Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Such double speak

Science, Dan Brown and now it seems James Cameron can disprove the foundation of Christianity but can't decide if a effing multi-vitamin is good for you.

My basic problem with this report is that doesn't describe the study, how many and what demographics were in it or how long it lasted. It takes three specific vitamins along with a diet and then becomes a wide sweeping generality.

To begin with Vitamin A and beta-carotenes are essentially the same pro-vitamin though the process is chemically different. One major difference is that pill form beta carotene has been linked to increased death rates in people already predisposed to prostate and lung cancer. This isn't new to those in the research and cancer communities.

Vitamin A and Vitamin E are both fat soluble vitamins which means that if combined with a low fat diet, which is the other side of this study, then benefits of these two vitamins are decreased along with a decrease in basic physiological functions like ovulation which is another part of the study.

To make claims against three, extremely well researched compounds, and then generalize that anyone taking any multivitamin has a 5% greater chance of dying. C'mon! Maybe people who take multivitamins are more physically active than those that don't and that the higher mortality is from increased outdoor activity. Maybe the study used geriatrics.

Coffee is good for you one week, bad the next.
Red wine is good for your heart but then your an alcoholic.
Dark chocolate is good for you but it makes you fat.
Exercise increases the quality of your life, unless its running because Jim Fixx died of that.
Driving is good time management but it increases your chances of dying on the road.
I also heard that research is the number cause of cancer in lab rats.

Don't through your endurolytes and flintstone chewables away yet. Keep that tub of powdered carbs close. Next week it will be something else.

Times Online Logo 222 x 25

February 27, 2007

Medical backlash over health foods

Two of the most popular products in Britain’s vast health food industry come under attack today, as scientists cast doubts on the benefits of vitamin supplements and low-fat dairy products. Research published today suggests that regular consumption of a wide range of vitamin pills, taken by more than ten million people in the UK, may actually increase the risk of dying, while eating low-fat dairy products could make it harder for some women to conceive.

The vitamin study, published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, overturns earlier research suggesting that vitamins A, E and beta carotene could protect against heart disease and cancer.

But far from helping, the new study says, the evidence is that taking vitamins, either singly or as part of a multivitamin pill, actually increases mortality by 5 per cent.

The scientists, based at Copenhagen University Hospital, who carried out an in-depth analysis of research involving more than 200,000 people, conclude that the “public health consequences could be substantial”.

A second study in the journal Human Reproduction, by researchers from Harvard Medical School , indicates that the rush into low-fat foods, driven by fear of heart disease and obesity may also have consequences for fertility.

The researchers found that women eating normal amounts of low-fat dairy products stood a higher risk of failing to conceive. Their diet appears to be implicated in a failure to ovulate, which is responsible for 12 to 15 per cent of cases of infertility. Women who ate whole-fat dairy products suffered fewer cases of this form of infertility.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Not Aroma Therapy

Its that time of year again for me to get some blood work done. Oh I am not in any danger but I do have a bad thyroid that needs regular checking up. Usually I don't ask for any of the other numbers but this time I am going to ask for a full panel.

What I am really interested in is getting my testosterone level checked. I had it tested a few years back and I was low normal but now I am very conscious lately about my lack of recovery. My training, yes hard, yes long, is within an established load size that my body can normally absorb. I shouldn't wake up today and still feel like I do from a run/bike/run practice 48 hours ago. I have been sleeping two or three hours more each night that normal and still feel tired.

Hormone therapy is just one small piece of a much larger puzzle and wouldn't solve all my problems, recovery is not a linear solution, its more application of Chaos Theory. Trust me I could make a phone call and get any pro-hormone I wanted today but I have my own reservations about the process along with my over riding sense of goodness about taking illegal drugs.

Knowledge is Power.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Closet Smoker?

On Saturday I made my second attempt at a monster hill just outside of Tortilla Flats, the de facto area of operation for the AZTRICLUB. Its a 7 to 8 mile climb with some steep areas that to me might as well be steps.

The first attempt I felt good reaching the top, if feeling like I wanted to throw up is a good thing. But I pulled a tight muscle in my back and felt that a second attempt would hurt the rest of my training week.

This last attempt was a slug but the course felt shorter. By that I mean the pounding heartbeat I felt in my ears didn't start until a bit further along the course. It was a great looking day but only 40 degrees so very cold. Getting to the top felt like I had smoked a pack of Lucky Strikes as I coughed and had my celebratory dry heave. CHEERS.

