Saturday, September 30, 2006

Your doing WHAT?

That was the sort of response I did not expect from Mistress on Friday night when I told her I wasn't training Saturday morning and she could sleep in. On Friday I created a decent training window and decided to put in an iron swim (93 minutes) at Canyon lake and then rest up for my iron ride on Sunday. Saturday is Active Rest and shoulder recovery. Around 3,500 yards my right shoulder got really sore so today instead of running or swimming again I am going to go for a walk.

Sunday is my 112 mile ride. It will probably be solo but I put out an open invite for people to join me for parts of it. The course is a 15 mile loop with very few lights, its as close to Florida topography as I can get in the city without being in a congested area. There is monotony in the course but there is enough variety in landscape and road (much is ridden in a high scale golf community and a wide six lane road) that I don't get bored at all. Goal is to average 18 mph which puts me in Zone 2 or below 150 HR.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Whose your personal Lex Luthor?

Its fun watching all these little rivalrys going on. Competition is good. While in all deference to TriGreyhound I have to put my support behind Nytro, she's my homey. But I must say their little commentary about their SOMA race is some of the best written stuff in the Alliance right now.

A new one just popped up that I want all of you to read. I do hope that the blogger will continue with more regular posting about this and perhaps his antagonist will send him some taunting notes.
The blooger is my team mate Andy and the antagonist is is none other than John my regular riding partner and AZTRICLUB wizard. This bet is also occuring at SOMA.

Its kind of nice that I am not participating in this race, Ironman is the next weekend, so I will be front and center for all the excitement.

Where's my cape?

I am not unique in my secret identity issues in relation to work and triathlon, nor the first or last to comment on it. In my line of work where physical achievement is common conversation, hell its the business, I find myself speaking little if anything about my ironman pursuits unlike when I was doing body building shows or strength competitions where I discussed the intricacys ad nausem.

I think part of my dual identity is that there is no cognitive revelance between being a gym rat and a triathlete, eventually you are assimulated into one culture or the other. In my business, life and fitness are qualified by highest weight lifted, number of sets and reps and minutes on cardio. In my tri life its quanified by yards stroked, miles ridden and kilometers ran. There is no translation.

I was recently asked by a peer what I did for training over the weekend, I replied my key workout was a 80 mile bike and 3 mile run. His remark was, "Yeah, I rode my mountain bike along the canal for an hour, " as if there was equalness to our workouts. Its no use explaining the difference, to him I rode a bike, he rode a bike. Same thing.

The closer I get to Ironman the more I have become open to conversation about it. Its hard to hide some of the tell tale signs such as a portion of my tri-shorts showing underneath my golf shorts; going for a two hour run at lunch and having salt stains all over my running shorts, bringing my bike into the office for a noon ride.

Oh that was a good one. I thought I could sneak out the back door for a ride and while I was heading out the door in tri uniform with my bike, a meeting broke and I had to scoot past fifty employee in the hallway as they exited the room. Talk about cover being blown.

In all, my partners and key executives understand the distance of Ironman and applaud my conditioning. They still think I am nuts and perhaps deep down and unvoiced they don't think I can do it. It doesn't matter.

I am not asking for their permission to finish Ironman. Only for their help walking the week after.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The latest dope on Floyd Landis...

...after the jump.

Timex photos

A sampling of photos taken by Team Mom and good friend Wendy Banas.

Before the swim start (L to R): Bill-first olympic, Andy, oft mentioned training partner John, me, The Machine.
Crap I'm 5'10" and I look like a midget between those two.

Me on the Run.
As a self critique I was moving pretty fast here, under 8. To see my fore leg underneath my body and staying pretty much upright makes me very happy as that is proper running form. I have tried to correct a habitual stiff shoulder movement which is evident by both arms looking like they are at my sides. My arms don't move forward and back as much as across my body and that is incorrect form. I do keep my hands loose and have play in my forearms so I only run tight across the shoulder girdle. Its a constant battle and suppose if I incorporated more sprint work with a spotter I could overcome this.

(L-R) Andy2, who is tapering for a race this weekend, Hardcore Mike, John, Eric taking 1st AG in the sprint, me

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Where's Comm's?

I have been on the bike the last two days. Yesterday I was at The Machines office using his spiffy CompuTrainer. Talk about TMI. I didn't know which screen to look at. I used a 36 mile course that was mostly flat with varying ascent/decents of 4.5%, 6.7%, 7% and finally a ridiculous 13%.

For the first thrity minutes I used the spin profile that shows the effeciancy of my pedal stroke. I was about 67%. That means I hypothetically lose 33% power per revolution, though 100% is impossible to achieve. Realistically I think I can improve to a steady 75-78% effeciancy. I am dead power straight up and straight down in my stroke. Interesting. I was able to maintain 80% for ten minutes when I keep my cadence in the high 90's, focused all my effort on my hip flexors and took all the weight off my lower legs and feet along with keeping my core completely activated. After that I just clicked to a different screen and pedaled away.

I have never tracked Watts before and I averaged 211 for the time with ave. speed of 21 mph. Max watts were 534. I don't think that is very good, the average not the high. I am definitely going to be utlizing this assest for Ironman Arizona next spring.

This morning was a recovery ride around Usery Pass. The usual Wednesday morning thing. Down along the Salt River the temperature dropped about 20 degrees to around 65 and it felt down right chilly. I may have to break out the under armour in a couple of weeks.

Glen was able to bust out the ride on his new Cervelo, (commense drooling) and I encouraged him to TT the 4 mile ride up Usery. It took him 17.5 minutes. Good job. My fastest duplicated TT on that hill is 16' and my average is 18'30".

Later today is a 2o mile run. My first in a few months. That will be fun.

The Death of Metro

The Menaissance

By Lucy Carne

Article from: The Sunday Mail (Qld)

SAY goodbye to the metrosexual and say hello again to the brute – Australia is in the midst of a Menaissance.

In a backlash against the feminisation of men, old-fashioned manliness has returned.

Real men no longer wear pink, have pedicures and eat quiche.

Nor is the manly man the guy who gets $100 haircuts, uses eye cream and waxes his chest.

He is more likely to be found in hardware stores, drives a ute and has grease-stained fingernails and a strong aversion to sushi.

"For the majority of women, the death of the metrosexual is a blessing," AustraliaSCAN social analyst David Chalke said.

"They were sick of having to wash their man's hair gel out of the pillowcases."

Manliness is everywhere as the metrosexual is ditched for the machosexual.

In film, Superman and Vince Vaughn's character in The Break-Up are both blokey pin-ups.

On television, Surfing The Menu's beer-loving surfers, Lost's scruffy hunters, McLeod's Daughters' rough cowboys, Prison Break's sweaty crims, and the boys and their toys on MythBusters all fly the manly flag.

The latest best-selling literary craze is men writing about drinking and womanising while the next big thing in music is tipped to be Philadelphia's tattooed rockers Man Man.

But a love of sport, stubble and steak is just the tip of the hairy-chested iceberg.

Gender studies expert and QUT senior lecturer Dr Barbara Pini said women should not fear this new-found manliness will push them back into the kitchen.

Underneath the beer-swilling brute is a man trying to find his place within the post-feminist world of sexual equality.

"It's not throwing out the metrosexual entirely and it's not going back to the neanderthal – it's finding a middle ground," she said.

Brisbane events co-ordinator Kate Pegg, 22, said young women were secretly repulsed by metrosexuals. "I want a man who uses one bar of soap to wash his face, his body and his hair," she said. "I don't want some guy who tints his eyelashes."

Tool-belt-wearing Tim Treloar, 22 – who is building a house in Brisbane's Paddington with some of his mates – is a guy's guy. The Bev Jenner Constructions carpenter from Toowong never subscribed to the metrosexual movement.

"Horses for courses – everyone is different, but that's not something I'm into."

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Back from the Hospital

Mighty Mo did mighty well, nary a fuss or grumble, he did better than his ole man. I do not do well in hospitals when I am coherent and in fact I get quite emotional seeing my son get all these procedures done to him.

