salt on my arms and legs. I haven't had the salt caking my skin like that the Army. Interesting.

Mistress and I had a disagreement over Mighty Mo going to a birthday party Sunday at a highly contagious location. Remember that he's been put on quarantine by his doctor since he already has contracted pnuemonia in the last 30 days. He is not allowed to play with or frequent an area with children who go to school or could be contagious until February. I was very much against it as I feel a three hour party is not worth a possible $200 in medical bills, sleepless nights and fussy days. She felt he needed to release some 'kid' after three weeks of seclusion. Sure enough 48 hours later I get the call that he is running a fever and to stock up on pediasure and pediacare on the way home. The Mighty Mo...tsk tsk... what a trooper. I would do anything for him to be as healthy as he looks.

Last night I watched a Walmart commercial with Destiny's Child sitting around on Christmas morning opening presents. ITS THE DAY AFTER HALLOWEEN FOLKS. I thought it was bad enough that the local Home Depot had Christmas trees and lights up for sale on Columbus Day, that's the middle of October for you back of packers. But now it going to be seven flippin weeks of buy-my-crap. I love Christmas. Love it. Its become way to commercialized.

Today is a bike day. Goal is 25 miles. Not that thats a hard goal but the goal is to get it in after a meeting and still overwhelmed with closing out last month.

PS. On new rims. HaHa Flatman. It's actually for a good cause, the upgrade in 'Shiny Things', but I can't say why today.

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Soma half Ironman- the Bike

John out of the saddle on the graded hill of the Soma half ironman course.

The Good Doctor screaming through a tight turn.

Hardcore Mike. This was taken a split second before the accident. The woman in frame cut to her right and cut him off. This was the last shot on my last roll of film. I wish to God I had one more frame to shoot because I know I watched the accident through my lens and tried to activate the shutter. BTW, I went to the store and bought more film and medical stuff for Mike and was able to shoot the rest of the race, if your wondering how I got the finish line stuff.
Tai passing people on the graded hill of the Soma half ironman course.

Oh Well...

Yes, I failed. I broke down and bought a Grande Drip this morning after my 1,000 meter swim. Here is the proof. Surprizingly, after a couple of sips, I didn't feel down at all. Was that my lack of guilt or caffine?

Is it too honest or just normal?

I understand I may offend some people with this question or exhibit a complete lack of common sense, but I really must ask it in all honesty.

Do you count running on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike or using a bike trainer towards your total minutes/miles/mileage in a month?
I haven't. I have only counted distances done outside, except for pool swims.