I had already told myself that I was not making a second attempt. I will go to the top each time or not at all. Something about revisiting that spot each time I go up does not appeal to me. Luckily the 45 minutes it takes me to get to the top is followed by a 15 minute shot back down. At 40 degrees it felt like a permanent external Brain Freeze and stopped every so often to warm up my face. I brought my camera along to document some magnificent views. This ride truly is in the middle of the Sonoran desert and completely isolated from civilization. Trust me, no one considers the town of Tortilla Flats civilized; good prickly pear ice cream and a mean cheeseburger but nothing else.

Sunday I did a 7 mile run then a 20 mile bike and then a 6 mile run off the bike. Felt good. Stayed right under ten minute miles for the two runs. If I can pace 10:30 at IM and walk the aid stations for one minute (11'30" mile) that is almost exactly five hours. I have no shame in saying I will walk the entire marathon if needs be, but I would like to be pragmatic about this, I know I can run off the bike; my thirty minute negative split at Florida proved that.

Well... out the door for a swim.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Hollywood comes to Ironman

This video seems more like a preview for a Michael Bay produced summer blockbuster starring Johnny Depp or Bruce Willis rather than Kona.


Morning Glory

I woke up this morning feeling better. Mentally at least. Physically I feel very heavy and slow and will need to overload on water and liquid nutrients for the next few days to process the poor eating out of my system.

I did do some Shop Therapy this week. I picked up a new Mountain Hardware Canyon shirt in Guacamole, a new OR Seattle Sombrero in Cayenne/Java and a new knife.

Its the simple things in life.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I think I sitting on my head

My whole world this week seems to be upside down. Things in life turn around so fast, one week everything is great then the next its all over the floor, invariably the next week is pretty good again and everything rights itself. Can Life treat you like a cold?

Since Sunday I have not worked out. Each day I pack my bag for the scheduled practice of the day only to be derailed by circumstances outside my control. I suppose right now I feel I have lost control over what I want because life is telling me What's Important Now.

I really want to workout, but Mistress is overwhelmed at home.
I really want to work late and finish my project but Mo is sick and needs medicine from the pharmacy before he goes to bed.
I want to go for a run but can't slip past the meeting going on down the hall that I skipped so I could work through it but I finished my work early and the meeting is going long.
I need to swim by 2pm but as I walk out the door I get a letter from a lawyer that has to be responded to immediately.
I can't seem to open my mouth this week without offending a person, a group or a object.
My son now thinks the yard guy is cool but daddy is not because I just pick up dog poop but he mows the yard.

Aside from helping out Mistress and Mo the only thing I want to do right now is Ironman practice. Honestly the last thing I want to do is this Ironman race.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Riding the desert

When I first moved to Arizona I hated it. I came from Seattle, The Emerald City, so called because it rains almost every single day keeping everything green. It might rain 10 or 12 days a year in Phoenix though most of those rains come and go in just a few hours. After almost a decade I really like living here. I am used to the heat and the desert while it doesn't photograph well (especially from a camera phone) does have a certain quality about it that is peaceful.

It makes me thankful that from my house, I can ride only a few miles and be completely alone or as alone as one can be on a seldom busy highway to no where. This year I would like to include more pictures of the places I train, Canyon Lake, Tortilla Flats, The mythical Bee Line (IMAZ course) and Tempe Town Lake.

For a guy that actually likes to take pictures, I certainly have been remiss recording my own environment.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Those Liars

Whomever wrote or said that after buying a bike the only other big purchase you will make in triathlon will be a wet suit. LIARS!

Do you know how many pairs of swim goggles I have had to buy at a minimum of 15 bucks a pop? Don't get me started. I lose them. I leave them. I forget to get them back. Only about 25% of the brands fit my face and the rest leak, but the ones I need are never for sale where I need them fast. I have masks for open water and races. I have goggles for pools. Sometimes I switch that up. I have clear lenses and smoked lenses. Occasionally I will try a super sexy pair and be completely disappointed. I forget that I have a pair in the car and buy a new pair. I tend to buy all black models and have deep black bags that I put them in so I can't see them and usually can't feel them when I reach inside.

I own more swim goggles than running shoes. Do you have the same problem?

Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Presidents Day

A weekend of Which Ways

Sunday a few of us were going to run a half marathon called Lost Dutchman. Most of us forgot about it except Andy, who slept in race morning through 2 alarms so he missed it too. We had decided to run two expanded loops of IM AZ including the hill on Curry. Andy did make it for that, to our surprise.

A group of us took off for the first loop way to fast for me, so I stuck to a slower pace for the second. Somewhere along the way, it was decided to finish the second loop running down the street and climbing 'A' Mountain a quarter mile paved literally straight up affair just off course from the Soma and Ironman finish lines.

Turns out everyone else decided to do two more miles and I did the mountain myself. Ouch the hamstrings and calves are crying today.

I was not the only one with screwed up directions. Back at the Lost Dutchman half race, apparently the lead runners ran off course for several miles taking the entire race with them. An RD in a truck had to get out there and tell people to turn around. Turns out the lead runners did closer to 17 miles for a half marathon and some middle packers did 15 or more. Andy would have certainly been in the lead pack of this race so he was quite relieved he missed it.

It didn't look like it but it was hot out. I felt hammered the whole rest of the day and it was exposure. The red nose and cheeks of suntan are a good sign of that as well.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

This is why I don't like solicitors...

I think I have a good heart. I want to help out the needy and down trodden how I can. I have insulated myself with researched and reassuring charities that I give to regularly. Now Mistress totally disagrees with me but, I do not however buy girl scout cookies from those little moppets outside grocery stores. I actually made one of those girls cry once because I said no five time and figured one was enough. Little drama queen thought a good fake cry in public would convince (bribe) me, yet when I told her those things will make her fat she really had a good cry and was gone when I came back out. I take solace in that I saved other unsuspecting men from this darling princess that day.

I hesitate even mentioning this one but I own up to my past, I used to be a scrapper and realize now that I was way to keyed up to be around normal people. I was on a quick military leave in Victoria, British Columbia and a street guy asked for a couple of bucks. I asked him what it was for and he said food. So I gave him $5. I then watched him go inside a store and buy cigarettes with my $5, right in front of my face. Once outside I beat him up, took the cigarettes and crushed them in front of his face, I would have started feeding them to him if I had not been pulled off him by my friends. Like said, I had just spent a considerable amount of time in the bush overseas now I have a much calmer disposition.

A few years later and with radar firmly in place, I got cornered by a comely girl selling magazines, "It's for college mister." I had some subscriptions I wanted anyway and gave her about $100 for four or five magazines. I never got them, never saw her again.

Oh there are plenty more offers like that. I still get hit in parking lots and gas stations routinely but now I pretty much play these 'Users' by making them show me their arms to see if they have needle tracks, (about 1/3 do), have them show me their teeth to see if they rock the pipe, have them pull out their pockets and wallets to see how much money they really have or whatever else I can think of. After a few of these moves they generally give up on me. Those that stick around I don't give money too, I give them the card of my pastor so they can get cleaned up. None have ever called him.

Sometimes even a good cause goes wrong and again I have learned a lesson. Saturday after a brick my team went to a smoothie shop we usually hit and a nice looking, mature looking mid-20's female was selling items for her cause-missing children, she was selling books for the cause, selling ID kits for children. I can get behind that and without much hesitation purchased a $15 chalk book for Mo to practice his numbers and letters; the pages are 'slate' and it comes with chalk and a wipe.

I doesn't work. The provided chalk or chalk we had around the house does not rub onto the hard pages. Stiffed again. I mean really I understand charities go with the cheapest item they can sell for the profit, but it should at least work. Once. Maybe twice. I do know, (at least I believe) that the money will actually be going to a charity they have terrible products to sell for it.

What was that that Joe Pesci said in Lethal Weapon 2 about the Drive Thru. (NSFW)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Source Code

On my office wall for the last year and half has been a short quote from Felipe Bastos, Iron Kahuna's 2005 Tri-God. I read it at least once per week and though I seriously doubt I will ever get to this level of training it is surely motivating.

"My weekends are packed full.
"On Friday I have a 6k swim and a 2 hour run, with a 10x 1 mile set ( economy run). On Saturday, I ride long., 125 miles, around 6 hours. I run 40 min. off that. And sometimes I get a quick swim in at night to loosen up.
"On Sunday I run long, around 2:15 in the morning, 30 minutes in the afternoon, followed by an easy 2k swim.

"Mondays and thuesdays I have 2-hour rides with hour runs, and 4-5 k swims.