Of course the doctors found nothing to suggest that he has a blockage in his colon that causes him constipation. He did lose two pounds in bowels movements between yesterday and today, for a forty pound kid that a lot of weight! Now we wait for the biopsy on some of the tissues that were removed to check for ulcerative colitis. That will come out next week.

Mistress is finally done with testing and getting nowhere. She is tired of our son being a human pin cushion one day and treated like an alien abductee the next with little conclusive proof as too the results. Just more tests and more tests and more test.

Going there to the hospital today made me realize that Mo goes to the doctors a lot more than I pay attention too. Partially because nothing is life threatening, partially because I just don't go to appointments, partially because I tend to block out any thing not ironman related the last six month, I think I have been somewhat of an absentee father. Its not a nice thing to realize.

Mistress however is completely happy with the level of attention I give her consciously and subconsciously and not upset in the least with my lack of interactions with the doctors. She understands my personal demons with hospitals and how I can be rather sarcastic and obnoxious to medical staff. I am going to make a perfectly crotchity old man some day to an as yet to be born retirement home nurse.

The doctors felt he would need about 30 minutes to sleep off the anesthesia yet he remained asleep almost 90 minutes. When we were told the hospital bills the room by the half hour and I mentally calculated that each half hour cost roughly the same as a full day at a Las Vegas resort. I said, "Wake his ass up and sign him out. He can sleep on the couch for free."

See. I care for my boy.

Monday, September 25, 2006

The musings of The Mo and pooh. (yes that pooh)

Thought I would give a Mighty Mo update to all the fans out there. Mistress picked the boy wonder up at pre-school Friday and a mom pulled her aside say her daughter talks about Mo constantly and wanted to set up a time to play together. They are not in the same class.

Hardcore Mike was at a party Friday night and spoke at length with a lady who inquired about his Ironman Finishers hat. She began telling him about this great kid who went to her pre-school (she's the owner) and that his dad was this awesome guy who is training for an Ironman. This went on for a several minutes and Mike was getting ready to puke at this woman effusing so much about this kid and his Ironman training dad that he didn't really care about.

Then she mentioned, "..their both named Commodore."
"Who'da Wha'ta? Did you say Commodore?"
"Well his son goes by Mo. Do you know them?"
"You could say that..."

Small world.

On a more pressing issue, the Mighty Mo is having some issues. Well two. The first is growing pains which I would dismiss and have dismissed as being a whiny, tired child. Not so. I am a believer now. This 'ailment', (is it that?), has my son waking up in the middle of the night bawling his eyes out, writhering in pain, agonizing about his legs and feet, sometimes unable to walk without assistance. Its not a long term concern but it does ruin the night.

On Tuesday morning at 0600, Mo goes under for about the dozenth time in his short life. This time for a procedure to check inside his bum. For the last several months he has been complaining about stomach pain. Usually this is just before he goes into the bathroom have a massive BM. Most of these BM's are very hard samples that tear him up.

The problem is that he still has a normal bathroom breaks. Its not like he goes days at time without a movement. After some x-rays and MRI's which he did like a trooper, the doctors prescribed a mild laxative which was soften stuff up. Yeah...not really working but still normal.

I would like to say this is an elective procedure, as if there is still lots of things to rule out. I don't know what's left to decide on or if this narrows down other avenues of consideration but it was pretty much demanded by his Mo's medical team (yes they are still networked into him though his other issues are resolved). This can still be part of his 'immature organs' from when he was born which caused all kinds of vomiting and weight problems and good lord so much else.

Not normally wanting to be within a half iron swim of a hospital, I am going there to support both Mistress and Mo. He will want his mommy so I will most likely be official coffee-getter and bag-carrier. They say the operation will take around fifeteen minutes. We are hoping they remember to put him under with the right medication becuase he, like many patients, wake up completely frantic and disoriented when put under with the normal stuff. Is it bad that I know this about a 3.5 year old? Or that I knew this when he was less than 1 years old?

All things considered I will take these two issues over the multitudes of issues we dealt with over his first three years. He can probably grow out them both. Through all things he has had powerfully positive outlook and thats hard to dismiss when factoring success.

Race Report #6 2006- Timex Olympic Triathlon

What a weird race. Before I get to the weirdness I must say that the race event was extremely well organized. There was lots of aid stations on the race course, the finish line had lots of food and big crowds.

Here are some highlights before I get to my report. This all happened to someone I knew there:
- A front tooth was broken in T2 pulling off a glove. He put the tooth in his bento box and finished the 10k.

-Training partner John, jumped in the water and lost his goggles. He swam 1500 meters without them.

-Training partner Andy, went to grab a gel at a bike station and crashed his bike. Several rolls later with considerable road rash and cuts to himself his bike was deemed ridable and he finished the race.

Here we go with the report.

I had a Personal Best which I am happy about, not surprized considering my level of training right now, but I think it should have been better. I fretted so much about if I should let it rip or stay comfortable, I did a bit of both.

As expected there was a lot of first time triathletes doing both the sprint and olympic distances. I think this is great and a sign of good things to come for our sport. I personally fielded dozens of questions from people asking about this or that. It was announced that wet suits were not allowed, USAT measured the water at 79*. I was not concerned about doing the distance but was concerned for quite a few that looked like they may pass out on that decision. A last wave was created for them to complete the distance but be timed if they wore a suit which many did.

We all watched the first few waves go off, pro's and the sprints, and saw dozens breast and side stroking within a hundred meters. Lots of resting on kayaks. I decided to stay to the far outside and swim away from the crowds. Little good that did. So many people lost their tracking and slammed into me sideways, crossways, upways, downways that it was the worst first 500 meters in my triathlon life.

I am a left breather. I was taking a breath and I got punched in the nose as hard as could possibly be. Blood on my goggles, blood in the water, the swimmer didn't stop at all. It took a bit to get myself together and not have a broken nose and kept going. Another swimmer swam across my back, yes he swam left to right over my back. Another one tried to treat me like a farm animal, I thought he might actually swim completely over me before rolling off.

I felt like only one swimmer was spitefull. After several times grabbing my ankles in my draft he moved to swim around me. I hit him with my left hand during my recovery stroke. He got in front of me and starting kicking at my face, landing one toe on my head.

So my swim time was pathetic.

The bike was better. I can only say that I felt like I had an extra gear in my legs that I did not use. After so much training for long distance rides, I felt it was hard to switch over to really fast short course work. I mean an hour ride is like a warm up. I averaged just 21 mph, my IM pace is scheduled for 18 and felt like I could have pushed closer to 23 or 24 mph for this olympic distance race.

I felt like I past dozens on the bike, especially on the short hils and only got past by the pereninal high placers. Which was not all that bad considering I know most of them by face and we exchanged remarks. I did one six mile loop with a familiar face who has done both Arizona Ironmans and we talked about Florida and other races. I kept my cadence in the high 90's, low 100's and the speed gauge at around 21 mph. It felt good having that fast a turnover, normally I stay around high 80's. Coming down the backside of the lone 'hill' a cyclist could stroke out 32 mph which I did each time to make up for the sharp right turns every 1.5 miles.

I personally did not witness any accidents, Andy's was the worst that I saw at the finish, so that is a good thing. I did see lots of riders who had not done much riding in groups or races and that presented challenges attempting to pass them. All in all I think this was a very good course for riders.

I opened it up on the run. I still had life in my legs and had heard that three of my team mates were just minutes ahead of me. I saw Andy leaving T2 as I racked my bike. I know I am a faster runner and ran out of T2 so fast I ran right by him and didn't even see him! I was getting pissed off in the first mile because I knew I should have seen him by then. That kept me very motivated.

I cranked out my first mile sub 8 and dialed it back a bit. My IM pace is 11 minutes, my training pace is mid 9's. Races are always a different beast and realizing that I did not want to give my subconscious any pattern for sub-11 for IM. I also did not want to blow up out there and still wanted to reel in Mike, Andy and John. As predicted and become our little ritual I passed John at 1.5 miles in the run. The last three Olympics have been just like this. He knew Mike was ahead of me but not hadn't seen Andy. I figured Andy has stopped to use a porta-let so I just focused on Mike.

