Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Perfect weather for a run

I have been spending a lot of time training at night. Mostly between 10pm and 6am. Yes often all that time but mostly in 2-4 hour blocks. It used to be because it was excellent cold weather training for the Death Race coming up in June. Now its just damn nice temperatures.

This morning I went for a longish run. I started at 0430. I timed it to finish at my neighborhood park just after sunrise, okay I really wanted to time it for sunrise but I was a tad slow today. When i got there I  went through a circuit of those crazy exercises that parents normally don't let their kids near when the park is full during the day. By the time i get home I usually have an assortment of pine needles and rocks on my back, grass stains, gravel rash and ripped clothes on the front. Hopefully also soaking wet or even better, muddy.

Running at night has been a pure joy. The weather perfect, no distractions. Well around 2-3am you wonder if the guy driving towards me is drunk and going to try to swerve towards me to make me jump, it's happened, but otherwise yeah, no issues. Well one time I was running with a full ruck and some other heavy stuff and a cop drove by me. He pulled over at the corner and asked what I was doing. About three minutes in he was laughing and we were swapping stories from a shared background in Combat Arms.

Get out an run when the weather is good. When your spring hits. It goes away far to soon.

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