"Wednesday is a 3-hour ride with some heavy gear work.

"Thursday is a 4 hour ride, 50 min run and a 4k swim.

"There you have it. No secrets, no gimmicks, just back to back weeks like that." [Sic]
Now that is motivation to me.

Friday, February 16, 2007


I have never watched this show, but I already hate it. Why? Well why would I want to watch a show about math and numbers and non-linear calculations when thats all I do all day long in work and triathlon practice. Almost every question I have in a day is answered with a number. Take a look. I will do these questions 'stream- of-consciousness' straight off the top of my head and will stop as soon as I actually have to think of what the next question will be.

What time do I train today?
How long?
How many strokes per 25 yard?
4 lengths equal 100 yards?
How many lengths have I done?
How many more till I hit 1oo yards and I hit my lap button?
How many laps (ergo 100 yards) have I done?
Whats my bike cadence?
It needs to be around 85.
Whats my speed?
Going up or down?
How many calories is that?
How many miles is that?
How many miles to the top of this hill?
What gear am I in and how many left?
What is my running pace per mile?
What is my distance so far?
What is my heart rate?
How much money does my next Shiny Thing cost?
What medical bills do I have to pay today?
How much is the prescriptions cost I just called in?
How many hours did this person work?
Did their commissions cover their hourly wage?
How many payroll corrections do I have?
What bonuses did the managers cover?

So why watch a show about that?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What done so soon?

Its Valentines night, what are you doing reading blogs? heh heh, just a little bedroom humor there.

Well its confession time and for long time readers it will be quite humorous in the end. I ended up with an extra hour in my day and decided I would try to cook dinner tonight. Its not a capitulation on a Valentines gift, it was just linguine and canned sauce. But a big step for me nevertheless.

See for those of you who don't know, I can't cook. At all. I have burned down two kitchens and smoked out a few more. I cut off the tip of my finger a couple summers back trying to make dinner. My idea of high cuisine is eating my freeze dried camp meals I keep in stored in the garage and occassionally a bowl of soup. I live on sandwiches. Mistress has been kind to my 'disability' and I was recently promoted back into the kitchen for eggs and hash brown duty.

But tonight I thought what the heck, lets throw caution in the wind. I will make pasta.

Somehow...someway...I don't know how, I completely destroyed the plumbing under the sink and cruddy water and sink garbage exploded all over Mistress and I as we were investigating the clog. After the laughing at the movie-ness of it all, Mistress called the home warranty company to send out a plumber tomorrow.

I have once again been banned from the kitchen. I can go as far into it as the dog. At least I can reach the pantry. There's protein cookies in there!

Holiday M-Dot: Valentines Day

I had some friends that backpacked Europe after high school. They stole a garden gnome from a random family in the neighborhood and took it with them, taking pictures and sending them back all through the summer. At least were I came from, Seattle, this was odd but not uncommon and the gnome was returned safely and anonymously when they came back. Travelocity now has a ad campaign around the roaming gnome phenomenon.

I thought it would be 'interesting', (at least to me) to dress up my tattoo with a holiday theme or take pictures of it in front of interesting places and post them online. Of course I promptly forgot to do that in Las Vegas earlier this month.

Here is my Valentine's Day tattoo.

My dad is a carpenter by hobby and I am going to have him work on a m-dot for traveling purposes since I can't wrap my mind around how to frame and take a picture of my calf AND get an interesting shot of a famous place like in the gnome shot above.

For those of you who enjoy today's date, celebrate. For those of us who don't, do yourself a favor and transfer the $50 you would have spent on flowers, dinners or gifts into your savings account or make a donation to a wonderful cause. Several of the Tri-Blog Alliance support and race for charities.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentines Day Humbug

This is a re-print of my Valentine's Day post last year. If anything my position has been more solidified. However, now that I am an Ironman *cough*cough* tomorrow I will debut a new holiday picture for you that I hope to be able to do each holiday regardless of how pointless or sexist I think it is. Oh c'mon, Valentines Day is sexist ;)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Let's Be Honest...

Non-Tri post here folks...Valentines Day is a BS holiday. And not just Valentines Day but Mother's Day, Father's Day, Arbor Day, Halloween theres more; I am an equal opportunity despiser.