I knew that Mike averaged mid 9's in training and my mid 8 pace would help me catch up, especially if he stopped to walk at all. However it was not to be, Mike had a great run beat me by 4 minutes.

In hindsight, its not "All About the bike". Its all about the swim. if I can't get this swim business under control and exit the water mid pack or at least compartive to my team mates then I am screwed. I know most of them had similiar swim experiences out there. Hell John beat me outta the water by ten minutes without goggles.

But congratulations to Mike beating me straight up. Congrates to John for finishing the swim without goggles. Congrates to Andy for finishing with really ugly battle scars. Big shout out to a newer aztriclub team mate Eric who in his first triathlon, the sprint, took fifth overall and first in the 25-29 AG.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Daddy and his Mo

For the race tomorrow I decided to bring a little flavor and perhaps deep down a bit of envy to those passing by with a sharpie design on my calf stating, "40 Day's I.M.F.L." Those that understand will appreciate it and cheer me on, those that don't-well won't. In any regard it gives me an alibi if I decide to cool my jets to IM pace.

Mo liked it so much that he had to have a little 'Mo' dot too. He thinks I put his name on my leg since he knows that an 'M' and an 'O' spell 'Mo' and the M-Dot does sort of look like that to a 3 year old. What if this becomes one of those pictures of portent twenty years from now?

This is just a normal going to school look for the Mighty Mo.

Oh Snap! Race Day Shiny Things

Thought I would show youl my Race Day Shiny Things, Xentis Mark 1 Clinchers, a perfect pairing with the nude carbon fiber of the Valdora. This sexy bitch lost almost a pound a half in weight from the Easton Circuits I use for training.

I am debuting them at the Timex Triathlon Sunday. I was just going to stay a very steady IM pace for the whole thing, one more run through before the big show and I still may do that, but there are so many, I mean a HUGE percentage of people doing this race as their first triathlon that I may just 'Let'r Rip' out there and redline the course just to get away from left to right swimmer, wide knee riders and walking wounded runners.. Race day will tell.

One wheelset North Americans have scarcely seen have been the exotic aero four-spoke that Jan Ullrich rode in the time trial. The brand is Xentis, and the wheelset is the Mark 1. They’ve recently been brought stateside by East Coast importer EuroSpek, and are being ridden by Faris al Sultan and Olivier Bernhard among others.

Jay Prasuhn
Photo by: Jay Prasuhn
Xentis Mark 1

The all-carbon tubular and alloy-rimmed carbon clincher Mark 1 feature what Xentis calls One Shot Hollow Technology, a monocoque process that results in a wheel with no joints, this avoiding stress risers and shaving weight. The curved aero spokes and 42mm deep carbon are paired with a Swiss-made Hugi 240 hub. One thing that stood out for us? Even on the all-carbon tubular, standard brake shoes are OK to us, thanks to a treated composite at the braking surface of the tubular. No need to get special cork pads, no need to sweat on rainy days. They’ll price at $2,100 a pair ($1,975 for the clincher version). Shimano or Campagnolo compatible, and you can find more on them at

All on my own

I realize now that this may only make sense to me, so I will try to pull all this together at the end. I understand that this sounds completely narsassitic and self important and perhaps it is. At the time when I thought this though, it was a sweet moment during a great run.

Triathlon and by extension Ironman, is that little peice of life that I allow myself to believe no one else can take credit for. Sure I am thankful to many and have lots of praise to give my wife and my support team but sometimes I feel that in my life I have become overshadowed in the 'big' areas.

When the history of my company is spoken by others, I will be not mentioned as having a crucial role in it though my partners and I would disagree. The credit for its success and rightly so will go to the two partners the rest of us support and prop up, the two who control the day to day management. And I love them for taking that stress upon themselves and love the position I have in the system. But when I am introduced to new employees its usually not as, "He is a partner (or owner)," but mostly, "He the auditor, don't piss him off."

When the history of my marriage is spoken, its Mistress who really gets the credit for keeping us together and rightly so; she relates better to my parents, she spends the most amount of time with our son because I work and workout longer than she; she is better at the day to day operation that is a family. And I love her for it and thank God everyday for bringing us together.

So when I think of all the 'big' areas in my life there is always credit that will be assigned to someone else for my success or continuation. Ironman is my own being, my own struggle to overcome. No one can take credit for my success or assign it to someone else, its already assumed no one will carry my failures for me.

When my personal history is spoken I will be assigned to groups of great people and family that helped me make the money I make, live in the beautiful house that I live in and be the stable family man that the outside world believes I am. But when they say, "ironman," and I hope they do, there is only one person that it can be assigned to for its success and thats me.

Then I have the responsibility to thank the creator, my family, my training partners and my business for all the support that I pulled or took from them on the road to ironman. But in that first spark of thought at the mention of the name, 'ironman' all thoughts will be on me and not that I was carried on the backs of greatness. I will be recognized for stroking all those yards, riding all those miles and running all those kilometers.

Postscript. I have re-read this a few times before posting and though completely self absorbed I hope you the reader will see this is a tale of giving myself permission to believe I am capable of my own success in the eyes of others and not dependent upon luck or being in the right place at the right time. Ironman Florida for me has been a 500 day personal journey to stretch my capacity and overcome my personal demons of only being known as a Common Man.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ironman on the mind

ad‧dic‧tion[uh-dik-shuhn] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
noun the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.

Hi my name is Commodore and I am a addicted to thinking about ironman.

Hi Commodore. Keep coming back. It works.

I simply can't get this ironman thing out of my head. Work is sliding. I have simple projects that become big deadlines because I'm scatter brained. I have scrap after scrap of paper in my pockets reminding of things to do.

Typical conversations I may have throughout the day.

"Did you see Mo's shoes?"

"Um, yeah, did you file those TPS reports?"

"What do you want to drink with your meal?"

"What name do you want your coffee under?"

"Sex dear?"
Snoring noises.
Sharp elbow to the ribs.
Snort, "Crap did I wake up late for my bike ride? Hey wait a minute its only 8:30 pm."
"Sex dear?"
---okay I made this one up. A sharp elbow to the ribs wouldn't wake me.

It seems all I think about is Ironman and thats not a good thing. I mean I interact with people, I am not a vegetable if I am not in my gear but for goodness sakes this is getting even a little bit bizzare for me.

I mean its all done now. I trained as best I could. I prepared for the trip as best I can. I tried to be there when it counted. Oh sure anything can happen on race day; expect the unexpected but gee whiz all thats left now is a smart taper and staying healthy.

Do any of you past, current or future iron distance competitors have this addictio?. Its almost a tourette's syndrome response to questions, "Ironman? I'm sorry what did you say?"

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A different microphone

Unlike my rhyming skilz I displayed Tuesday morning with Bolder, I was stuttering and sputtering in the afternoon with a different type of voice; the voice of a triathlete in Phoenix.

The first Timex triathlon is set for this weekend. Its a big race (sprint/olympic) with over a 1,000 triathletes signed up. Only problem is that Tempe Town Lake (TTL) is a showing a ph balance that the city deems to be borderline high to conduct swimming.

I was forwarded a message to speak with a reporter for the local ABC news channel and give a quote about swimming in the lake. As it turned out, I was already there finishing up a run, so they came down for the interview. I was asked several questions about my triathlon background, what I thought about the conditions, had I swam in TTL like this, swam anywhere worse...Right after the interview and some pick up shots of me running I was told the story was going to be the top story for the five o'clock news. Oh shit!

Sure enough at 5:00 p.m. I was quoted and filmed in the lead story (yeah Bold, slow news day). Of course I felt misquoted and some of the calls I got from team mates and Mistress were funny since the reporter clipped one answer to a seperate question. For the record, I have never seen elk in Tempe Town Lake. God I hope I live that one down. I can see a lot of Fez hats coming my way soon. My new nickname will be 'Moose' since 'elk' doesn't roll off the tongue as well.

I ordered a copy of the clip and will post it on YouTube and put on the blog as soon as I can so you can watch it. I tried some html kung-fu and if this works I will be amazed but try this link. If it doesn't work go HERE and look up 'water danger in tempe town lake' if its not still on the top story list. You can use Real Player to see the clip.

Later that night I got a call from the Tribune, a large metro newpaper and they were feeding off the ABC story and I gave another interview. Hopefully I won't be cut up again. God I hope I am not misquoted.

Just doing my part for a better triathlon future. I could be the unofficial spokesman for triathlon in the valley. I got lots to say...but you already knew that.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bolder, Bolder, Bolder, tsk, tsk, tsk

You know I tried doing something nice for my playa Bolder. His maid ran out on him and he's had to do his own dishes, its hard scrubbing wine glasses and scrapping cavier from your good china. At least the washing machine can still handle the silk napkins. So I sent him a link to buy LIVESTRONG plates and cups.

All I did was ask him to at least mention I gave him the link if he posted on it since he gets 11 million responses when he writes that he switched to eating Wheaties for breakfast instead of oatmeal and I could win the lottery and get 6 responses.

You can read his response on the 'Bolder' link above. I have included my response below and also posted it on his blog. See even I commented on his hacking on me, only 10,999,999 more to go before status quo is reached.

Hey are you losing weight to get a better power to weight ratio on the bike? Even with the long sleeve undershirt on that size small tee shirt is looking a bit big on you. Try the womens sections.

I tried gluing the race number to my stomach but afterwards it was like the waxing scene from 40 Year Old Virgin. Not good. How do women ever get a Brazilian I will never know.

I heard aero helmets helped reduce drag but I didn't see Lance or Floyd wearing one so I suppose EPO works better than that.

You have no idea of the Shiny Things hidden in my closet for Florida.

Keep riding them hills and working those slow twitch muscle fibers, those will do you a lot of good on the flattest course you'll ride this year and once you've gone 80 miles at 105 cadence you'll be limping in from the lack of fast twitch muscle fibers you generated during base phase.

Don't hate the playa hate the game.
I kid because I love,
Boy you need a hug.
I didn't no my sincerity,
would be answered with a shove.

I will not poop on you.
I will not poop on your bike.
We all know your skilz on a mic.

I do not like to bicker.
I do not like to shout.
I will let my Florida splits speak for dem'self.

You can be mad at me.
You can be glad for me.
But your success won't be bad for me.

On the course or in the stands,
I would rather finish holding hands.
Nursing beers and wide grin smiles,
reminishing about all those miles.

I love you like a Kentucky cousin.
Why you gots' to be buggin?

Monday, September 18, 2006

One more time

For those of you interested in the information on the Ironman ID card, I hope this is a better link.

How dare Bolder not tell me he got based on his Florida 70.3 earlier this year. Apparently it lists all the Kona qualifiing races that you do based on signing up through

It doesn't matter if you finish the race on ly that you signed up for it. Its $7.

Are you bonafide?

I was talking to training partner John last week on the phone and he asked if I had got my Ironman card yet with all the Ironman races I have signed up for.


There is a card for Ironman finishers? How come no one ever told me this before? Is this a secret? A conspiracy? Is there instructions for a secret handshake included? What is this business? He pulled the card from his wallet and read me his number and the single line on the back reading, "Ironman Arizona 2006."

I was pissed. How come The Machine, Hardcore, IronBenny, Shelley, Chris@Chivarly and on and on, how come they never told me about this mythical and powerful tailsman. Why didn't the P'Dawg posse over at Bolder in Boulder get this information from the Ironman underground? I DEMAND SATISFACTION.

I asked The Machine and Hardcore later that day if they had their cards and why in the last seven months they never mentioned this 'Inside baseball' to me. They got pissed off and indignant. They don't have ID cards either. How did John get one? They've never heard of it.

Well sure as a triathlete drools over carbon fiber, there is a card and now you can have one too.

Ironman Card

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The other side of Epic Training Weekend

Today was to be Day 4 of ETW but it was called off on the basis of my body being completely broken down from the sheer volume. Now some people may try to quote Nietzsche's, "That which does not kill us makes us stronger." Personally I perfer WWE's The Rock, "I'll hire a trainer when I can no longer kick my own ass."

Thats what its all about really. I wanted my Epic Training Weekend, and really the whole week to be one giant ass kicking. One last big push before I start dropping volume and increasing intensity for Florida Ironman. I and thanks to Mistress and my training partners delievered.

Saturdays iron swim was perfect, could not have had a better relationship with the water. On the way to the bike ride there was a fatality accident on the freeway that stopped traffic for thirty minutes. I wasn't mad about being stuck in traffic and being late because really, in the bigger sense my ride didn't matter as much as that.

We started late and decided to cut the ride short from 70 miles to 62 (metric century). Beat the hell out of the course until the last 15 miles. At that point I really just wanted to fall alseep on the bike, my eyes were tired, they kept dropping on me and thats when I saw the other side of epic training.

From Tuesday to Saturday my workouts were high volume, mentally focused beat downs. I was thousand short in calories each night complaining to Mistress that I couldn't possibly put more food in my system. I drank almost two gallons of water a day in training and recovery and still had constant cotton mouth. The whole week I played the fine line between too much fluid in my stomach (cramping) and dehydration (dry mouth). I was losinng 6-10 pounds in training then putting 3-5 back before the next workout. I couldn't keep the hydration and nutritional needs up to the same level of training for six straight days, this after a huge build week before that. I couldn't recover fast enough between workout sessions.

On Saturday my body simply said, "Enough" you have done enough. The lack of nutrition day after day, being constantly behind in sleep and hydration and then of course the training itself showed me what I needed to know about myself.

Today I am in full recovery mode. I went down to watch the underground tri the team put on. I am eating everything I can. I am resting my poor worn out legs. My body is fried inside and out. I have chaffing along my neck and armpits and crotch. I have flaming red sunburns on my legs and face. I have sunburns on my back along my tri jersey outline. I have a blistering sunburn on my lower back, along the belt line, where my jersey isn't long enough when I'm areo. I have blackened toe nails and blood bruises on my hips from the water belt digging in. My muscle fiber is strong enough to get me around but put me under tension like climbing stairs or carrying something and they fatigue in a minute. God I love this stuff.

The flip side of epic training is the amazing importance needed to insure hydration, nutrition and recovery. Its not enough to just plan gonzo workouts to see how much load you can handle. Losing a day is not a failure to me when it showed me I still have what it takes to push myself through an extreme periodization phase.

The flip side is also listening to your body. There is no shame, no begrudement, no worries. My training partners, whom I couldn't have done this without, all look at this weeks training as a perfect peak for me. And I agree. Plus, there is something very satisfying about being at our underground triathlon this morning and someone asking, "Why aren't you out there?" and someone else saying, "Because he swam 4 miles, rode 125 miles and ran 30 miles in the last five days. He GETS a day off. He EARNED it."

I did earn it. Tomorrow calls for a massage and stretch session by a therepist, then a low volume recovery week leading to the Timex Olympic Tri next weekend here in town.

Loving every minute of it.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Left house at 5 am and just getting home. Etw is over with a bang one day early with total agreement from team. Big success. More to follow.

Left house at 5 am and just getting home. Etw is over with a bang one day early with total agreement from team. Big success. More to follow.

Etw continues. Iron swim distance, open water, 92 minutes. Bring on the bike!

Friday, September 15, 2006

ETW Florida Edit. Day 2

15 miles in 2'40".
Average HR was 148, Zone 2.
Extremely happy with this run. Did a manditory walk break at the half mary for a couple of minutes just to change things up.

Tomorrow is the peak of the training.

Epic Training Weekend (ETW) Florida Edition

Wow, I am so jazzed about this weekend. Mistress and I both had commitments on Saturday, she has a baby shower for a friend and I am running a Polar HR clinic (thank you sponsors), so we got a babysitter who is basically hosting all the kids whose parents will be at the baby shower. I don't want to be near my house. So...ETW was unleashed.