I don't think some corporation needs to tell me that regardless of all the good deeds, love letters, flowers and unforgetable moments I give my wife, aka Mistress, during the year; that if I neglect to buy one of their cards or buy some of their candy or overpriced roses and give them to her on February 14th, I am a bad person.

I am not a bad person. I buy Mistress flowers every week, why go out of my way to buy the same bunch for twice the cost during the week of Valentines Day? So I can show society I care about my wife or that I care about the institution of Valentine's Day?

I buy my mom books and candy and speciality things and give her gift certificates all year long to show how much I love and appreciate her. She knows I love her, why do I need to bend to social conformity on Mom's Day? I don't.

Just so you don't think I am some unfeeling robot, let me give you a vision of the personalized side of me. Remember Christmas, just a few months ago really? Remember what people gave you? Maybe one, maybe two gifts. Did you send thank you cards? Come on be honest? To everyone? I do. And when I use their gift for the first time, such as a gift certificate or flashlight or whatever, I send another letter or call them to let them know how their gift was used. This might take all year to use a dinner card.

Just like at Christmas when I wish everyone a un-PC, "Merry Christmas" regardless if they celebrate or not, I will graciously accept all the "Happy Valentines Day" wishes I recieve today. I will even respond will a good heart.

Thats how much I care about people. I love people. I appreicate the gift of giving but don't appreciate the corporate crap that has been heaped on top holidays.

Mistress knows all this. In fact I had a conversation with her because I am conflicted. Yes people I am conflicted. See I will not bow to the Hallmark-Hersey-Industrial-Complex, but I felt that maybe she expected something from the Mighty Mo. Seeing as he is not quite 3 years old that means I would have to buy the card and the gift and sign his name to it. I told her that I would really just like to raise my boy to not have to partake in this holiday and she told me that she only wants something from him when he understands the meaning of the day. She's a good woman.

She obviously has the more traditional "I've bought in" mentality so she thinks I am being just wierd. I told her that if she wants a card and a gift and flowers then I could do all that AND tell her I love her and then be completely unobligated to do any of that or tell her I love her until next February 14th. She laughed and said, "Ah, No." See guys you will never win with Valentines Day. Your expected to dish out all year long but dish out much more on Valentines Day.

So Flame On folks. I expect many of you who have bought expensive jewerly or two dozen roses or going to an expensive dinner tonight to stand up and defend yourself and your expense. As for me, its business as usual, day as usual.

I thought it would be nice to have you see some of the comments from last year as well.

Monday, February 12, 2007

ITU is kicking up again

Somehow lost in all the triathlon buzz is the fact that we Americans have a kick ass Olympic team that races globally in what is called ITU (International Triathlon Union) races. ITU is the governing system for international or Olympic distance races and athletes which culminate in the summer Olympics.

Some names you may have heard of that are on the team include, Hunter Kemper and Andy Potts.

One that is not as well known is a friend of Mistress and by extension myself, named Joe Umphenour who has been living at OTC, the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs and training on the Gold team for six years. He and Mistress were on the same swim team back in jr. high and remained friends since. Joe has been ranked as high as 2nd American triathlete and 26th ranked in the world. He is a bundle of energy, hard to sit down, even harder to e-mail with; but just the nicest man. Joe made the first Olympic team but due to an injury was unable to accept the position. The second Olympics also found him injured after a grueling year of racking up enough points to make the team and NBC toyed with using him as a color-man since he knows so much about all the triathlete's competing, but they ultimately went the safe route. Joe in the past has been elected the pro-athlete liaison between USAT and race directors, with duties covering course layouts, course safety and general promotional duties. Similar to a union rep I suppose. As a veteran of the team he continually mentors U-23 and other triathlete's new to the OTC in Colorado. I have the privilege of a few times a year getting his quarterly update on his training and races in foreign countries.

A press release from USAT says that this year the Gold Team will travel to Australia for their boot camp instead of the OTC in Chula Vista (Southern California) and participate in the first ITU of the year there as their wrap up.

This will be my third year of posting Joe's successes and travels as they come across the radar. If you have an interest in trying out for the Olympic team, the ITU/USAT sponsored team or a local ITU triathlete click HERE

The Hills have eyes

No this is not a movie review of either of the poorly done movies, nor the upcoming sequel this spring. But it felt like I was being watched during all my training this weekend since I was in the desert almost the whole time.