Thursday, yesterday, was a triple workout; 15 mile bike, 1.1 mile open water swim, 3 mile run. Great training day.

Today calls for 15 mile run along the IMAZ course, basically Tempe Town Lake. The monsoon season is on its last few days so it actually feeling much cooler in the valley of the sun. 98 degrees almost feels like 85 degrees to me. Turned off the a/c in my house last night for the first time in many, many months. Should make for better conditions this afternoon and not be so stifling hot.

Saturday is a 2.4 mile open water swim, (ironman distance for those not familiar) and then driving down to Tempe Town Lake and riding 70 miles of the Ironman Arizona course. I may have some company since some training partners are competing in the Splash and Dash championships at TTL early that morning while I am at the lake. Then after the ride I am going to do one loop of the IMAZ run, 5 miles) and then head up to Tribe Multisport by 3:30 p.m. for a 30 minute run with people who show up for my run clinic and then host the clinic from 4p.m. to 5p.m. inside the store.

BTW, you might ask, "Where's the shower." Well at TTL is a small water park for the kids with a waterfall. After my runs down there I go and sit under the waterfall and cool down in the grass. Take about a convienent shower!

Then on the way home I am stopping off at Hooters to have some wings to celebrate Hardcore Mikes bachelor party and then passing out at home.

Sunday, AZTRICLUB is running another underground tri. We have actually talked to the park and the rangers are cool with us as long as we stick to their regulations and not break any permit laws. I am doing the 500 meter swim and then instead of doing the bike and run, John and I are going to do a 70 mile ride. very cool.

Next weekend is my last race before Florida. An Olympic. I am torn because its the same course as a race I did early this year with so-so results. I know I can easily take huge minutes off the time but would rather just stick to my IM pacing. Its hard to train for long, long zone two stuff and then switch the body over to faster work in zone four.

Decisions, decisions. But those will for next week. My focus is on quality hardcore training over the next three days.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Purely a dude question. Guys, do you wear a brief under your tri shorts? I've lost wgt. But not enough to drop sizes & now i have a rub issue.

Thanks to a hall pass from wife, epic training weekend is here. 4 days,20 hrs. Of training. More info tonight since i am texting by cell ph.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Proud Sponsor

I picked up a surprising new sponsor this week, 'Team Parents'. They made a very generous donation to the Interpid Age Grouper (thats me) by cashing in a portion of their delta flight miles for Mistress, Mighty Mo and Myself to fly to Panama City for the Ironman.

It took me completely off guard and though I was skeptical at first that this was something I wanted them to be doing, they were both very sincere and I am humbled. Its a significant savings of a couple thousand dollars for us.

We have been a close family but dad has always been away with his former job in the government, his commitments to various military posts and his current post-retirement job as a defense contractor working in far office places for weeks or months, occasionally years at a time.

I am not sure how to repay such ferocious generosity but I am indebited to Team Parents greatly.

Thanks Mom & Dad. Love ya.

I will be arriving in Panama City on Tuesday, Ocotber 31st in the afternoon and Mistress and Mo will be arriving Thursday evening. The three of us will leave on the same flight Monday, mid-day from Ft. Walton about 60 miles west of Panama City. There is a chance an opening will clear us to leave from Panama City but the drives not far and we already discussed leaving around 0800 Monday and sight seeing along the route, finding a breakfast place along the way. I figure I will pretty much be tired of the same ole thing by then and looking for a little change of scenery.

Obviously I rented a car.

So its really go time now. All the travel plans are made and reserved. Soon enough we will all be trading cell phone numbers and names of family members so we can coordinate ourselves and then introduce our cheering section to each other. Backs slapped, eating habits displayed, giggled waiting in humid hallways waiting for someone to finally get out of their room and we can all go eat or turn in the bikes or check out the expo. Looking for size petite cycling jerseys for Bolder, double wide for me. Basking in comraderie built up for over 500 days.

One promise for all of us. No matter what...we have fun.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pretty dam good day. Found out my house has doubled in value in 2 yrs. Lost 5lb this wk. New post 10 mi.Diet of sunkist & paydays. Got to vote.

Of all the luck...

I have oft mentioned my training partner John. He completely changed my triathlon paradigm by walking the entire marathon course of Ironman Arizona and finishing the race in 16:34. John is a big guy, certainly not the prototypical ironman form. However he shows consistancy, grit, determination and a uncanny awareness of mathmatical percentage during mind blowing training.

John is just a great dude, with suspect luck when it comes to triathlon. Of all the people around us that applied and got into the Javelin clothing thing, he didn't make it. Heck I applied three months later and got in. Team Polar, this and that; John sacrasticly feels that the rest of us have an unfair advantage in our triathlon life.

So imagine his surprize when he recieves this e-mail:

Ford IM WC 70.3


Heather Gollnick and the Iron Edge Staff would like to personally congratulate you on qualifying for the Ford Ironman 70.3 World Championship, which is sure to be one of the premier events in all of Triathlon.

We are proud to be part of the Ironman Team!! (Blah, blah, blah stuff follows)

High as a kite.

Then a day later he gets this e-mail:
Ford IM WC 70.3

Dear John,

You may have recently received an email that announced Heather Gollnick's IronEdge training camp and congratulated you on qualifying for the 2006 Ford Ironman World Championship 70.3 taking place on November 11 in Clearwater, FL.
This email was sent in error and we apologize for any confusion this may have caused you.

Ironman Triathlon

Yes. A dear John letter. From Ironman. He called me laughing about this. It really is all you can do. I told him I had to post this and let everyone else have a good laugh.

John you have all the triathlon respect you will ever need from your Ironman Arizona finish. Remember the look on the face of that cyclist (read: elite snob) that rode by us the other day and did a double take on your Arizona Ironman Finishers jersey, and turned all smiles saying, "Nice shirt" as he rode by?

Thats all the street cred you need.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Weekend training

Hit and miss this weekend.

Saturday I woke up feeling like I wanted to be anyplace but at thelake for my 4,000 yard swim. it was a rare instance of feeling like Ironman Florida is a job. I got into the water I felt a great pain in my shoulder, I must have slept on it wrong or something. After the first 1,000 I couldn't get my right arm to stretch out for a full stroke and when I pulled underwater my arm was weak and moved around too much also causing me some discomfort. I called it a day at 1,750 yards.

Sunday I woke up at 3:30 a.m. after falling asleep at 12:30 a.m. I laid in bed for three hours before falling asleep. Nothing terrible on my mind, just unable to conk out. Started my ride at 0500 to get in 60 miles and I felt great. Man I felt great. Ended up doing 81 miles total with average speed of just under 20 mph. I truly feel, with the same conditions, I could have pulled the other 32 miles at the same. Did I say I felt great. I did!

The group of five that started or finished with me, all started to peel off and go home I and decided it was getting really hot and had already more than accomplished my ride for the day. I and one other took off for our run but the heat crippled up right off. We ran just 3 miles. Neither of us were terribly beat up from our rides and on the run our heart rates were low and speed was consistant but the sun just stung our bodies. It was very uncomfortable to be out there running in the desert. I think we wisely made the right decision.

Man what a ride.
I think everyone obviously knows today is 9-11. Five years ago I was on a fishing trip, hitting all the best rivers in Montana with my dad and my godfather, the three of us are fast friends. It was a Tuesday. My dad was a Colonel in the Montana National Guard and the third highest ranking man in the state behind two generals. We were staying at a military installation because it was cheap, we could do it and it was close to the next river we were going to fish.

I was mid way through a body building program for a contest later that year. I towed along all my personal shakes and meals instead of the roadside crap and beer that is normally consumed on long trips down the river, day after day.