I did just over 100 miles over two days, not a huge load, though I will say that greater than 85% of the course was with climbs. Nothing too taxing but enjoyable. Tried some new routes that really get you out into the sonoran desert. It was the first time this year riding without three layers of clothes and jackets just race gear with arm and knee covers.

Legs are a bit sore today; I realize now that I have 15 workouts in 13 days. One last key swim tonight and tomorrow off.

I think it is always interesting what people think about when spending so much time on the bike outdoors. To let you into my head, this weekend I planned on how to build a yurt and get all my power and water from nature. Living off the grid has always fascinated me and have read and studied how to build windmills, solar units and hydro power. I have never done them for practical application. I would really like to convert some of my current home power to solar energy but it is still so cost prohibitive, about $10,000. Perhaps in my next house, I can get it built in.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

A string and a tell

It dawned on me Friday when I was tired as hell in the pool that I strung together seven straight workout days and only missed one day in two weeks. (I think I will start to call workouts 'practice' from now on.) I have a long ride today and tomorrow and a swim Monday before I take a day off, if I take a day off. In lieu of monster hammerfests (excluding Las Vegas) and bricks I have been just steadily burning off 60-120 minute workouts trying to stay in Z1-2 as much as possible.

I really felt like giving up in the endless pool yesterday, but I stuck to it. Coach Nick reminded me that this is the sensation I will/can feel in Ironman and its mental toughness to Charlie Mike (continue the mission). It wasn't a pretty workout, mostly 2 minute intervals on 30 seconds but in the end he said my form was good and need to work on endurance.

On update on endless pool training. I went to the rec pool to swim and it was quite difficult. Not from a technique or ability point of view but from strength. Stroking in an endless pool is much easier than normal water and my shoulders were quite fatigued. My sets longest distance was 500 yards and it was tough. Perhaps all the hours of swimming previous in the week and the hill intervals I did the day before had something to do with it. Perhaps not.

Now that I have switched over to Blogger v2.0 I realized a poker tell on my Bloglines. When someone switches over their new posts number (for those not on bloglines, each subscribed blog with a new post darkens in color and has a number in ( ) to show how many posts have been written since last reviewed), climbs into the double digits.

Friday, February 9, 2007

The French Win In Landis Case

How is that for objective titling. The fact that Landis will not participate in any races in France during 2007 is not a loss in his doping case, however its a victory for the French that would like nothing better than to have a European win the Tour de France.

Apparently cyclists accused of doping fall under the purview of the doping agency of their country, in Floyd's case the U.S. A. However, the French national doping agency, ALFD, also filed the same charges in their country; essentially forcing Landis to defend himself in the same case twice at almost the same time. What a crock. Now because he promised to not race in France, ALFD has promised to drop its case. THEY DROPPED THEIR CASE.

This is not over by a long shot, Landis still must defend himself but now in a forum that at least on its face is better balanced.

Reading between the lines, I believe Landis knew he couldn't train for TdF and defend himself in court so he ditched one year of racing in France for a comeback greater than Stage 17, the defeat of the labs claims, the resurrection of his character and good name and his continued TdF title holding. So the French win a tactical victory in the papers but I do believe ultimately this French doping lab will be seen as a farce of objectivity and scientific principle. There are just too many claims and findings of impropriety in regards to maintaining samples.

Landis will be found guilty or innocent based on fact and reason. If found innocent of the charges this year I would love, LOVE, to see an American boycott of the Tour de France in 2008 like several countries did in 1980 Summer Olympics. How great would that be to see all that gorgeous American greenback from the sport and its tourist supporters going to all the other European races in Beligum, Italy, Spain, et al., and TdF 2008 being a bust year.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

I have been assimilated.

The borg blogger have taken me over. After much debate I have decided to throw myself into the future, albeit kicking and screaming, but nevertheless here I am before I am drafted into it.

Looks the same. Smells the same, wait that’s me…just back from a run/swim/run. So far so good. I am hoping that because I already have a gmail account that it helped out. Which BTW gmail is the way to go for online mail service. It beats the tar out of yahoo and hotmail.

Its a brave new world.

have a clearer picture

Basically what I am reading is that this new version or metamorphosis of Blogger is bad juju at worst and a strained new relationship at best. For those that have used both versions do you have faith that your opinion will change about your switch? Do you now dread posting with 2.0? Are you living with the, "I'm stuck because blogger is free" mentality?