We were just leaving the barracks to hit the water and I ran through the room one more time looking for lost items when I went to turn the tv off. It was tuned to CBS and Bryant Gumbel came on with news about the first airplane hitting the towers. Film wasn't available at the time of that plan so he was trying to explain as best we could. I ran to the hallway to tell everyone what was going on. For the next few minutes we thought it was some freak accident. Then we watched the second plane live as it hit the corner of the second tower.

My life was no longer significant at that hour. I remember I walked over to the still hot coffee pot and poured myself a tall cup. It was a pleasure I had denied myself for five years. I reached into a bag and grabbed a candy bar, a pleasure I had denied myself since committing to the body building show. I looked at the bar, then the coffee, then the television and knew life would be different as I mentally severed ties with my discipline and tossed thought of ever competing in the show out the window.

No one knew if this was to be the first of many attacks or what was going on. We sat around and decided that if this is going to be last day on earth then we would do it fishing. It was a very solemn day and I know that if I had been home that day I would not have gone to work, I would be hopelessly glued to the tv.

We were able to get some calls out at lunch and the Montana Guard was mobilizing. Dad had to consult. My brother called from Texas, himself in the guard and that he might get mobilized. I drank beer with my godfather and got a good buzz going. My first drinks of alcohol in months.

Coming back from the river that night, we had to drop dad off at a big mucky muck military meeting nearby and go back to the base and our rooms on our own. At the gate we were presented with armed guards, tanks and other additional security, including the first of many long lines. After some conversation we were allowed on base.

We had to drive home a couple days later, cutting the trip short; dad was being called away to some important meetings and had to get his gear together. We drove him to the Billings airport and walked him to a waiting Blackhawk helicopter, dispatched to personally pick him up and fly him to an awaiting jet somewhere else. It was somber for me, the attack was only a few days prior and now I am on a tarmac 5o yards away from my father being ushered into a military helicopter. We all snapped a salute as it lifted off, returned by the pilot.

Not long after dad eventually ended up being sent to Korea for year to work as a force protection liaison (fancy word for counter-terror). My brother was called up on October 1st for one year to protect a nuclear reactor in New Mexico. Friends still on active duty called in coded messages telling me the 'Shit has hit the fan' and 'Hail Mary' word of the day option. That was code for going deep into enemy territory with little back up and the results would be spectacular regardless of the outcome. My old unit was called up immediately and sent to Afghanistan.

I sat on my couch putting on weight, drinking beer, drinking coffee, eating everything bad I had denied myself. 9-11 really screwed with my head. I wanted to be where I knew I should have been, toeing the line with my brothers but horribly happy to be with my wife and my dog and doing my part to keep my business recession proof.

Five years later I am proud at the progress that has been made combating terrorism. Have there been mistakes, overplays, sensationalism of minutiae by the media? Absolutely. I have lost friends in far away places wondering if being there I would have made a difference. I am happy to say that my brother and father both had 'successful' tours, meaning they came back safe.

I apologize for the ramble today, it had significant personal impact on me and like many people changed my life.

Saturday, September 9, 2006

Failure is the option

On my Sunday ride one of my goals is to give myself an upset stomach from too much liquid calories, conflicting forms of glucose competing for absorbtion.

Why the hell would I want to purposefully try to through my GI into distress?

Because you have to train the way you would race and I don't know what Ironman Florida is going to throw at me. What will the salt water do to my stomach when I drink it during the swim? What if I drink to much water in T1 to get the taste out of my mouth and screw myself up on the bike leg? How will I combat an upset stomach on the bike or run?

I am currently reading a book of essays on ultra-marathons. This is not so much for the respect of the distance(s) but to read how people channel their energys for 24 to 48 hours at time, almost all that time spent alone in the woods running towards the finish line, the time cut off or against the elements. For me its mental preperation my personal mental struggles on the ironman course.

Anyway...a little nugget that popped out was that crystalized ginger root helps calm an upset stomach while on the run.

My plan is that towards the middle of my 100K tomorrow to overload my stomach with sugar (candy bars and gatorade probably) and then when the problems hit, chew up the crystalized ginger and see first if it works and second how much I need and third how long does it last.

Gee, let me think. Purposefully sabotage myself with candy bars in order to see if I can cure myself with something else. Either I am either going to be really happy or home early. Either way not a bad proposition.

Friday, September 8, 2006

Here it goes...take a deep breath...

I can not believe you people. I try to give a girl a compliment and I have to apologize for it. What has this world come to. Thank good I am married and don't have to give compliments to my wife or I would be saying "I'm sorry" every day of my life.

Oh wait I already do that.

Nytro, on behalf of myself, the worthless slug of a man that I am I am sorry. In the future I will never give another lady a compliment ever again. You are indeed a lady of sophistication, a woman of high moral fiber, a modern example of old fashioned elegance.

What I wrote was incredibly insensitive to you and your family and apparently 80% of women who read this blog. For that I am deeply pained.

As you can see I have included the photograph of me, and thanks to some of the more insensitive commenters I have even dressed up in amazon clothing. A tall rum and coke is indeed going to be waiting for you when our families get together again next month. But only one, I know how you drink when your away from home. Below I even included a little something special for you.

I want all the readers to know that this apology is not under duress, Nytro is not twisting my arm. I do not know nor pretend to understand the reason people online think she is a 'scary' person. Nytro you have a passion for life, a deep outspoken love for your husband that I think many men are envious of and a self depricating sense of humor that highlights the absurdity of this self sport of triathlon.

I am sorry that more people did not have time to respond to the poll, (without their wives looking over their shoulder), or I most sincerly would have won. But they did not so I lost. I will be try to be humble about all this and keep a stiff upper lip. I would also like to take this moment to apolgize for cancer and by the way, I caused Hurricane Katrina, so I am sorry for that too.

You won, I lost.
You the best, I'm the worst.
Your going up, I'm going down.
Your the bell of the ball, I am the guy carrying the apertif tray.
You smell good, I smell bad.
You have friends, I have none.
You get the best cut of meat, I get the gristle.
You have a scooter, I drive a hemi.
You're loved, I'm hated.
You're beautiful, I am a cross between quasimodo and the elephant man.
You have people reading your blog, no one comes to mine.
Everything in your life is perfect, mine is garbage.

I think that just about covers it. I can think of no greater way to say I am sorry. I did try to find some video on interpretive dance to show my shame in a way that also demonstated my stunted maturity as a man, unfortunately I couldn't find one. Hope this will do.

Nirvana All apologies

Still tallying the results

Some very interesting remarks about whether calling a woman an Amazon is a compliment or a negative. I really thought the guys would Sack Up and spill the beans about 'inside guy speak.' I suppose this is my penance for being a whistle blower.

So far with 19 comments, I read the totals as:
Compliment: 5
Owe Nytro a drink: 5
Neutral: 9

What guy has not thought Lynda Carter was hot as Wonder Woman?

What guy hasn't watched an entire episode of Xena: Warrior Princess simply becuase Lucy Lawless is tall, attractive and shows a little leg when she does a round house to the mongrol hoard?

Turn about is fair play though and want to give a different viewpoint. When a woman see a man they are attracted to they tell their female friends descriptive terms that they would not neccesarily use in public settings. For example: Beefcake or hard body. How about McDreamy?

The point is guys use Amazon as a compliment.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Amazon equals.....

Nytro and I are having a disagreement and I need your help, ESPECIALLY YOU GUYS OUT THERE.

I called her an Amazon.
She took great offense.

I explained that if a guy is in a bar and hit his buddy on the shoulder and said, "Check out that Amazon over there." That his buddy's expectations would be to see a tall woman, with a feminine figure (be it voluptous, curvy, big chested) and not a fat hag. Its a compliment to her figure and an expression of her height. I have met Nytro in person a few times by the way so I know what she looks like, she is tall, has a good figure and a fierce warrior spirit.

Nytro disagrees. She thinks the term amazon is derogitory to females. I told her I was taking this to the blog and let you people sway her opinion. First, I pulled this from Wikipedia.

In the 20th century..., the typical depiction of the characters is as an isolated community of powerful and beautiful warriors whose respect and cooperation the male heroes are challenged to earn.

The most famous modern example of an Amazon is the superhero Wonder Woman (top pic). Amazons were also frequently featured on the Xena: Warrior Princess (Xena's sidekick, Gabrielle, was herself an Amazon, and Xena, while technically not being one, fits the image of a warrior-woman) (second pic) and Hercules: The Legendary JourneysRobert E. Howard's minor character Red Sonja, (third pic) who was fleshed out more in the Conan the Barbarian comic books and subsequently in her own movie, also owes much to this modern sympathetic treatment of Amazons. television series. I included the one from the simpsons.

Next I did a google image search for 'Amazon Women'. Here I did it for you. Not a unflattering picture to be seen.

Look. I am not trying to demean the character or appearence of Nytro or any woman. Its a compliement. The term 'Amazon' is a colloquialism used by men to describe a certain type of female form. My wife, the precious Mistress, is an Amazon.

So Guys. Am I right in stating that the term Amazon used to describe a woman is a good thing? Back me up here.

And Flame On Ladies. If you think I am a complete jerk for saying this go ahead and make your case. If you think its a compliment tell us that too.

If I am wrong and public opinon bears this out I promised a full on screen apology to Nytro, a drink when their here next month and an autographed 8x10 glossy of me.


In the world of endurance sports there are but a few legends still out there creating and building their dynasty; Dean Karnaze, Hunter Kemper, Deena Kastor come to mind. But my favorite athlete of all time in endurance sports is Ian Adamson. Not only because he is such a dominant force in in adventure racing but also because he has set multiple world records in solo endurance events.

Ian Adamson wins Primal Quest and adventure race world championships
By Triathlete Interactive

Sept. 5, 2006 -- Ian Adamson, three-time world-record holder for endurance kayaking, has won the Adventure Race World Championships in Sweden as captain of Team Nike/PowerBlast. Adamson, fresh off winning Primal Quest, the world’s toughest adventure race in Utah in July, backed this performance up to win his seventh adventure race world title. Primal Quest will air on ESPN2, October 9-12 and ABC, October 14.

“This was a very satisfying win,” said Adamson, “especially since we are not fully recovered from Primal Quest. Winning back-to-back expedition races is extremely rare, and we put in a huge effort to realize this success.” Coed teams of four navigate over 500 miles of wilderness terrain using only a map and compass and non-motorized transport. Team members must never separate, and they travel on foot, bikes, boats, horseback and in-line skates through every imaginable type of terrain and weather.

Adamson said he is glad to have finished racing for the season so he can concentrate on producing 24 Hours of Triathlon, being held September 9-10 at Boulder Reservoir in Boulder, Colorado. The inaugural event is a culmination of Adamson’s lifelong passion for adventure and supports other racers looking for personal challenge and exciting experiences. The format for the race is a short-course triathlon (0.5-mile swim/17-mile bike/4-mile run) continuously repeated, with wining relay teams and individuals covering the greatest distance in 24 hours. Solo athletes, teams of 2, 3, 4 and 5+ will vie for the honor to be the world champions of 24 Hours of Triathlon.

Consequences of expenditure

My ranting and raving yesterday lasted most of the day and I expended way to much energy by being so fired up. The hard bike in the morning and then the run in the afternoon took a lot out of me to. Got home at a good time though which is cool.

After Mo went to bed I hopped in the spa and instead of turning on the jets which are kind of loud, I played a thunderstorm cd for some background noise while reading a book. That also really drained me. I laid down on the floor to cool off after the spa and it was lights out for me. Woke up an hour later and dragged myself to bed.

Today I am dragging. Legs are heavy, mind in a fog, hungry as all get out. I've had three breakfasts this morning. This is the twillight of the ironman training I suppose and I am used to this sensation later in the day or on a Sunday afternoon after four straight long training days but not immediately upon rising. Normally I am pretty even keeled in the morning.

Ultimately I think the time in the spa and especially the tremendous amount of lunatic raving I did yesterday did me in and drained me dry.

Let hope the coffee picks me up.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

I'm Pissed Off

I have a rant in me. I have a rant that is floating through the ether of my office as I banter back and forth with my business partner about it. I'm yelling. He's yelling. He is giving me logical counterpoints and I hammer right back. I use him as a sounding board a lot. If my issues make sense to him or I can hold my own then I go forward with it by writing it out or following the plan.

I realize now with the arguing we are doing that I would either get zero comments or everyone of them would get you fine people riled up and firing off comments that flame me or someone else who left their thoughts.

Oh I will give you the topic of my frustration the last couple days but I am going to generalize them for the sake of it. I am sick of so-called Do-Gooder's. Get out of my life and the lives of everyday americans. Stop trying to pass laws that make perfect sense if coming from my Grandma but when they become legislation become beasts of burden to common law abiding, smart thinking citizens. For no no, no example, it gets me to frustrated.

Oh yeah, two hour ride last night and one and half hours this morning. Two hour run this afternoon. I'm going to need it. That or I will be self medicating myself tonight.

Lithium anyone?

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Rest? Why not.

Training has been going well, but I knew I was going to have a two day training break Sunday and Monday. I wasn't beating myself over it. I happens and Mistress and Mo got to reconnect with me on Sunday.

I got home around 7:30 Monday night and I took Mo to bed around 8:00 to read books. Mistress came upstairs at 9:30 and instead of finding me logged onto the net I had fallen asleep in bed with Mo and we were both having a snoring contest. She laughed for a few minutes then kicked me out and reset Mo.

I somehow found my own bed and then slept in till 6:30 a.m. I slept ten hours. When in my life is that possible? I do not sleep that long unless I am really, really exhausted. Based on my training and work habits over the weekend, that simply wasn't the case.

I will think fondly of this night in the upcoming weeks when I am getting up at 3:30 or 4:00 for training.

"Gee, remember the night you slept ten hours? That was coooool."

Rest? Why not.

Training has been going well, but I knew I was going to have a two day training break Sunday and Monday. I wasn't beating myself over it. I happens and Mistress and Mo got to reconnect with me on Sunday.

I got home around 7:30 Monday night and I took Mo to bed around 8:00 to read books. Mistress came upstairs at 9:30 and instead of finding me logged onto the net I had fallen asleep in bed with Mo and we were both having a snoring contest. She laughed for a few minutes then kicked me out and reset Mo.

I somehow found my own bed and then slept in till 6:30 a.m. I slept ten hours. When in my life is that possible? I do not sleep that long unless I am really, really exhausted. Based on my training and work habits over the weekend, that simply wasn't the case.

I will think fondly of this night in the upcoming weeks when I am getting up at 3:30 or 4:00 for training.

"Gee, remember the night you slept ten hours? That was coooool."

Monday, September 4, 2006

What a loss...

From the Sidney Morning Hearld.

I really liked this guy. The Crocodile Hunter series was a fixture in my home for many years. He was able to bring common sense, adventure, family and conservation to the public in a way that was entertaining without being preachy. He has been imitated but never duplicated. I certainly hope that his legacy will continue and the good works he has developed in perserving and educating will continue.

Steve Irwin with his American wife Terri  at his Australia Zoo in Beerwah, Queensland.

Steve Irwin with his American wife Terri at his Australia Zoo in Beerwah, Queensland.
Photo: Russell McPhedran

David Williams and Lousia Hearn
September 4, 2006

Television personality and environmentalist Steve Irwin has died from a stingray wound while filming off north Queensland.

Friends believe he may have died instantly when struck by a stingray as he filmed a sequence for his eight-year-old daughter Bindi's new TV series.

Irwin's friend of 20 years, Ferre De Deyne said Irwin had been struck by the stingray while filming. "The stingray just happened to be swimming around and out of the blue whacked his tail at him," he said.

"It is absolutely tragic. I have dived so many times with stingrays and they are usually very placid things," he said.

Known worldwide as the Crocodile Hunter, 44-year-old Irwin was famous for his enthusiasm for wildlife and his catchcry "Crikey!"