As for some the problems I am reading about Blogger v2.0 is picture upload, anonymous comments and problems logging in. To be honest I have not been able to upload pictures from my pc to blogger in months. All my personal photos go through flikr or picasa2 and I post from the web instead of browsing my pc. I do understand that a blogger needs to make sure their settings are correct, I get comments on this blog that the in my gmail show a name but non-reply as the email address. I believe a tweak in the setting will correct that. I have never had a issue with logging with Blogger v1.0 so this would be very frustrating I suppose.

This blog or whatever this is that I do here has become a big part of my daily process. I may try another route, word press or something (I haven't looked into it) and pay for a template to have more control over my blog life.

For those that do have their own 'non-blogger' platform as a template, through Word Press or iMac, etc., what are your thoughts? Was it a waste of money to switch off blogger?

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

"I can swim, honey"

"Well of course you can swim silly, your an ironman."

I was giddy when I called Mistress after my swim test at Durapulse. I have been spending almost too much time with Coach Nick and we did a swim test at my last session. All I had to do was swim 30 minutes, with him increasing/decreasing the water speed for interval training.

This time however I rolled from the hips. I had an elevated left shoulder out of the water. I swam front quadrant. I did not cross my hands in front of me. I.Glided. I glide. I'm a glider.

The best part about this was the time. The slowest I swam (in relation to a 100 yard time) was a recovery speed of 1'45" and faster swims up to 1'30". Coach Nick figures I swam a mile. This is a big deal because when I came to him I swam without form and with some effort at 2'00" 100's. Based on this test, I have a Iron (training) swim time of 1hr 10min, which is 25 minutes faster than similar iron swim tests I have done.

Coach was very happy for me. His client before me was still there while I was swimming and Coach asked him to come over and see what good form looked like, to show him how he would eventually improve. I told him even if he was lying to me I appreciated it.

I am so happy.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

A quick Mo update

In the previous post I mentioned Mo went back to the doctors today for some illness-like symptoms and he hasn't eaten more than a few tater tots in two days. It was good timing because his pre-school teacher told us yesterday she was concerned about all the bruises on his arms and legs from over the weekend and we wanted to squash that innuendo right away with an exam from his primary. As expected the bruises (and to my amazement there is a lot) are all consistent with being a little boy and not abuse. As a white heterosexual male in a pc world, I am glad I was Las Vegas over the weekend- my alibi is air tight. The doctor also sent him over for a blood draw to see if he has an iron deficiency or something like that.

Mistress spoke with the doctor to get a summary regarding the bruises so we can give it to the pre-school. I am sure if a teacher is going to talk to us, she is going to put a note in his personal file. I actually really like this teacher and she meant no harm. She is a nice person just asking a question and I take no offense other than things like this if not taken head-on can cause suspensions later on.

As for Mighty Mo, right now he is back on full nebulizer treatments 24/7 which means 6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm, 2am, and on and on and on. I get to do 10pm and 6am for sure. Mistress can do it in her sleep so she gets 2am. The rest we figure out tomorrow.

We also had to increase his medicine for the colitis after his gastro-doc lowered his dosage, but the symptoms started to come back. Mo told us last night he is getting tired of eating peanut butter, its how we disguise the medicine, so we may try cake frosting or something like that. We hate to do it like that but yogurt and applesauce are too thin he equates those two with meals. We have been successful long term when he thinks he is getting a special treat.

WIN-Whats Important Now

Benny commented to me that he was concerned I was not training enough. Intervention or some such thing. Ben and I are buds so I know the ribbing was good natured. God knows I push it towards him enough.

But it made me consider the importance of triathlon training in my life. Know what? Barely broke the top 5.

Personal Health

Family. Above all else and put Mistress at the top of that list. Mo will grow up and become his own man and leave our house in the next 15-20 years. Mistress and I will remain together for so much longer. My relationship with her is the most important in my life, the hardest to maintain and the most fulfilling. Christ says in Mark 10:7-9,
"For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.' So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate."
Personal Health. Mistress knew going into our relationship that my brain bucket has some dents in it. Yet she stayed with me and based on the strength of our relationship I believe that if I ever had amnesia again she would care for me. While health should be number one, I would give my life for her so thats my over ride. Personal health is not just emotional or physical but also spiritual. My faith is as important as my wife. Other than that I need good health and long life to be a role model for my son and a be a provider for my family.

Work. I love my job. I am one of the very few people on this planet that wakes up looking forward to what they do. Is every day roses? Hell know. But I get paid really good money in a company I created with my partners to bring hope to others. But make no mistake as to why this is number three. If one of my partners or employees started talking trash about my family I would beat them with the nearest heavy object until their eyes turned to jelly and their ears bled.

Friends. I have no problem meeting people and gaining rapport with others but like most I have lots of acquaintances but few good friends. I will drop almost anything to help a friend, (unless their moving). Friendship are not only hard to find, but harder to keep longer than a year or two. I have some military friends that I haven't spoken to in years but when I do it will be as if its only been days. My core training team, my partners, all true friends.

Triathlon. I receive so much joy from this sport. The people I have met. The places I have been. The sensation of the race course. I have increased my capacity in swimming and relived my youth on the bike. Triathlon keeps a person young at heart. Which affects the first four items in my list.

There is my list. How do I know its true and been ingrained in my heart. Because once I finished this I got a call from Mistress, she is taking Mo to the doctors because he is sick again. And I thought about the his daily prayer I created for him. Its to teach him how to live his life and we recite it at least once a day.

A Mann loves God,
A Mann defends the family,
A Mann protects the weak.

Monday, February 5, 2007

New Blogger Question

So what are you're impressions with the new blogger stuff? I still have not switched over. I noticed when I leave comments on some blogs that my profile won't show up and I wonder if its because I am still using v1.0.


The wallet is closed

Its a bleary morning back in the office after Vegas. I could not get to the pool for a swim since it was under construction and the back up pool had terrible hours. There was no stationary bikes to use for that type of training in the casino gym. So on Saturday I ended up running again with some walking kicked in and finished the day with just about 18 miles of training. My hips are pretty tight today.

The problem was all my pals went to the UFC fight Saturday night and I was solo most of the day. I have a terrible time sleeping in strange places, so while others were gambling or taking naps before their big night I went to the gym again. It is amazing that after so many years of going to Vegas for gambling, now going there to workout and relax is a better plan.

Like I mentioned, I doubled up all my bets and gambling. Like to say I walked out with a big chunk of change but I spent most of it on clothes and gifts and food. If I am a swag whore, then Vegas is one big expo.

Picked up a pair of Kenneth Cole boots, a new watch, some Tommy Bahama clothes (which are so new they are not online yet), a box of Ethel M dark chocolates for Mistress, some shirts and sandals from Hilo Hattie's for Mistress and Mo, plus some odds and ends.

Swimming today, biking tonight.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Doubled up my money today. 2 six mile runs & lots of spa time as well. Looking for a healthy meal now.

800 sq ft bath room can be half the size if they'd install a fan. Tried 2 use bidet. How do u sit on those things? BTW dont get h2o 2 hot. Ouch!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Not sure if done 4 night or not. Still up a lot. Hope it stays this way. May go to arte lang comedy show sat. Night

1 cigar, 4 drinks + 1 karioke song later & i'm up $300

8 drinks into vegas & doing great. Heading to the forums. Already hit on once.

Remember the viynl record?

Some of us can clearly remember stepping from established cultural history into newer territory. I was way behind the compact disc, not getting my first until 1993; it was a Perry Como Christmas disc.

Since this is Super Bowl weekend and I am going to Las Vegas it reminds me of a crossing of the cultural threshold watching the Super Bowl in 1996. This was the first year that Super Bowl commercials included website addresses. I was at a college room mates house with a bunch guys we grew up with and turned it into a drinking game, "Take a drink every time a web address comes up." It only ended up being nine or ten of the commercials, certainly not all or even most, but the next year it seemed every commercial included some online notation and we got so drunk by half time we ran out of the good beer.

Oh please, even macho guys have discerning taste with cheap alcohol. For every half rack of sierra Nevada Pale Ale there was a case of Bud Light. No one admits they like the micro-brew but its always conveniently the closest beer to the door. "Dude, I just grabbed the first beer I could. It's not my fault its a deliciously malted small batch with Yakima hops and strong hint of barley. You want me to get you a Bud?"

Furthermore, who hasn't giggled like a four year old watching two bums wrestle for the bottle of ripple you tossed between them. By 'bums' I mean the two guys you've known since seventh grade and you lost your virginity to a girlfriend in one of their basements at house party. Not that that happened to me, I'm just saying....

Will do my usual phone posts for the next few days. Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, February 1, 2007