'Non-survivable injuries'

Irwin had been filming a new documentary called Ocean's Deadliest with friend and manager John Stainton at Batt Reef, off Port Douglas about 11am.

"He came over the top of a stingray and the stingray's barb went up and went into his chest and put a hole into his heart," Mr Stainton said.

"It's likely that he possibly died instantly when the barb hit him, and I don't think that he ... felt any pain.

"He died doing what he loved best."

Irwin was pulled aboard his research vessel, Croc One, for a 30-minute dash to Low Isle, where a Queensland Rescue Helicopter had been summoned, his Australia Zoo said in a statement.

The crew of the Croc One performed constant CPR during the voyage to Low Isle, but medical staff pronounced him dead about noon.

"It became clear fairly soon that he had non-survivable injuries," said Dr Ed O'Loughlin, who treated Irwin at the scene.

"He had a penetrating injury to the left front of his chest.

"He had lost his pulse and wasn't breathing."

Dr O'Loughlin said it appeared Mr Irwin had suffered a "form of cardiac arrest" but a post-mortem examination would be conducted in Cairns.

Sunday, September 3, 2006

Not one for deepness...

Okay I have tried the deep prose introspective stuff in the past and quite frankly I suck at it. Terrible. Its few and far between you will get me to examine my sensory and preceptual experience in any manner that is well thought out and has a point.

However I every now and then think of something that may resonant on this blog because well it resonants with me. Today I thought about granite. Yes the rock. Well the metaphysical rock that is inside all of us.

As we live our lives in a state of Common Man Syndrome, this granite remains unchanged. CMS as you remember is a conditioned state of physical, mental, emotional and financial atrophy; many times perpetuated by a group or herd mentality. Leading a lazy and uninspired life.

Its when we begin our individual quests for personal satisfaction and greatness where we generate the ability to wash away the baggage, the complacency, the victimization surrounding the granite inside us.

In terms of Ironman, as if I think of anything else nowadays, the muck around my granite has been removed as if a dry river bed is suddenly full from a flash flood, and with each workout the water pounds against my granite, bringing it to the surface. The closer I get to my race the more polished my granite is becoming from the volume and consitancy of my training.

I know that in the deep recesses of my mind when, 80 miles into my bike portion, Ironman has gone from novel and fun to 7 more hours of pain and suffering; it will be the granite that I have polished in the previous months that will keep me moving forward.

Everyone has this in them. Its the rock bottom. You stand on the corner of Quit St. and Excuse Lane. Your over your head. Its too much. I can't. I can't. Please someone understand. Tell me I can quit and I will.

Then you touch it. For the first time in your life you touch the granite that all the training has exposed completely and polished to a perfect shine. You see yourself in the reflection. You realize that you have an unbreakable desire in you to complete the task. To finish. The pain and blisters and cramping are still there but the granite is stronger. Unbending and unyeilding to anymore external influence and focused on the end, on its purpose for exposure.

In my case, God willing, to become an Ironman.

The touch, the feel...

Last night Mistress and I went out with some of my training partners and their wives. Wow. We're some pretty lucky guys. The wives had all done their hair, put on make up, wore nice outfits. Not the way we normally see our training partners spouses; ball caps, shorts, an old race t-shirt, standing on the side of the course cheering us on or sitting around at a pool party. We had a great time at dinner and then having a couple of cocktails at an irish pub after that.

It was part of my Training Contract with Mistress that I have neglected and I feel bad about. Regular outings, (read: date night). We are usually both so wiped or I am getting up so early that going out is second to ironman.

The other part of this weekend is that she got to sleep in this morning. An extra two hours makes a huge difference. That meant no morning training for me. Which is fine since we are getting some of the Hurricane John stuff. When its sunny here 350 days a year, I can afford to skip a morning workout when its raining. A far cry from my four hour runs in the rainy Pacific North West.

I was starting to see the stress fractures in the home with my training volume so decided to take today off of training. So I gave myself a personal challenge as important as any training goal. I want to go all day without wearing anything but cotton. Think about it. All my workout clothes and most of my daily work outfits are nylon or polyester of come kind; dri-fit shirts, running socks, nylon upper running shoes, not to mention tri tops and shorts.

No, today I am wearing my Goonies t-shirt, Old Navy khaki jeans and I pulled out my Chuck Taylor low tops (old school canvas and rubber baby!) BTW, I get more postive comments on my Goonies shirt than any other vintage or racing shirt I own. Its a classic.

It been so hot here that I don't wear blue jeans much between March and November. Wearing them last night was a treat. Normally I just wear khaki shorts or baggy running shorts. Putting on a pair last night and today is an affirmation that volume training works. I have lost close to twenty pounds this Ironman cycle.

Saturday, September 2, 2006

2 PR's

Swam 2.4 miles open water this morning. Had a small PR in my time from the back buoy to the bridge and a big PR in my total swim time. 1hr 34min.

I know to some that is painfully slow. I admit that. But notwithstanding a manatee attack off the shores of Panama City on November 4th, I will cover the cut off time no problem.

A voice in the void.

Shelley, who I secretly, well not so secretly, wish would post more of her 'going out on the town' pictures because she is so fabulous, left me this great comment.
You have "enough" heart will get through this, you will be passing by all of us twice, we will be yelling at you and you'll be yelling at will be fun. No one goes it alone!!!
Coming from a five time, soon to be six time Ironmaiden finisher, I respect her perspective.

No one goes it alone.

And that reminded me that with all the things one must do in training, race days are different. I think of the hottest of hot days I run in the Sonoran Desert. One water bottle in my hand and two bottles in a dual water belt, 60-80 ounces in all. I won't have to carry any water at ironman, there is an aid station every mile.

I think of all the long rides I have done by myself. I think of all the solo two and three hour runs I have done, again by myself. At ironman it will be different. I will have a dozen of my closest friends I have never met passing me from one direction or another and cheering me, much like I will be doing with them.

I don't know what November 4th between the hour's of 7 am and midnight will bring for me. A long day, a short day, hopefully a day of completion and success. Who knows. But I will not be alone. I will never be far from a smile and 'Way to Go!" shouted across the street, not from faceless, nameless spectators but people I have been commited too for almost two years.

Every man and woman is a voice. And in that void of race day, when our focus becomes as myopic as just getting one step farther, I know now that I will be also watching the forward progress of all my friends. Their success, your success, becomes my success and I will crave the encouragement I can give and recieve.

Thanks Shelley.

Friday, September 1, 2006

Phew. That was hot.

The Machine and I decided to run a couple laps around the Ironman Arizona route, otherwise known as Tempe Town Lake. Its a normal run for me but it was good to have the company even though he is running about 30 seconds faster per mile.

We ran ten miles. The last two miles it felt like the temperature went from 'damn this is hot' to 'Holy Crap, who jacked up the heat another ten degrees."

When we got back to the cars, the temp. gauge read 119 degrees. Wow. I don't think I have run that far in that kind of heat in a long, long time. Luckily at Tempe Town Lake Beach Park, (what a mouthful) there is a couple thousand square feet water park for the kids to splash in. Its free. We walked over and sat under the waterfall for several minutes. Damn that felt good.

What a great day and a blessing to be able to run, heat notwithstanding.

A reader...

I wouldn't normally praise a perodical, but I must admit the newest Runners World magazine is perhaps the best issue I have read in years from them. Mr. Ultra-Marathon Man himself Dean Karnaze in on the cover. Personally I really dig this guy and there is a great interview about his 50 marathons in 50 days in 50 states deal he starts this month. I really wish I could run with him when he is in Phoenix but not possible with my ironman taper.

What really pulled me in this issue is the Dean article, a article on the greatest advancements in running gear and technology in the last fifty years, the greatest shop list ever and what really pulled me was several editorials about runners practicing their hobby in extreme conditions; like many of us do, running in the winter, running in the hot, humid south, running in the dark. I wish they had done one on running in the desert heat and they kind of do but its not really. I thought about writing an article and sending it in to them.

Anyway, for those of you on a long weekend, you could pick no better magazine to read over the next three days.